Although iCarly airs on Nickelodeon, a network aimed mainly at children, it sometimes contains humor that is aimed at older audiences. Carly and Sam introduce the iCarly viewers to a young boy whom once ate a quarter that Sam dropped, Sam then awkwardly replies that she "got it back three days later".
Sam says that her Aunt Maggie's boobs look more real than Freddie's Pie Camera, and they're ridiculous. When Freddie challenged Sam not to insult him, claiming she has no self-control, she denies it and says "I have oodles of self-control.
Spencer reveals that the poison ivy he got somewhere had spread to "other" places on his body. When Sam threatened Freddie with the string cheese as he walked away, it was pointed at his crotch.
When Sam commented about turning the chicks into fried chicken, Carly bit Sam's hand as punishment and walked out.
Carly calls out "Family Photo!" with Sam and the eggs without a male onscreen as the "father". Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Duke, while trying to pull Spencer out of the heating duct, pull his pants off.
Spencer handcuffs Stu and starts spanking him; Spencer says to Stu's son, "Watch me spank your daddy!" Not to mention his son was laughing and clapping enthusiastically after he said it. In Spencer's mini golf course, one of the holes requires the person playing to put the golf ball into the crotch of a guy made of wood. When Carly is eating her Yogurt and Nuts (whilst getting a massage) in the Briarwood dream, her moaning sounds very suggestive. When Spencer flirts with Sasha, she asks if he wants to "take a ride." He declines, but then grabs her and kisses her passionately. When Lewbert tells Marissa that he wanted to get right to dessert, Marissa says she didn't make any. Freddie to Sam: "At least my underwear doesn't have 'I ¦ Las Vegas' written across the butt!", implying that he had looked through her suitcase. The man who looks like Spencer's cardboard language teacher pulled off Spencer's towel (although he was wearing another towel underneath). Carly said that "you don't want to know where the batteries go" for Freddie's flashlight costume. Wade keeps calling people a "hobknocker," which according to Carly and David is gross, and to Sam is illegal and earns disgusting looks from people when told what it actually is. Spencer: "Marvin, get back in our room," implying thiey sleep in the same room, maybe even the same bed. Spencer: "No, I'm just a busty old woman!" While shaking his chest, making his "boobs" jump up and down. Wendy also said that Sam threatened to beat Wendy's brother with it (a bra) unless he gave her (Sam) his muffin.
Gibby starts undoing his belt, about to put on his underwear, right in front of the whole class. Sam says that she wants Gibby to do a sketch where he fights someone else with dog food, wearing a bikini. At the end of the show, two of the Totally Terri writers are forced to fight each other with dog food, wearing bikinis. When confronted by Spencer about her sketch pad, Carly says, "I was holding it for a friend." That is an often used excuse for someone who is caught with drugs.
Carly's first comment about Shelby is "Her shorts are so cute!", implying that she has been looking at Shelby's hips or checking out her butt.
When Sam is under the influence of laughing gas, she also is acting as if she is drunk, or on drugs. Freddie says that if Sam finds out that he told someone he kissed her, he will be kicked in places that should never be kicked. Carly and Freddie pin each other down, once again, rapidly and forcefully, and they make loud noises, as if they were being hurt. When Sam thinks Carly did something bad she says something that sounds like she said a suggestive word (holy crap), but she actually said, "Holy crab, I love this!
Sam said she spilled barbecue sauce on the left cup of her fancy bra, to which Carly responds, "Aw, Sam, I told you, when you eat ribs, you gotta wear a shirt." which implies that Carly has seen Sam wearing only a bra, and doesn't mind that unless she is eating ribs.
Carly and Sam say "It's in the hole!" after Lewbert gets pranked with tons of golf balls shooting out of his cabinet. Lewbert [talking about Marta]: "She's a virus with bosoms!" He also puts his hands up to his chest when he says this.
Freddie asks his mother to unlock all the channels on his TV, and she is reluctant because of "the elephants" on the nature channels. Freddie said that he would never give Spencer a sponge bath, not after the last time, implying he has seen Spencer naked at least twice.

Carly goes in the shower while Freddie is nude, even when she did have her eyes blindfolded with socks. Sam says to Gibby "Whatever tickles your peaches." This could be taken the wrong way, like saying something tickled his balls.
Carly and Freddie make out twice in Freddie's bed, when Freddie only has a bathrobe on, under the covers.
