I don’t want my waiter at a restaurant to suggest a dish they haven’t tried…hear what the Grand Canyon looks like at sunset from a person who has only themselves seen it in pictures. So when I tell you I Want God has changed my life, I mean it, or I would never make that claim. It showed me how much comfort has cost me in my life, through the years.  How I will need to be sickened by that reality, the things it has taken away, before I will ever hate it enough to finally let it go.
It convinced me that being on a spiritual roller coaster is no way to live and that it’s possible to live another way – really possible, and not just hype that sells books and sounds good. Mourning it when it the writing is over because I want God to keep talking to me, changing my insides.
That it’s become a treasured resource – something I have opened on more than one occasion to help me understand what is in my way when I am not desiring God. That it settled my insides.  It changed the way I see revival and made me know and believe it can start inside of me. And so, with my whole heart I offer you firsthand information about I Want God.  Because as the author, I think you need to know how it’s first changed me. Filed Under: Blog, hope, I Want God, Jesus, personal, revival, truth Subscribe for FREE Updates!
It started in line at the taxi stand, with the driver trying to get another customer a€” a total stranger a€” to share the ride with me. As long as cars are available on my Uber app a€” which connects limo drivers with customers based on a mapping and pricing algorithm that delivers rides that are often cheaper than metered taxis a€” I'm taking Uber instead. If you've ever taken a taxi in the New York metro area a€” especially outside Manhattan a€” "the depressing taxi experience" will be familiar to you.
Courtesy of Columbia Pictures CorpA taxi driver.Different American cities set different rules for taxis, and that plays out as wildly different levels of service depending on the standards they're required to meet.
Uber fixes this because it requires drivers to pass an orientation before they can start accepting fares.
And then there's the taxi "call." How many times has a cab dispatcher told you on the phone the driver is just "five minutes away," after you've been waiting for 20 minutes? NissanThe enemy.But it is the way Uber threatens to restructure the taxi economy that is its most important contribution.
The downside, of course, is that Uber has "surge" pricing which makes rides dramatically more expensive during periods of heavy demand. Uber basically provides superior service and superior cars at rates that are either identical, or cheaper, than taxis.
Now that I've been using Uber regularly, I don't see that I ever have to offer taxi companies encouragement ever again. What Uber does is incredibly simple but incredibly clever — and it's managed to fix bad taxis forever. Then the driver expressed his disappointment that I wasn't going very far (I guess he was hoping for a bigger fare). What it does is incredibly simple but incredibly clever a€” and it's going to fix bad taxis forever. Taxis in Las Vegas are great, for instance, and I've never had a Vegas driver who wasn't fluent in English.

The job requires drivers to be able to communicate in the language of the customers they're serving. They can't get through the orientation unless they can converse in English, a driver told me recently.
Be rude, late or drunk once too often and suddenly you'll find there is never a driver willing to pick you up. In many cities like New York, a limited number of "medallions" are sold giving the owners the right to operate taxis.
By providing the cheapest possible vehicle with the cheapest possible labor, and running both into the ground.
A lot of them say they like being able to dip in and out of it when they feel like a€” simply by switching their app on or off. I've noted before that if you know what you're doing you can actually save money using Uber. On the street in New York the other day, I hailed an Uber taxi, and a yellow cab picked me up, and charged me the regular rate in cash. But it is not a generalization to say that really bad taxi experiences are too common to be ignored.
And, of course, an Uber driver who can't communicate will get low ratings from customers, and eventually be dropped from the system. The customer-driver mutual rating system creates reciprocal obligations in which both sides are incentivized to be as nice as possible. And in New Jersey particularly, there's a nice oversupply of drivers because New York drivers with a New York Taxi & Limousine Commission license can legally drive for Uber in New Jersey, too. It was actually an improvement on a regular yellow cab because instead of standing in the street and waving my arm like an idiot, he drove to me a€” Uber even makes hailing a cab easier! But that seems like a small price to pay for sweeping away a rotten, broken system full of waste, rudeness and inefficiency. These powerful verses are like a mirror.A If you will be brave enough to look honestly into that mirror, you will find that Paul lists fifteen powerfulA points about the love of God and how it behaves. If service at Starbucks was as routinely disappointing as service from taxis, Starbucks would have gone out of business long ago.
In the 10-block ride, the driver carried on a conversation via his headset the entire way, in a foreign language. That's why my awful taxi ride home was in a car you couldn't sell on CraigsList, whereas Uber cars range from merely unremarkable a€” which is a good thing in taxi a€” to totally cool. The taxi system is almost designed to provide the worst service possible, and to pay drivers the least it can. That turned out to be a good thing, because I couldn't understand what he was trying to say when he insulted me for not tipping him enough. You could say thatA agape is a love that isna€™t based on response but on a decision to keep on loving, regardless of a recipienta€™s response or lack of response. The wordA makros may indicate something that is long, distant, far, remote, or of long duration.
It can be translated as the words forbearance and patience.A The wordA makrothumia (a€?longsufferinga€?) is like a candle that has a very long wick.

It is readyA to forbear and patiently wait until a certain person finally comes around, makes progress, changes, or hears what you are trying to communicateA or teach him. In fact, the harder the fight and the longer the struggle, the more committedA agape love becomes. Like a candle with an endless wick, it just keeps burning and burning and burning, for it never knows how to quit. This,A of course, is contrary to human nature, which says, a€?Ia€™m sick and tired of waiting and believing. In other words, God has magnificently bestowed on you sufficient love to be longsuffering in any relationship or situation.A Goda€™s love has literally been poured forth, dispensed, and shed abroad in your heart.
It supernaturally becomes stronger and more committedA the longer it takes to get through to the heart of the one who is loved.
Instead,A agape makes you want to bend over backwards to become what others need you to be for them!
Thus, the word a€?kinda€? portraysA a willingness to serve and to change in order to meet the needs of others. Instead, it is always reaching out, thinking and focusing primarily on theA needs of others.
This is a person so bent on getting his own way that he is willing to sacrifice anything or anyone to get it.
He is so consumed with himself thatA he doesna€™t ever think of the needs or desires of others. You see, real agape love doesna€™t think of itself first but is always looking outward, thinking of the other person rather than itself. Now you must look into Goda€™s a€?mirrora€? and see what it tells you about your own life today. Are you more focused on people around you than on yourself?A If your answer is yes to these questions, then praise God for the great growth and spiritual maturity you have gained in your life.
I realizeA that Ia€™ve allowed myself to get clogged up with my own self-interests far too often. I realize that the only way I canA become this selfless is to yield to the Holy Spirit so He can do a deep work in my life. I am so concerned about the welfare of others that one of myA chief priorities in life is to become everything I need to be to meet their needs.
Although God has given me my ownA dreams and desires, I never neglect to help others achieve their dreams and aspirations asA well. Can you say that you are longsuffering and patient with others, or would you have to admit that you tend to be short-tempered and quick to a€?blow your topa€? when other people dona€™t do exactly what you expected them to do?A 2.
Can you say that you are compliant to the needs of those around you, or would you have to say you are continually demanding that others meet your needs?

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