SummerStage concerts are a staple in New York City, but this year’s lineup includes one event that will involve more sitting in silence than swaying to the music. The Big Quiet—taking place this Saturday, June 20, 2015, at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park—is the outdoor festival’s first group meditation event, hosted in conjunction with modern meditation group Medi Club. Event organizers are hoping to draw thousands of New Yorkers to The Big Quiet, where instead of a marquee instructor, organizers will share a guided technique with tips for beginners for five minutes. It’s free to attend but an RSVP is required, and meditators can stay afterward for performances from Jungle and Ibeyi. The celebrity's new book, Longevity, takes a super brainy look at how society perceives aging, and how much control you have over how you look and feel as you age.
You will increase the effectiveness of your meditation if you meditate in the same location every time.

A lot of practiced meditators like to set up a spot in a corner or some other dedicated room location. Make sure you pick a time of day where you will not be interrupted (especially if you have young children roaming the house) ?? I like to do a personal meditation right before I go to sleep because I find it enhances the messages I get from my dreams. Stare at a candle: Light a candle, keep your eyes open, stare at the flame, and do your meditation with your eyes open.
Listen to music: Put on some relaxing new age or meditation music, or something with Holosync technology or binaural beats. Listen to a fountain: Some people find it very peaceful and calming to listen to the sound of water running.
Concentrate on your breathing: Make one of your meditation sessions simply about being aware of your breathing.

Erin Pavlina is a highly gifted intuitive counselor who connects with your spirit guides to provide you information and insights that will help you on your path. They’ll then leave the crowd to sit and meditate in whatever way they please for 15 minutes. Observance of the silence behind the sounds and the stillness and perfection of everything as it is without thought and mind labels.

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