Yesterday, we gave you a cool easter egg to find which is the headless horseman leading you to an interesting chest with different loots in case you successfully followed the ghostly entity.
So beginning at Dawnstar, you should traverse to the location discussed beginning mark 0:45 of the clip. At 1:03, before you enter the mine, turn to your left beneath the group of small rock formation.

Iron Shield of Waning Shock (increase shock resistance by 30%), Hide Shield of Waning Fire (fire resistance up by 30%), Hide helmet of magicka (increase magicka by 30 points), steel greatsword, iron armor, iron greatsword, common soul gem, dwarven metal ingot, 35 lockpicks, novice robes of illusion and bunch of other miscellaneous items along with weird stuff like an iron pot. Interestingly, the uploader mention he was in level four when he opened the invisible chest so there’s a possibility, the loots will be in superior quality if you’ll pick them on a higher level (similar principle with any items you loot when you finish a quest or a reward given to you in Skyrim). Today, several of our readers sent us this cool video teaching you how to find a newly discovered secret in Skyrim, revealing an invisible treasure chest giving you more than a hundred set of different items to loot, and refills itself a few hours inside the game.

The uploader did mention this is not any sort of a hack or exploit (demonstrated on Xbox 360), but rather, an easter egg inserted by Bethesda for players to find out.

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