If you are seeking a marriage name change or divorce name change, and you already have a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or official name change court order, then you have completed step 1. If you are changing your name, or a minor’s name, for reasons other than marriage or divorce, and you do not already have an official name change document, you must start with step 1, Legal Name Change. Legal name change, as the phrase implies, is the process of actually changing one’s legal name. NewLastName provides the rules, information, and petitions for Kansas’ Legal Name Change process here.
NewLastName.org (the Site) is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Some may feel the need to change their last name because of a divorce, misuse of identity, common last name, or change of gender. It is not possible to change your last name without a proper court order, which gives you the explicit permission to do so. The second clause of the petition, requires that the present name and proposed name of the applicant or (applicants) be mentioned in detail. The third clause, allows the court to notify the public about the applicant's pending application for change of name or last name through a show cause notice, so that third parties can appear at the court and dispute this change. The sixth clause requires that, the complete details of each of the listed applicants be mentioned in separate attachments.
The petition is more likely to be granted in case the petitioner has a clean criminal record.
Once the 'Order for Change of Name' has been granted by the court, the petitioner will need to inform the Social Security agency, Department of Motor Vehicles, banks, insurance company, and other providers about the change, so as to continue availing these privileges under the new name. The order shall be published in a popular newspaper and posted by the court clerk in three major public places in the state.
Once the order for change in name and gender is ratified, the applicant must file the order at the Secretary of State office along with the necessary fee. Brinks is a well regarded home security company that manufactures home safes, among other products and services. In my opinion this is definitely one of the most careful observations on the topic i have come across in quite a bit. Only bona fide residents of Colorado can petition to have their names changed in Colorado.  Generally speaking, a bona fide resident of Colorado is a person who has lived in Colorado for at least six months AND intends to remain living in Colorado indefinitely. Convicted felons under any state or federal law may not petition the court for a change of name.
Complete “Order for Publication of Change of Name” (JDF 426) and a judge or magistrate will sign the Order if your petition is approved.
If the name change petition is regarding a petitioner under the age of 19, you must attach a caption of any proceeding in which a court has ordered child support, allocation of parently responsibilities, or parenting time regarding the petitioner. Complete “Final Decree for Change of Name” (JDF 448).  Fill out the caption only!  The Judge or Magistrate will sign the decree, and this form will be returned to you only upon proof of publication. You cannot obtain a name change in Colorado in furtherance of a wrongful or outright illegal purpose, i.e. Exception: Persons convicted of a felony or adjudicated as a juvenile delinquent for an offense that would constitute a felony if committed by an adult in Colorado or nay other state or under federal law and the person needs a legal name change in order to be issued a driver’s license or an identification card in Colorado may petition the Court for one, notwithstanding the criminal history.
The proposed name change should be the name under which you were convicted or adjudicated, unless you can show good cause for proposing a different name. Additionally, the District Attorney’s Office, where the conviction requiring incarceration or an order for probation or community corrections occurred, received written notification of the proposed name change.
Additionally, if the petitioner is in custody of the Department of Corrections, under an order for probation or community corrections or incarcerated in the county jail, written notification must be provided to the supervising agency. Even if you obtain the name change yourself, without hiring attorney, you will still incur certain costs, i.e. In Colorado, only a minor’s natural or adoptive parents can seek to have a minor’s name changed.  Under Colorado law, a “minor” is anyone who had not yet reached the age of 18-years-old.

