App Icons (Free) — Use templates to create cool icons, or make your own designs from scratch; either way, you can customize your homepage look based on several themes (like nature and cartoons).
CocoPPa (free) — Easy to use, CocoPPa lets you choose your favorite images from a pool of designs that are searchable by tag, color, and category. App Icons+ (free) — The same name as the other app, this one lets you select from a number of backgrounds and borders or import your own photos to create icon designs. For more-advanced iOS users — You can create your app icon designs in a different, more involved way. Is there a way to customize the icons that came with the iPhone, such as Phone, Mail, Safari, Music, Calendar and so on? A useful feature of BlackBerry® smartphones is the ability to assign custom ringtones for specific contacts, so that you can know who’s calling as soon as you hear the phone ring.
If you want to use custom music or a ringtone that you have saved in your BlackBerry smartphone, click on Select Music and navigate to either Media Card or Device Memory (depending on where you saved your music file), then choose from there. Again, if you want to use custom music that you’ve saved on your BlackBerry smartphone as your ringtone, click on Select Music and navigate to either Media Card or Device Memory (depending on where you saved your music file), then choose the file.

Visit the official BlackBerry Support Forums to discuss support topics with your peers and stay up to date via the BlackBerry Community App. The views expressed on any corporate or individual's personal website or any Twitter account are not necessarily those of BlackBerry.
Mix and match icons for apps and contacts, and even modify them down to the font, color, and size of the text.
Look for versions of well-known icons (for example, an "F" with a leopard-print background for Facebook), or choose a completely random picture (like a panda) to represent one of your existing apps. Choose from endless combinations of built-in backgrounds and borders to snag a style for a shortcut icon that's all your own.
You'll first need to download iPhone Explorer and then follow a few steps in the Apps folder to get the look you want. I really like having all these cute icons, but then it kind of ruins it when I can't change the other ones!
This feature is also useful to set customized ringtones for family members, friends, co-workers, business clients, or someone special!

Some apps let you switch up the background, color, and design of the graphics and even customize the text.
Keep in mind that what you download is just an extra shortcut, not a replacement icon — so you'll end up with two icons on your home screen for the same app.
All you have to do is download one of the following options — or check out the more advanced option below— to get a new feel for your homepage. I Mean Yes U Said It But How To Do It I searched Lisette And Cheers On The Internet But Theres None Is In iPhone 4 In The App store i mean is the apps in the apps store?

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