If you can face yourself and conquer your fears and doubts, then the rest of your life is guaranteed to be a reality of your greatest mental imagination. This is not the first physically demanding film that you have done, since you also had to train really hard for your earlier film ABCD 2. Training for Baaghi was really challenging, and at the end of every rehearsal, I would get aches in muscles that I didn’t know existed. The greatest way to understand where you stand is to see how people in the theatres react to you.
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Not just in the sense that she’s a dreamer, but that she actually speaks to the clouds (laughs). Seriously, though, both experiences were quite different, but there were also many similarities. At the same time, it was gratifying to know that I could do all this physically strenuous stuff, that I could kick and punch.

I get my sense of connection with the audience by how people react to me; like when I’m travelling and they come up to me, or when I step out of my house and there are people waiting below. Thanks for viewing "Self worth quote ".You can also find us on popular social media sites including Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr. For instance, the sense of rhythm and timing that you require for dance, is also important in martial arts. It’s good to feel strong and empowered, and I was happy that I was able to pick up some of the techniques really fast. Another thing I recall is how even back then, he had this calm aura, just like he does now. But I always feel that I can do so much better; that’s when my mom or dad give me a pep talk. Sia is also a very strong girl; she will stand up for herself, even in a physically threatening situation.
I must give credit to my training in ABCD 2, because muscle memory kicked in when I began training for Baaghi.

I am embracing singing more and more and right now, I believe that if I can sing one song per movie, I would be happy. Sometimes, these moments come right after I have finished a scene and I wonder whether I pulled it off, whether I have done it right. There are a few action scenes, which I really enjoyed doing, but of course, I don’t have as many as Tiger (Shroff) does. I learnt some basic punches, kicks and blocking techniques, and also got into a little bit of Kalaripayattu.

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