Kabbalists are natural scientists, that reveal the single governing force of nature by achieving equivalence of form with it.
The first researcher to ask about the universe and the forces that conduct humanity was Abraham. Yet, despite the decline, a select few remained Kabbalists, and they passed the wisdom on from generation to generation until a time when all of humanity would need it.
It is important to note, however, that Kabbalah has nothing to do with religion, and does not imply that we need perform any physical actions. To clarify these words we can say that they remain in “the same place” as they were before, but another sensation is added to them.
Actually, the Upper Force “threw” us down to this world to acknowledge how different we are from It. When the point in the heart—a genuine desire to reawaken the sensation of the spiritual world—awakens in people, they come to the wisdom of Kabbalah.
Our efforts to unlock our tools of sensation and to perceive our actual state of being, develop new vessels in us. There is endless Light and fulfillment flowing continually through each part of the system. Returning to the natural, perfect state is a process that the Creator has predetermined from beginning to end. Thus, the predetermined stages built in the spiritual gene evolve through the Light, namely through the Upper Force, and lead us from state to state. The term “Surrounding Light” describes the Force that attracts us toward the attribute of bestowal. In fact, in order to cross the barrier that separates the corporeal world from the spiritual world, we must change our intention from relating to each other hatefully to relating to each other with love. Hence, as long as quantum physics is not extended to include dimensions beyond time and space, it might be difficult for conventional science to proceed with the research. In other words, to progress to a higher level we must expand contemporary science to include consciousness, and this is a big step. At this point, it might be beneficial to describe how Kabbalah relates to our perception of reality. We can say that we are closed in a box, and all that we measure is our interior impressions, creating in us a sensation that reality outside us changes. Evidently, there is a huge gap between the received fifty million bits of information and the processed fifty bits. It is still unknown whether cutting-edge science and prominent researchers realize that the evolution of research depends on our changing our own interiors–the interior of the researcher. I regard the concept that to progress in research we must change ourselves as the next perception that the world will come to understand. Welcome to the official Kabbalah Blog of the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute.
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The Upper Force is operating on us (the detached parts) to bring us back to the corrected state, and this will be the realization of the purpose of Creation. We must come to want to rise back from this lowest point to the correct state of existence, where we are all connected.
For example, when a hungry person sits in a restaurant and waits for a meal, the minute the meal is served and the person begins to eat, the appetite begins to decrease.
Kabbalists have said that “One who has one hundred wants two hundred,” one who has two hundred wants four hundred, and so on and so forth.
The mother enjoys her child’s pleasure and can therefore give without restraint and delight in it. The study of the wisdom of Kabbalah is the study of our true state: the pre-shattering state. The reason for all the suffering and troubles the world is experiencing today is to force humanity to return to its true, perfect state, called Gmar Tikkun (“The End of Correction”). If we realize that it is in our interest to ascend and “invite” the Surrounding Light to work on us, we will accelerate our evolution and come to feel true spirituality.
At Gmar Tikkun, every soul is filled with boundless pleasures and a complete equivalence of Form with the Creator. If a person wants to reach the attribute of bestowal, that person must make the force of bestowal—the light that fills one when he or she is corrected—project upon one’s present state. The same rules apply to all parts of Creation, from the lowest element of reality to the highest.
For this reason, it is important to find a tangential point, a connection between quantum physics and Kabbalah, for Kabbalah takes the research of reality to a place where physics cannot reach. We cannot know if anything at all changes; we cannot even know if anything really exists outside of us. Tiller mentioned Tor Norretranders, the renowned Danish researcher who published a book entitled The User Illusion. The important element to note is that the subconscious sends to the brain only the information that the brain determined in advance would be meaningful. At the end of the day, we are studying ourselves; our ability to progress in research depends on the extent to which we change ourselves. It is a process that began with Newton, continued with Einstein, and continued with Quantum Physics. Here you will find all the latest Kabbalah articles, videos, audio, news, features, Bnei Baruch website updates and content additions.
