Salutations and adorations to the blissful Lord Siva, the lover of Uma or Parvati, the Lord of all beings (Pasupati).
Hara Maheshvara Shulapani Pinakadhrik Pashupati Shiva Mahadeva   He is Sivam (auspicious, Subham), Sundaram (beautiful), Kantam (effulgent). What is it about meditation that provides the needed "head space" to get it all done and still maintain sanity? Eastern religions, like Hinduism and Buddhism, have very strong connections to meditation because it is recognized as the best way to expand consciousness. You may want to learn how to meditate in order to relax -- but also to bring down your blood pressure, alleviate anxiety and stress, and enhance your immune functioning. With so much to offer, it's unfortunate that people often think of meditation as a way of avoiding life, rather than engaging with it.
Join with those like actor Hugh Jackman, who said to Oprah, "Meditation is like a party: You've got to show up to find out that it's amazing. If you decide to make meditation a daily part of your life, you will want to ensure that each meditation session is as enjoyable and beneficial as it can be. The simple ritual of taking a shower or bath can really put you in the mood for meditation. If you just come home from the day, you want to change into something more comfortable before you start to meditate.
Do something that you enjoy that you know will help you relax but doesn’t require too much mental exertion.
A good way to mentally wind down is to do some yoga, stretching or deep breathing exercises.
If you plan to make meditation a part of your daily practice, you should have a meditation spot. A daylong fast, a nightlong vigil, and the reverberating rhythm of sacred chants mark the day.
The hardest part is simply organizing your day so you can sit undisturbed for twenty minutes.
There are different meditation techniques; I recommend a mantra based meditation that gives a "leg-up" in dealing with fast-paced mental activity. But you certainly don't need to be religious to use meditation techniques to empower yourself or to help you heal physically and emotionally.
It is the clearest mirror for seeing yourself, and it provides the means for changing what you don't like about yourself. You are not trying to turn your mind into a blank slate -- you are simply clearing away distractions, learning to focus your energy, getting clearer on what you want from life, and creating a peaceful space that actually helps you be more efficient and effective. All that is created must one day disintegrate; this disintegration is a return to the formless void from which creation may once again spring forth. And what helps them navigate the treacherous realm of stardom in their respective fields is one unifying factor: they all meditate.
It's a technique for calming the mind, reducing stress and anxiety, getting enough energy to banish fatigue, and balancing the mind and body.
It's a tried and true way of slowing down, developing awareness and self-knowledge, and training your attention inward. If Jerry Seinfeld could find the time to meditate every day while he not only starred in the show "Seinfeld" but was its executive producer, head writer, and in charge of casting and editing, chances are, so can we! With a mantra, no need to banish thoughts; they just seem to float effortlessly somewhere out of sight.

