Lots of our Korean friends have changed their names, it seems to be more common here than it is in Australia.
Not so much name changing that I have seen myself here in the UK, but the giving of a second name is popular in my family and others…so if you hate your first name you can use the second one. I live in the UK and I always hated my name and I hate even more the fact that everybody abbreviated it to a name I liked even less and ignored me when I asked them not to. Interestingly my hubby had to change his surname legally and that was a piece of cake that took all of two seconds! I know people that usually go by their middle name rather than their first and some change their names too if they dislike it enough.
Its funny because when I was little I did not like my name and wanted it to be Michelle haha.
I had to shorten my name as a pre-teen because too many people found it hard to pronounce my full name. It’s easy to legally change your name in my country, but few people actually do that (except when women get married and change their surnames). The Artist Formerly Known as Pitbull has been known for being featured and having featured artists on many hit singles, including Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, Ke$ha and Shakira. Featuring has also made the decision to never record another song without another artist in the track.
Despite his personal problems, Featuring is positive about his future and is trying to improve himself. In Washington State any person over eighteen years of age can choose and use any name he or she wishes as long as the purpose of the change in the name is not to defraud another. To get a court ordered name change, you must first file a petition in the District Court of the county or other judicial district in which you live.
A petition for name change should state your current full name, your requested new name, and the reasons for the change. That’s me on the left and the hubby on the right as we completed our marriage application, thus beginning the lengthy process of changing my last name.
I’m mentioning this now because I honestly had no idea that I was going to need to physically visit both the DMV and Social Security office in order to legally change my name.
You’ll need to visit some places (like banks) in person, others will make the change over the phone, and many will want you to fax or mail copies of your marriage certificate and sometimes your new identification. Having to tell dozens of strangers that you recently got married is an awkward introvert’s worst nightmare. I had to make multiple trips to the bank because they used the wrong forms, my credit card company sent me multiple copies of the same card, and even agents at government agencies weren’t always helpful. When someone asked why I changed my name, I couldn’t help but think, Well fuck, how awkward would this be if I ever did need to change my name back to Guiver? My husband and I are grown adults, though, and we do have a prenuptial agreement, so the topic has been broached before. I had to delete and re-create my Snapchat account, which does sound trivial, but I was bummed that I lost the few followers I actually had on Snapchat as a result of changing my name. You need an ID that matches your name to do a lot of things, like flying on an airplane or boarding a cruise ship. Also, I basically had to carry around two forms of identification for a month and a half (as well as a copy of my marriage license) in case I needed to use a credit card or access an account that hadn’t been updated. On multiple occasions, when I would say that I changed my name, people would ask David how he convinced me to do it. Whenever I feel like I’m done, another place where I need to change my name comes up.
Some people spend a lifetime working towards a dream or goal to become something that feels like destiny. After almost 9 years performing professionally as a free diver, and underwater performer, Melissa took another big step in showing her dedication to her craft.
By bringing something new to the masses, things they have never seen, like bringing a real live mermaid to life before their very eyes, -can help bring back the kid in all of us to show imagination is still alive to inspire both young and old of the possibilities we can all accomplish. Melissa Dawn believes that by being the first mermaid (or human for that matter) to legally change their name to “Mermaid” and be known as one both in and out of the water, justifies the love of her craft to carry on the mermaid lifestyle for life!
If people can take from this that we can all live our own lives, be who we want to be, and stand up for the things we believe in, no matter who is for or against it… then that’s a wonderful thought! Mermaid Melissa says she not looking to have others follow the name change method of expression, but says there is many ways to show who you are, and what you stand for. Both family, friends, and supporters seem to be on board with Mermaid Melissa when hearing of the name change. Moving forward she says she never takes for granted any opportunity given, email written, story told from meeting a child, or chance to give back to make a difference.
Most of us as a child have a very active imagination & believe that anything is possible!
My lifestyle as a young surfer girl from Saint Augustine, Florida grew into something of a lifelong quest to achieve an aquatic career that seemed only a fantasy -that I was determined to make into my reality. At the age of 13 this small town girl was becoming restless, like a big fish in a small pond. After the thrill of working on so many film projects I moved to Los Angeles, California at 18 years old.
I gained a lot of wisdom and the courage to take on rejection in Los Angeles You need that type of exposure to learn what type of person you really are, what you will stand up for, what you will tolerate, and most importantly if you will let it beat you or grow stronger and apply it to your life while finding the positive. In 2005 that land mark moment for any ocean lover was finally achieved when the water brought me back to Florida, finishing my scuba courses, and got PADI certified for open water.
