If it's html related I assure I can help you just message me and I'll reply to you privately. Once you you have found the one you like, click on the link and you screen should look similar to this. Terra Branford, Locke Cole, and Shadow visit Strago in Thamasa to ask him about the espers. However, during the night, Relm is caught in a fire while spending time at a friend's house (to play with a Fire Rod). Afterward, Strago explains to Terra and Locke the villagers' magic abilities were inherited from the Mage Warriors, who, after the War of the Magi, were shunned by the world and left to found their own community in Thamasa.
She convinces them to negotiate peace with General Leo Cristophe and the Gestahlian Empire. What happens to Relm after the end of the world depends on whether or not the player waits for Shadow before jumping off the Floating Continent. The villagers in Thamasa mention that Relm had been hired by Owzer, a wealthy art collector in Jidoor, to help him remove a demon named Chadarnook that has possessed one of his prized paintings. After Relm rejoins, she goes to the Cultists' Tower where Strago has become a member of the Cult of Kefka. In the ending, Relm and Strago have a few conversations, and Relm says she would like to paint a traditional, non-magic painting of Strago using a real canvas. Through of a series of flashbacks unveiled by resting in various inns with Shadow in the party, it is revealed that Shadow is Relm's father. Baram was killed but Shadow escaped to Thamasa, where he married with an unnamed woman and fathered a child before leaving the village to keep his past from catching up with him. If the player allows Shadow to die on the Floating Continent, the flashback sequence viewed when the player rescues Relm changes to show Strago speaking to Relm, who then cries out for "Daddy" and asks where he went and if he will come back, before Interceptor leaves. Relm has the highest magic stat in the game and good Speed, making her the best mage based on base stats alone, but she has weak physical stats. To do so at the bottom right hand corner of the screen there should be an icon like this ().
While Strago feigns ignorance, Relm rudely barges in on the conversation and asks the visitors if they can use magic too.
Strago agrees to help find the Espers and Relm asks if she could come too, but Strago refuses. She also takes notice of Celes and Locke's reconcilement and inadvertently embarrasses them by asking Strago if they are all "hot and heavy". If the party did not wait for him, Relm is found wounded in the Cave on the Veldt and the party has to defeat the Behemoth King to rescue her and take her back to Thamasa to recover.

Relm awakes Strago up from his trance with a few choice words, and he rejoins, mentioning that Relm is as foul-mouthed as ever. If Strago is not re-obtained by the player in the World of Ruin, then Relm, stuck on a conveyor belt, is passed along by Celes, Setzer, and Edgar. Shadow's dreams tell the story of him as a train robber named Clyde who fled the authorities with his partner Baram. This fits perfectly with the flashback viewed if the player rescues Shadow instead of Relm, which shows him, as Clyde, walking away from Strago's home when Interceptor runs up from behind him. The developers considered having a scene in a bar (presumably in Thamasa) where Strago asks Shadow to reveal his identity. She shares most of her equipment draw with Strago, and can equip rods, some daggers, maces, lightweight hats and robes, universal shields, some female-exclusive equipment, and creature suits.
In the original Super NES release the command was glitchy, and is the source of the Sketch bug. Her portrait sprite depicts her with a red dot on her left cheek, presumed to be paint due to her artistic tendencies.
The Mayor of Thamasa shows up and exclaims that Magic is forbidden, but Strago would not listen. However, the peace deal is revealed to be a trap set up by Kefka Palazzo to get more magicite. Relm and Strago go back to Thamasa where they find Strago's old friend, Gungho, injured by Hidon, a monster he and Strago used to hunt in their youth. She threatens to paint their portraits, saying, "You can't just throw me aside!" and they return to help her.
This is why Interceptor is so friendly towards Relm, and why both Shadow and Relm can use the Memento Ring, said to be empowered by the love of a departed mother—in this case, Relm's mother and Shadow's wife. In the original English SNES release, he tells Interceptor to stay with "the girl", but the word used for "girl" in the Japanese release could also be used as a humble form of "daughter". If Relm equips the Fake Mustache, Sketch becomes Control, which allows her to control the actions of an enemy directly, though Relm herself cannot take commands while controlling an enemy. In the smartphone version her field sprite is the same height as the other characters' but in the original versions she is considerably shorter. During the fight, Relm asks Ultros if she could paint his portrait, causing one of the more humorous scenes in the story to occur. Kefka's plan is a tragic success, and Relm and Strago join the others in the fight against him. If the party does wait for Shadow at the Floating Continent, however, Shadow will be found wounded in the cave in Relm's place and Relm will already be in Jidoor having been hired by Owzer.

In the Game Boy Advance release the word "daughter" is used instead, making it clear that Shadow fathered a child in Thamasa before fleeing the village.
If the enemy is too "difficult" to sketch meaning it is too hard to draw, Relm's Sketch ability will not work for that enemy. If irritated, Relm often threatens to paint the offender's picture, much to the fear of the party, knowing what her paintings are capable of. She proves to Terra, Locke, and Strago that she can indeed be useful and together they continue on to find the Espers and Terra speaks to their leader, Yura. They can be used to change the font styles, colors, borders and graphics used, but the raw content of your blog remains untouched no matter how many times you change the theme. All of your posts, the blog title and the blog description will never be lost, as themes do not have permission to edit this data. Even if these elements are hidden, they are not removed completely, and switching to a different theme is enough to bring them back. Certain themes may also hide your static page links, but again this will not delete them from your Tumblr blog.
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