These days, meditation is mainstream, not in any way limited to a particular religion, culture, location, or desired effect. But if you are spiritually inclined, meditation will also open you up to a greater connection to Source, to clearer inner guidance, and a deep sense of peace.
A consistent practice of meditation can shift you away from blame and shame, and lead you in the direction of self-worth and self-development. Any physical activity that relieves stress and encourages health will help you to meditate more deeply. One noted benefit is the cognitive and psychological benefits that last all day after 20 minutes of meditation. Along with developing a solid grounding in mindfulness, which is the ability to live in the here and now, with meditation you can learn to cultivate compassion -- for yourself and others! It allows you to forgive yourself and others, and is a root practice for emotional healing. Lord Shiva  is the master of Tantric yoga, an esoteric science of sexuality, and also the Lord of ascetics, renunciates and yogis. Harvard University, in a study using MRIs to see the changes inside the brain has recently found that meditation actually rebuilds the brain's gray matter. He is the god of the battlefield, the cremation grounds, and inauspicious crossroads, and he is accompanied by demons, ghosts, and evil spirits.
An oftern frightening deity, Shiva is also the exponent of the arts and the creator of dance.
Bael leaves are very sacred, for it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi resides in them. The five hoods mean the five senses or the five Tattvas, viz., earth, water, fire, air and ether. That portion of Brahman that is enveloped by Tamo-Guna-Pradhana Maya is Lord Siva who is the all-pervading Isvara and who also dwells in Mount Kailas. During this ritual, we will hear many mantras and shlokas, while milk, yoghurt, water, butter, honey, sugar, fruit juices, bhasma powder etc are poured over the shiva lingam in pacifying the hot and fiery Shiva and invoking his blessings. Lord Siva Himself became the five Tanmatras, the five Jnanendriyas, the five Karmendriyas and other groups of five. With Maya-Parvati He becomes the Saguna Brahman for the purpose of pious devotion of His devotees. Lord Shiva represents the aspect of the Supreme Being and is considered to be the destroyer of evil and sorrow. The external Abhisheka with various objects will help the growth of devotion and adoration for Lord Siva and eventually lead to internal Abhisheka with pure abundant flow of love.
When the individual attains knowledge through control of the senses and the mind, he finds his eternal resting abode in Lord Siva, the Supreme Soul. Devotees of Rama must worship Lord Siva for 3 or 6 months before they take to worship of Rama. This indicates that Lord Siva is absolutely fearless and immortal.Generally serpents live for hundreds of years. Ganga water, milk, ghee, honey, rose-water, cocoanut water, sandal paste, Panchamrita, scented oil, sugarcane juice and lime juice are made use of for Abhisheka. It is said that He looks like an eternal youth because of his authority over death, rebirth and immortality.
When Rudra is repeated once, the different articles of Abhisheka are made use of after every stanza of the Rudra.

The Abhisheka water or other articles used for Abhisheka are considered very sacred and bestow immense benefits on the devotees who take it as the Lord’s Prasad.
Lord Shiva is the third member of the Hindu Trinity, the other two being Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu.
Owing to His cosmic activity of dissolution and recreation, the words destroyer and destruction have been erroneously associated with Lord Shiva. He teaches silently that people should have pure heart and entertain pure thoughts and should be free from crookedness, diplomacy, cunningness, jealousy, hatred, etc. It is He who formed the Sanskrit language out of the Damaru.The crescent moon indicates that He has controlled the mind perfectly. Then Sri Rudram (chapter 16 & 18 of Yajur Veda) is recited and the Shiva Linga abhishekam is done with the prescribed 11 ingredients. People should destroy their egoism and mineness (Ahamta and Mamata) before they attain the Lord. His holding a deer on one hand indicates that He has removed the Chanchalata (tossing) of the mind. The Sri Rudram identifies 346 desires of human beings to be fulfilled to have a peaceful daily life and invokes Lord Rudra to fulfill all of them. The Astrology scriptures have repeatedly prescribed this as a remedy for several planetary Doshas.
Whether you want peace or prosperity, progeny or progress in profession, health or wealth the Rudrabhishekam Pooja is the ideal one. He is Trilochana, the three-eyed One, in the centre of whose forehead is the third eye, the eye of wisdom. He also is represented by Mahakala and Bhairava, the terrible, as well as many other forms including Rudra. The third eye in the centre of His forehead represents His destructive energy which when let loose destroys the world. Around his neck and arms are serpents, while he also wears the rudraksha beads sacred to him. He is smeared with ash, as that is all that remains at the dissolution of the universe, which he presides over. This dissolution of the universe comes when his third eye opens, the whole metaphor referring to the realisation of one's own consciousness, which is Shiva. His right hand shows the mudra dispelling fear, while in his left he holds the trident, symbol of the three worlds, on which is bound the damaru. Shiva-Shakti also have a form called Ardhanarishvara, the meditation image showing the devi as red coloured and voluptuous, as one half of the body, the deva as the other half having a terrifying and fierce aspect.
Mahadeva Shiva is also lord of all beings of the underworld, including bhutas (elementals), pretas (ghosts), and pishachas (flesh eaters) and the rest. He is sometimes pictured on a horse, followed by his retinue of siddhas (accomplished ones), bhairavas (terrifying forms of Shiva), yogis and the rest.

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