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Our goal was to find a way to connect our staff with our guests for every event we hosted, so they would continue to come back every time. We are one unified team whose members work together to satisfy and delight our guests, creating a memorable experience for each and every one. We speak directly with our game day team, listening to what they are looking for and what we can improve upon as leaders, too. By creating this brand, we were able to see our guest comments rise and our guests becoming apart of our TEAM Service rewards and recognition program where they vote for the MVPs of the Year. He discovered the method by which we can know the reality beyond our ordinary perception, and described his research and discoveries in his Sefer Yetzira (Book of Creation).
Many years later, after the ruin of the First and Second Temples, this group of Kabbalists lost its perception of the Upper Reality; they fell from their degree of spiritual consciousness and were able only to perceive their physical reality. Rabbi Akiva was the last great Kabbalist to attain the degree of the spiritual law, “Love thy friend as thyself.” The intensification of egoism induced unfounded hatred, and only religion remained for people, instead of the wisdom of Kabbalah.
In the beginning, all its parts were bonded in wondrous harmony, and it was filled with the Upper Light. In spirituality there are no places and the changes are merely in the quality of their perception and their sensations. The gap between human nature and the Creator’s nature is evident through millennia of sufferings, a complete process of descent and ascent designed to enable us to see how hateful we are to one another. The more that person eats, the less hungry the person becomes, and with the lack of hunger, pleasure diminishes.
We strain and exert to fulfill our craving, but once we have achieved our desire, it vanishes. In other words, if there were someone else to whom the pleasure would flow through me, my pleasure would not be quenched. In so doing, the sensing of the pleasure can become unending and yield a sensation of eternal living.

If I could love someone in such a way that pleasing him or her would feel like my own pleasure, my delight would be unlimited. In each of us is a spiritual gene in which all our past, present, and future states are imprinted.
All our future states exist within each and every one of us, even though we do not sense them. In our present state, the Light that fills our souls at Gmar Tikkun shines in the form of Surrounding Light; its power is determined by the intensity of our desire to acquire the attribute of bestowal.
However, all we really feel is our own reaction to whatever exists outside of us, with no perception of the actual, objective reality. Norretranders notes an intriguing point regarding the functionality of the unconscious and what it contains. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that all that exists around us is the Upper Light in a state of complete stillness, and all the changes and the endless possibilities are inside us. Every guest we seated, every cash transaction, every car we parked, and bag we search is an opportunity for our staff to make a memorable and lasting impression for our guests. Part of this commitment to our guests is that we expect all team members, regardless of their individual department or company, to go above and beyond to satisfy our guests and handle any conflict with care and respect for the individual. In defining this program, it was more than just an awards and recognition program, but creating a family, with a mission statement, core values, and logo that were separate, but aligned with our organization’s core values.
In other words, every person’s egoism must be exposed, and only then will we realize why we must willingly reconnect with one another. Even if much of the food is left on the table, and even if the food is delicious, without a desire (appetite) for it, the pleasure ceases.
It might take a few minutes, a few hours or a few weeks, but sooner or later (mostly sooner) the fulfillment fades away. If we could only find a way to always be filled with pleasures, we would be feeling eternal life. If there were another person in the process of my receiving pleasure, the sensing unit would be split in two. The projection of our altruistic, corrected state on our egoistic state awakens the attribute of bestowal in us. I perceive a range of sounds according to the changes in my hearing abilities and the health of my hearing mechanism. It appears that the five senses perceive fifty million bits of information per second, gathered as streams of information in the consciousness. These findings appear to corroborate the Kabbalah perspective with regard to the will to receive. Research will eventually discover that nothing changes except our inner tools, something that Kabbalists have discovered thousands of years ago. Do you have a program that all departments are a part of, that your game day team is a part of?
Later on, the soul experienced a process of shattering and fell to a degree called “below the barrier,” where the spiritual sensation ends.
By wanting to come out of the dark state we are in and awaken to feel our real existence, we draw to ourselves the effect of the Light within that state. However, the way back depends on the extent to which we recognize that our egoistic state is bad, and our understanding that being closer to the Creator is the preferable state to experience. The subconscious processes the information mathematically, but it only processes a tiny fragment of the information—some fifty bits of information per second. Today, a growing number of researchers and thinkers are anticipating that science will reach that view.
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