The burial chamber of King Tut has revealed many secrets over the years, but there may be a whopper yet to discover: the tomb of his mother, Queen Nefertiti. A scan of the wall texture in King Tutankhamun's tomb reveals indentations or faint lines, which could suggest two hidden doors.
However, other Egyptologists are skeptical, because the scratches on the wall are the sole indications of the queen's burial. The burial chamber of King Tut may hold tomb of his mother, Queen Nefertiti, according to a University of Arizona archaeologist. The boy king was buried in haste; bacterial traces suggest the paint had not even dried before he was sealed into the place. Over the years, throngs of tourists had damaged the tomb, so the Egyptian government commissioned a replica of King Tut's tomb for tourists to visit.
In addition, Tutankhamun's tomb is smaller than others in the Valley of the Kings, and to get to the chamber, one must turn right from the main corridor — a configuration typically used for Egyptian queens, not kings, whose chambers were off to the left, Reeves said.

Although his breadth was limited, Reymerswaele led a productive career, his works constantly in demand.  There are thirty versions of his Tax Collectors, which has always struck historians as odd—why would so many people want to own a picture of rather grotesque, caricatured, greedy tax collectors counting their money?  Were many of the commissioners tax beneficiaries themselves, and therefore found the painting to be darkly humorous and ironic?  We don’t know.
A statement issued by a Bush spokesman Wednesday says the 89-year-old former president acted earlier this week at his summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine. George and Barbara Bush lost their second child, 4-year-old Robin Bush, to leukemia almost 60 years ago. Based on other aspects of the tomb's geometry, it's possible that Nefertiti is hiding behind the door, said Nicholas Reeves, an archaeologist at the University of Arizona who has proposed the theory of Queen Nefertiti's secret tomb. And his tomb is smaller than others in the Valley of the Kings, leading many experts to believe that his death was unexpected, and so his underlings had to scramble and put him in a makeshift tomb originally intended for someone else, Reeves said. As part of that process, the reconstruction company Factum Arte took photographs and created scans of the wall's textural surface. The outer part of the tomb was quickly enlarged to make it a proper royal burial that could house the nest of shrines that was due to a pharaoh.

That was after he saw members of his Secret Service detail with newly shaved heads to show support for the 2-year-old son of an agent.
He died at age 20, possibly of malaria or bone abnormalities, and his rule could have been a footnote in Egyptian history if not for one thing: His gold-bedecked, opulently appointed tomb was discovered, mostly intact, by British archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922.
When he measured the dimensions of these lines, they corresponded to the dimensions of an existing doorway in a nearby wall.
Zahi Hawass, center, supervises the removal of the mummy of King Tutankhamun from his stone sarcophagus in his underground tomb in the famed Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt. Bush this week joined members of his Secret Service detail in shaving his head to show solidarity for Patrick, who is the son of one of the agents.

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