I grew up by an inlet in Flagler County, Florida where dolphins were constantly around me when I would swim.

My respect for the planet grows daily from the relationships with animals, knowing that if we do not help them, who will? August 2013 some changes were made in my life that were a long time coming to make some hard decisions… As a kid growing up a fan of the Aquarium in Orlando since age 13, I fell in love with the idea behind the message of killer whales being ambassadors for the ones in the ocean to teach and inspire us about them by seeing whales up close.
By spinning an educational message that is fresh & new, I continue to invite others to join me on new adventures on how to enjoy, save, and continue to share with others how to protect our blue planet. Mermaid Melissa’s credentials span globally around the world and is well known for the one of a kind skills of having both worked with, and helped protect marine mammals both in the ocean and learning from her work at aquariums. Melissa has been traveling in her portable mermaid tanks since 2008 and has a live mermaid bus tour making a splash at a town near you!
You may not take, use, copy or distribute any image or video from this website without prior written authorization.
World-renowned Real Life Mermaid Melissa known for her 10 year underwater entertainment credentials with companies & client resume references. An entertainment agency for underwater performers, unique talent, and specialty routines with customized showcases. She chose one that has the same language origins as her first and middle names — French. We filled out all the paperwork to change it but when she was six, she told us no she liked the name King, so we left it alone. You need to present strong arguments and legal support for having the opportunity on change it. Once I got older I liked my name because I didn’t know many people with it but now I see a lot more people with my name.
As has been mentioned earlier, getting other people to accept your new name is much harder than simply getting a new ID card or a passport with a new name on it!
An example of defrauding another would be to change names to avoid paying bills or other creditors or the escape obligations such as child support.
The process to change the name of your minor child (a "minor" is a person under the age of eighteen years) is a little more involved.
However, there are often questions relating to notifying government agencies and others of the name change. It’s a lengthy process, and, in hindsight, I realize that I should have probably done a little more research before walking down the aisle.
First and foremost, changing your name on your marriage application won’t automatically update it in the eyes of the government. I had this vision that everything would magically just get updated, which was 100% incorrect.
Then you have to change your name on every bank account, credit card, utility bill, email, etc.
Almost every person you contact about changing your name will congratulate you on getting married, which is killer if receiving compliments makes you feel uncomfortable. A few times, I tried to lead without the marriage part, but I’d always get asked why I made the change? I mean, I’m a proud member of the LGBT community, but having to announce my gayness to strangers did cause extra anxiety. On numerous occasions, the process made me think of the D word…you know, the one that rhymes with schmivorce. But having these thoughts scared me, and reminded me that I really do want my marriage to last a long time.
Then I had to email or text my friends, asking them to accept my friend request so that we could get back to snapping. Fortunately, I had the option to hold off on updating my passport, which functioned as my Guiver identification.
Although it can be complicated and stressful, getting a new name can feel like you’ve been given a fresh start. Not only as a married person, but like, I’ve been able to leave behind parts of Mathew Guiver that I no longer need, and I get to be selective about who I am as Mathew Jedeikin. In this case Melissa Dawn, from Saint Augustine Florida, has spent her live growing up into a mascot of sorts… A real life mermaid! As long as your intentions are in the right place, your doing it for you, and always have a positive goal for yourself and others around you, I think we can all do great things with our lives!
Claiming that being an individual and coming up with your original ideas, and bringing out a piece of who you are is what makes us all unique.
What started as a summer hobby visiting the ocean, Aquariums, or in my pool from almost sunup to sundown, led to the realization early on (at age 12) that I could hold my breath for over 2 and a half minutes. With my passion to stay submersed as long as possible, free diving was the natural progression that I pursued full time into livelihood.
I cannot ever find the right words to describe the freedom given when looking up close at a reef without the concern to come up for air and relish in the moment for as long as my tanks would permit. Never would I have thought it possible to make a living from something that comes so natural to me and that I would otherwise have been doing in my free time if not getting paid to to this. Aquariums have always been an an inspiration to me as a child allowing me access to creatures I would have never otherwise known about. I can recall holding my head underwater unable to see anything but hearing their clicks all around me like a morse code to come into their world. Having been a guest and this effecting my career path seeing these animals, then becoming a trainer, and now deciding to end my 9 year career with this park… My own personal conclusion is, killer whales are too smart to be confined. It is a self-made journey born out of love for the sea, that continues to grow from the years of hard work creating a business from the ground up completely on my own with no outside financing or sponsors.
My future as a professional mermaid has reached great achievements but the potential for my company mission has many more chapters that are about to be written.

