The second boy from the right in the second row from the front is my brother Philip Walters - now living with his wife and family in Cornwall. Elaine Soul, Joyce Dean, Nina Donovan, Gillian Rogers, Mary Warren, Grace Bays, Valerie Peall, Alver Ellul, Richard Woollen, Dilys Hand, M.Burr, Ruth Millstead, Christine Seager, Barbara Reynolds, Doreen Grainger, Jennifer Smeed, K.
I am so pleased you liked the photo (but how can you call yourself Rick?) to me you will always be Richard. My family have lived in Langdon Hills since 1860,and go back to the mid 1600's all from villages in Essex. I am pretty sure that the boy standing back left with tambourine is Richard Woollen I am really surprised that no one else has recognised anyone in this photo yet, it would be so nice to get all the names.

I can remember when I was at Langdon Hills primary I was in the school choir and we went to Benfleet to compete with other school's and we came second.
If you're already a registered user of this site, please login using the form on the left-hand side of this page. I recall Gloria Pomeroy, Roy Mansfied, Dorothy Tate, Jennifer Garratty, Vivian Laigdon,Robert Underhill, Jean Hayes, George Le Surff etc. Clark, Sally Weston, Dawn Willats, Fred Sewell, Peter Edwards, Jessie Hernandez, Maureen Roache, Susanna Young, Valerie Brooker, Eric Manhood, Valerie Lovell, Sandra Van Houten, Ellen Burr, Christina Clarke, Marion Green, Valerie Sibbons, Averil Allen, John Reynolds and lastly Peter Jackson, hows that for a blast from the past !! I used to think your surname was special because it was spelt Double U double O double L en.

My memory is not what it was, but that is definitely me far left, and the boy standing next to me was my great pal Brian "Bunny" Fuller.
Don't you think the people running this site are doing a grand job, it was so nice to see your name on the site.

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