One interesting technique for meditation I've heard of is to not worry about clearing the mind. We were welcomed very warmly by the Templestay Secretary and introduced into manners and life in the Temple. Copying Buddhist scripture was done with a prostration first then written out by sitting in the kneeling position. If you are looking for a way to learn more about Buddhist, Korean culture, want to relax in a peaceful place, think more about about yourselfa€¦. My most vivid memories during my Templestay at Hwaunsa were salt mandala meditation and mountain walk.
My most vivid memory during my Templestay at Hawaunsa was participating in the prayer services.
The only thing I would change would be adding the text in the confirmation email for the bus driver. I really want to thank Demetra so much for welcoming us so warmly to the Templestay at Hwaunsa. Templestay Review of Hwaunsa- Erica (USA), Sophie (Ireland), Daire (Ireland), William (UK), Hannah (UK), Solms (S. Templestay Review of Hwaunsa- Erica (USA), Sophie (Ireland), Daire (Ireland), William (UK), Hannah (UK), Solms (S. Instead, you pick two different physical sensations, and you focus all of your attention on those two things. If you want to really relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of Vientiane city :P, attending a meditation course at Wat Sokpaluang may do the trick. The monch who is in charge of the Temple Stay Programme was open for questions and told us many things about Buddhism and his daily routine. From walking Dule-gil trails to copying Buddhist Scripture, it has been a time for me to reflect and look back on my life.

Also, although the templestay members were meeting for the first time, we all looked out for one another and helped understand what we were doing. The location is perfect, even though it is in the city the surrounding makes you feel that you are far away from the busy city life. My last challenge (which was with the scouts), I was not able to get back to because of a really tight schedule Although I was not able to document that challenge, I was able to finish it on my own. This serves to ground your focus down into your body and away from flitting thoughts.A Taijibum's a good guy to ask about this kind of thing too.
LOLA One interesting technique for meditation I've heard of is to not worry about clearing the mind. He should be reachable, but I believe he's since gone on to work with Fitocracy as a coach, which might impact how reachable he is.
One such course is held every Saturday from 4pm to 5:30pm at Vat Sokpaluang, also known as Vat Pa Forest Temple. The simple living situation added to the experience so please don't feel the need to upgrade to 5-star hotel status! A This time, I really am decided to finish and document til the end.A Because of my recent fascination with the Darth Bane series and a recent acquisition of the Jedi manual, I have decided to make my challenge, Jedi themed. No (there wasn't anything I would like to change), sleeping and food were better than expected. This serves to ground your focus down into your body and away from flitting thoughts.A Taijibum's a good guy to ask about this kind of thing too.A Thanks! I applaud the attention you had with us, since the beginning with our name tags, rooms, snacks. It has been so nice to escape from the daily hustle & bustle of everyday life, and have the opportunity for self-reflection in such a beautiful area at this time in my life.
Aside from meditation courses, Vat Sokpaluang is also famous to both Lao and foreigners alike for their traditional massages and herbal sauna.

The only thing I would have liked is a more intense immersion, perhaps some Zen lessons or Dharma talks, learning how to practice Buddhism. Taking a couple days to experience life at Hwaunsa was extremely beneficial, relaxing , and I'm very glad I came.
I really enjoyed learning different techniques of meditation and the different cultural crafts (lotus and mandala).
Recently, I have downloaded this app (elevate) in ]my tablet that claims that it can train my brain!
Also expected more involvement with the nuns (at dinner for example) and the rituals, but it was OK.
The floating restaurants at Read More → Read more Dane Pha Sandstone Canyon in Vientiane, Laos Dane Pha Sandstone Canyon is located about an hour a half outside of Vientiane, Laos at km 70 on the main route 13.
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