A minor’s name can only be changed in Colorado if the minor is a bona fide resident of Colorado.  Generally, a bona fide resident is someone who has lived in Colorado for the past six months and intends to remain in Colorado indefinitely.
The minor must be a resident of the county in which you’re a filing the petition, or if the minor is under the age of 19 and subject to an action concerning child support, allocation of parental responsibilities, or parenting time, the Petition for Name Change must be filed in the District Court that has jurisdiction. Likewise, you may want to contact your local court for scheduled hearings on name change petitions.
Complete all section of “Petition for Change of Name of Minor Child (JDF 421).  If the child is under 19 and subject to child support, allocation of parental responsibilities, or parent time action, please check the appropriate box on the form, and identify the case number, type of case, and name of court. Attach the fingerprint-based criminal history checks if applicable as provided under question 4, step 1. Request to Publish Notice and Order (JDF 424) and Notice to Non-Custodial Parent by Publication (JDF 425): if the location of the non-custodial parent is unknown, you may ask the Court to order publication of the notice in a newspaper, which will be made weekly for five successive weeks form the date of the Order.
A Petition for a change of name must be filed in the County Court where the minor resides, unless the child is the subject of a child support or allocation of parental responsibilities (decision-making and parenting time) action.  If this situation applies to you, the Petition must be filed in District Court where the child support or allocation of parental responsibilities (decision-making and parenting time) action exists. If the Petition has not been signed in the presence of a Notary Public, you will sign the Petition before the Clerk at this time. If the minor is 14 or older, his or her signature must accompany the parents’ or guardians’ on the petition. The minor child, if 14 years of age or older, must not have been adjudicated as a juvenile delinquent for an offense that would constitute a felony if committed by an adult in this state or any other state or under federal law.
The Court will not consider a Petition for name change for a minor 14 years of age or older, unless a fingerprint-based criminal history record check is conducted within 90 days prior to the filing of the Petition. In Colorado, name changes cannot be sought or obtained for any wrongful or outright illegal purpose, i.e. Courts are very likely to consider a petition to change a minor’s name under a “best interests of a child” standard.  There must be a legitimate reason for changing the minor’s name. Change.name provides you with information to help you understand certain legal terminology, issues and concepts. In the case of a marriage or divorce, this is accomplished by obtaining a marriage license or divorce decree which clearly states the previous name and the new name. A person must then inform a number of important organizations and agencies of the name change in order to make it official. The law allows for change of last name, provided the reasons for seeking such a change are legitimate and legally sound.
The laws governing change of name in the United Sates of America are regulated by state laws and are thus mandatory. A written objection must be submitted to the court at least two days before the hearing of the case.
In case of a past felony conviction, the judge will take into consideration the certificate of discharge and the completion of probation by the petitioner. A 'Certificate of Change in Name' must also be obtained from the court as a means of proof. The court will allow the changing of last name legally, only after having scrutinized every aspect of the petition and whether it is necessary or not. Safes made by Brinks come in different models, from fire-proof, to combination, or key operated. It’s not everyday that we notice such nice details over a weblog article, not to mention on the internet.
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The Judge or Magistrate will sign the Decree.  This form will be returned to you only upon proof of publication. That is, a person must update his or her new name with the Social Security Agency, DMV, Passport Agency, etc., not to mention his or her employer, banks, insurance providers and other professional and personal affiliations.

The 'Original Petition for Change of Name' should be filed in the county where the applicant resides. Applicants who are listed under government confidentiality programs such as Safe at Home: Address Confidentiality Program by the Secretary of State or others, or are victims of domestic violence or rape, are exempted from such disclosure of information. The order must contain all the information mentioned in the original petition, in order for it to be validated by the judge.
A mandatory period of two years should have passed since the completion of probation or discharge, for the judge to approve the petition of change of name. In some states the former name is restored during the divorce proceeding itself, however this provision must be specifically availed.The petition must contain all the needful information regarding the divorce case, such as the case name, number, name of the parties, child custody etc. Seeking the assistance of an attorney will help expedite the procedural aspects of the case.
In the event of a lost key to Brinks Home Security safe, don’t worry, there is a procedure you can use to get a new copy sent to you. Your local probate court should have a set fee schedule, which will give you a fairly reliable estimate of what your name change will ultimately cost according to your circumstances.
Thus people in these situations can typically jump to the second step of the name change process: Name Change Notification.
This process can be tedious as it requires the filing of several forms and updating ones name with numerous organizations. A form for Ex Parte Application For Restoration Of Former Name After Entry Of Judgment Or Order must be filed with the court clerk. These forms are very straightforward, all available on the link provided, and if you have any questions, instructions are also provided at the state’s website. Change.name does not guarantee that the information on its website is accurate or up to date. However, for those people who change their names for reasons other than marriage and divorce, and there are many people who do so for a wide variety of reasons, they must first obtain a legal name change from the court. The petitioner can also submit the documents to the district clerk who will assign the appropriate court, where the case must be heard.
The petitioner will need to prove to the judge that the change in name is not detrimental to the public, and is not intended for evading any financial or criminal liability.
DO NOT use or rely on any information provided on Change.name without first consulting with a licensed attorney in the appropriate jurisdiction.
Typically, a person must petition a court in their state for a name change, and the court can then decide whether or not to grant it.
The Site does not claim responsibility for the accuracy of the information displayed herein. Once the order is approved by the judge, the copies of the order are mailed to the applicant's.
A professional locksmith who is not licensed with Brinks or First Alert will not be able to replace a First Alert key for you. Nothing that you read on Change.name should be used as a substitute for the advice of legal competent counsel.
Depending on whether or not the services of an attorney are being availed, a change of name can cost anywhere between $150 - $500. However, a locksmith will be able to break into a safe for you if you cannot get the key replaced. Breaking into a safe would void the warranty and destroy the safe, so you would have to buy a new safe for your items. Only do this in the most extreme cases.For any general problems with home locks or lost keys, just use TalkLocal.

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