The most complex array of mermaid tails, props, supplies, trailer, bus, 4 mermaid tanks, and full service team with leading pro performers trained in by Mermaid Melissa herself who is also known for her contracted roles as an aquatic performance manager & lead mermaid for various aquariums, parks, conventions, and companies.
As I vow to live true to a cause close to my heart, and serve as a daily reminder that this is a life long process to learn, evolve, and be willing adapt to change for the sake of something bigger than ourselves, -to help save our blue planet! Mermaid Melissa aquatic entertainment company is licensed & certified with top credentials!
The more we can learn about your project or party, the better we can reply with a correct pricing options. If we have the date available you will hear back with more information on the next steps to proceed with your booking. Go figure on that one, she calls her youngest sister it too and has now started to call my daughter Katie…she calls me that sometimes too. Nicola, is it true that in Korea marriages both the husband and wife keep their birth names but the children takes the father’s surname? Also, it may turn out to be really troublesome when you have to change every other document that has been issued in your old name. It is the purpose of this informational brochure to explain the procedure for changing a name, either your name or the name of a minor child.
If the marriage ends, a name change may be included in the divorce decree, or by filing a petition for name change. If you have any questions not answered by this brochure, we will do our best to answer them or refer you to someone who can. Which wasn’t terrible, but boy, how I wished I could have gone on my honeymoon as a Jedeikin. I have a family middle name that I wanted to pass on to our future child, and I also wanted our household to share a last name. I did, however, remind myself that this was totally my decision and that I shouldn’t expect special treatment because of my new last name. From small things like how I sign my new name (or a new passport photo that I actually like!), to larger things like how I present myself to the world as a Jedeikin. There is only one of you, so show it off and reflect all the great you have to offer the world! We have encapsulated those dreams of being part of something bigger than ourselves by diving into the unknown with open arms.
I quickly found my self in modeling and acting school working on The Disney Cruise Line National commercial, and at age 15 I found a job at Universal Studios Florida. Once I sank to depths that seem to take with it the light piercing from above, it became clear just how small I am and how little is known beyond theacclimatizing limits that our bodies are known to be able to adjust.
Perfecting my record for breath holds, I worked my way up to 4 minutes & 18 seconds underwater in 2006 and another on video captured 2013 same spot as years prior at 4:32 underwater!
It was hard not to fall in love with their mysterious nature and become passionate to develop a strong rapport. When it came time for me to work with these animals face to face, the adjustment came very easy having studied Marine Biology since I was a teen reading up on these fascinating animals of the sea. No amount of love and care given by humans in these man made pool environments is enough for an animal that would naturally swim at top speeds of 35 MPH up to 100 miles a day.
Through much determination and imagination, I ventured into a field that no one viewed as an actual marketable skill & focused all my background knowledge into making this happen.
By building a solid work history for our unique acts, we can provide reputable clients list and company contacts who continue to book our services! Imagine every single account and profile you’ve accumulated in your life needing to be changed.
Luckily, I was sitting close to the front door, but a new name is definitely something that takes people who know you a little time to get used to. Even then I was driven… With the goal in mind to work as a Ride and show attendant till I caught the attention of the Animal Actor show team, and at 16 was already hired on to be a cage cleaner.
By working diligently on my Static Apnea Breath Hold, laying at the surface of the water allowed me to push the limits further to 5 minutes as a personal best. With nine years of hands on experience as a pro free diver, live underwater performances for aquariums, companies, and events. In fact, David encouraged me to think carefully about my decision and didn’t pressure me one way or the other. This opened the door for me to prove myself, working very hard and finally being part of the show, and even going on location to movie sets with my trained animals. Sea Sanctuaries are a great goal to strive for in the long term rehabilitation of those who can not be returned to the wild that were born in human care. Ari-chan said she didnt like ?? but she never tried it, then she tried it and liked it, so whenever they did a new thing, they called it a ?? thing ~ It was really cute ^^ But I dont like ??, not even the ‘morcilla’ from Argentina ????? ??? Mr Gwon, this time Im NOT on your side! It’s time we evolve, learn from our human mistakes, research the truth, and stop thinking for the whales, just let them be in their natural environment. Making an effort to support the right facilities, and one step at a time, make changes, can make a ripple effect that can change the world. Not everyone will agree with decisions you make in life or how you live it, but when you take a stand for something you believe in, others will too. Every person has the chance to speak up and inspire another, which is an achievement in itself.
You don’t need to be perfect or take on the world, but embrace the subjects that strike a personal cord in you to help improve the way we live, think, help better the planet, or save animals.

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