So much is happening within you and around you during this initial adjustment to your loss.
This conceptualization stretches our view of the human body, but is not entirely foreign considering electrocardiograms (EKGs) and electroencephalograms are based on energy. The mechanism of action is believed to be the removal of blockages and restoration of free energy flow to foster health and healing in the human energy field. The content of this section is derived from my experiences with people who have suffered recent and traumatic loss. To think you will one day no longer feel the grip of pain gives you hope, but also fear that without your grief you will loose your connection to your loved one.
When you are 'in shock', you are in a brain state where your brain is taking over your self-care. The majority of research in the field of energy therapies is in the therapeutic touch and healing touch, reiki, homeopathy, and acupuncture.
When an animal in a herd in suffering in any way, the herd surrounds the animal and does not leave.
Especially if the death of your loved one is traumatic, you may find you need to retell the story over and over.
You may trip and scrape yourself, get poked in the eye by branches and lose a shoe in a mud patch.
For example, therapeutic touch has been shown to decrease anxiety and depression.i»?A The practice of Reiki, which is a Japanese stress reduction technique, incorporates various hand movements that are believed to transfer healing energy. This method is thought to significantly improve spiritual clarity and a myriad of different physical discomforts that we commonly experience. Reiki itself was founded by Makao Usui, and the philosophy behind this methodology states that our life force energy plays a significant role in the way that we feel.
The effect of the support you receive during this time will have staying power to rely upon when the 'herd' naturally disperses.
When our life force energy levels are less than desirable, we are more prone to feelings of stress and illness.A Another paramount aspect to this practice is the fact that it is a gift from God, and it is accessible by everyone. If you are having trouble feeling, or trouble controlling your emotions months from now, you should get counseling. One day, you will find yourself emerging from the woods into a clearing; but there will always be those showers and storms. A A THEREFORE, MAN IS MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF CONTAINING THE CONTENT OF GOD; THUS, WITHOUT RECEIVING GOD IN OUR SPIRIT, WE CANNOT EXPRESS GOD AS CONFIRMED IN 2 COR. Anyone can learn how to use Reiki, and the ability to practice this technique is not exclusive to a limited number of experts or spiritual gurus.
The most effective way to learn this practice and be efficient with the methods is by attending a class with an experienced Reiki instructor.

While you are alternating between protest and facing the fact of death, there is also the solid fact that your loved one will always be with you in some way.
Attunement is the term used to describe the exchange of this knowledge and the newfound ability to use Reiki for healing and balance.
When needed, medication does not interfere with the grieving process, it will help you through it.
You may know for certain now what your new relationship is to your loved one in spirit; or you may need time to establish a new relationship. There are a variety of different institutions that provide educational courses on Reiki and how you can make use of this profound practiceA Reiki technique simply utilizes the transfer of life energy so that we are both spiritually and physically rejuvenated. It is useful as a healing practice for sickness or injury, as well as a mindful refresher that promotes peace and harmony.
In order for Reiki to have the maximum healing effect, it takes dedication, commitment, and motivation.
Ideally, someone who wishes to practice Reiki for emotional and physical well-being, they should strive to transform their entire lifestyle to one that is healthful and balanced.A Reiki participants may choose to perform sessions alone, using their own hands for strategic placement and healing, or they may choose to seek a session performed by another Reiki expert. Regardless if you are participating solo or receiving the healing energy from someone else, Reiki is equally effective and practical.A Before initiating your Reiki session, choose a position that is most comfortable. These methods can be received from just about any position, sitting or lying down, but being in a physically pleasant posture is imperative. A typical Reiki session begins with an initial meditation, prayer, or breathing exercise that simply prepares the mind and body for a healing treatment. UNLIKE IN THE NATURAL BIOGRAPHY, THERE IS NO CONDEMNATION OR FEAR OF SIN AND DEATHBECAUSE, IN CHRIST, THERE IS LIFE,LIBERTY, AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. This step is necessary for preparing your physical body and spiritual mind to be receptive and welcoming to the healing energy of Reiki.A When performing Reiki, it is important to keep the fingers together as it channels and keeps the healing energy more focused.
It is also important to allow the wisdom and power of Reiki to guide your movements and your technique. Maintaining confidence in your ability to use Reiki methods for healing is necessary to experience said healing. If you are performing Reiki on someone else, your peaceful balance is just as important because Reikia€™s power should be focused on the recipient of the energy a€“ as in the client, and not yourself.
As a provider of Reiki for healing another person, you must have a clear and focused mindset.A When providing Reiki treatments for someone else, the hands do not necessarily have to be physically connected to the clienta€™s body, however they can be.
The same healing abilities can be observed with the hands touching, or with the hands situated approximately 1 inch from the body. It is really more or less a personal preference that can be determined between you and the client.A There are a plethora of hand placements that are specifically designed to provide healing energy to distinctive areas of the body.
For example, placing both hands above the upper abdomen and lower ribs heals the stomach, gallbladder, liver, spleen, and various other internal organs in this area.

Placing one hand over the throat and one hand in the middle of the chest provides healing energy to the heart, lungs, thyroid, and esophagus. There are literally an endless number of hand positions and specific motions that are designed to target one or more anatomical section of the body. There are also a number of hand positions that specifically concentrate on providing healing energy for a distinctive illness.A There are a plethora of resources that provide specific instructions for using hand placement. Mikao Usuia€™s creation of this practice, the purpose and power of Reiki is the same.A Reiki technique is centered on seven different chakraa€™s, otherwise translated to mean wheel. These internal axes are essentially large networks that function together to give us our energy.
The navel chakra is associated with the reproductive system and proximate organs responsible for liquid waste.
The solar plexus chakra is focused on the upper abdominal areas and the anatomical structures within. MOST IMPORTANTLY, IT IS A LOVE STORY THAT REVEALS THE HEART OF GODA THROUGH THE PERSON OF HIS SON, JESUS.
The heart chakra is based upon the heart and arms, and the throat covers that and the lungs. The third eye chakra is focused on the braid, and the crown chakra simply refers to the whole of our being. When healing the chakras, it provides them with balance so they can function optimally.A Some Reiki experts utilize the power and energy of exclusive symbols which are historic icons that have a significant amount of healing potential. Thinking about these symbols or drawing them before a session is believed to help create spiritual connections with the meaning of said symbols. For example, the Choku Rei or power symbol may be used to boost or enhance the efficiency of the Reiki healing energy and as a source of protection.
It is particularly useful for individuals combating various addictions or emotional turmoil.
From depression and sadness to fear and nervousness, the Sei He Ki is generally used to improve mental clarity and intellectual performance.A Lastly, the distance symbol, referred to as Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, helps to send healing energy over a distance. Although the use of symbols is not necessary, some practitioners of Reiki believe that they greatly enhance the power and potential of this methodology.A Not only does Reiki provide the potential for significant physical healing, but it is a practice that helps to balance the mind and reduce stress. In terms of overall health and well-being, it is a very affordable and practical method for just about anyone.

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