The entire pageant proper had Carly behave like a very proud mom towards her "daughter" as Sam takes the stage. When Freddie tries to talk to Gibby at school when he was about to leave, he whispers to Freddie "say bye-bye to your fudge." This could be an innuendo for his 'manliness'. In the web cam dancing bit on iCarly at the beginning of the episode, when "Roy" is next to dance, Freddie reads it out in a nervous tone, as if he was shocked that a boy wanted to dance with Cameron. Ginger's producer asks one of the dancers where she is and she says "going to the bathroom over there" pointing backstage.
In Ginger's music video "Hate me, love me", one of the shots is a shot of her groin as she swivels her hips.
Sam falls asleep with one of Robin's Weiners in her mouth, and throughout the episode says she loved them. Carly believed that two squirrels were wrestling, whereas Freddie pointed out that they were not. Spencer says there was a sighting of a raccoon and a beaver were socializing by a river with air quotes around "socializing." He said this to prove that a creature with the head of a raccoon and body of a beaver existed. When Spencer is trying to get the water out of his ear, Sam says that he's doing "a pretty sexy dance" (sarcastically). When Carly is upset about her teacher giving her an F on her report Carly says "I'd like to give her an F" then she puts up her middle finger but then quickly covers it with her other hand.
An 87-year-old man dances with two teenage girls, one of which must have been under him when he suffered from an aneurysm. When Spencer turns the air conditioner on, he takes a bag of ice out of his pants and off of his groin & puts it on Carly's face. An old man says he has angina, then Carly says it after Sabrina stomps on her Utopian society. Freddie's failed attempts to help Carly climb up the kitchen counter top loosely resemble a sex position. Griffin wrongly calls Carly's 'Utopian Society' project a "Fallopian" society, which references a female reproductive organ. Gibby's blind grandfather can only figure out that Spencer's a guy by touching his flat, hard chest. Carly implies that a goat may have done something indecent when she went to the petting zoo on her last birthday. When she's laying on top of Freddie, she's across his chest with her butt close to his face. A pie is presented to Carly as her pie with her favourite flavours and Gibby then bursts out o f her pie: The scene could be interpreted incorrectly as "Pie" is an English slang term for the female reproductive organs. Pam looks at the rear of the therapist's pants, and says, "Those pants fit you real good." Originally, Pam was supposed to look at the front of his pants, but Dan Schneider told actress Jane Lynch to look at the back of his pants because the show is targeted to kids who might get the wrong idea on what Pam is interested in him unmarried. Upon finding out Carly has never pranked anyone, Freddie and Sam say she must prank someone soon, and Carly says it will happen when she meets the right person, similar to how a person is willing to hold onto their virginity and succumbing to peer pressure. Carly implies that she'll suffocate Spencer to death unless he signs the contract promising to not pull pranks.
Spencer talks about pranky people, Spencer says "then I was doing it everyday" this could be thought as smoking.
Freddie picks up a knife after Sam insults him and then struggles to put it down, trying to fight his urge to use it on Sam. Spencer's weapon of choice is a "long staff", his opponent's are two large balls on his wrists. A group of fangirls abduct Freddie, when he is released his hair and clothes are all frazzled. When Sam stretches out on the table, Freddie immediately got up from the couch and was possibly uncomfortable. Carly and Sam are extremely enticed when Cort takes his shirt off (even driving Sam to ask for his shirt at the end of the episode).
After reading the comment, Carly (in a shocked tone of voice) says that the comments should really be monitored. Sam makes Nevel drink soda out of her year old shoe, and he complies until finding a dead cricket.
Freddie walks in on Carly and Gibby working on their project and starts to talk about how Sam is supposedly in love with Brad. Carly's line that "(Sam)'s just a little awkward about liking guys" makes it sound like Sam is more familiar with liking girls.

Sam says her mother used to take "special vitamins." Since the air quotes around that phrase are clearly audible, it is quite likely that she refers to drugs or birth control pills. The adult Spencer lusts after the 16 year old Tori Vega when Freddie showed him her picture. Provoking a potential "coming out" joke, Carly, Sam and Tori unleash their revenge plan in a closet. When Tori and Carly wanted to expose Steven, Sam thought that they meant pull his pants down in front of everyone, and put hot sauce on him there.
Sam's alias with the movie makeup is Regina Goodbody (she runs her hands down her sides as she says this). After Carly mentions that Pam was getting laser hair removal, Spencer asks Carly from what part of her body was hair being removed. After Spencer asks where the olive oil is, Carly says, "In the bathroom, where you left it." One wonders what he was using it for. When Sam says "Let's blow this joint." that could also have had something to do with actually blowing a joint, which might indirectly be referred to as drugs. In the intro for season 4(B) in an outtake from this episode Spencer shakes his fake boobs. When Gibby says that he plays Badminton, he puts a lot of emphasis of the word shuttlecock. Carly wears a breathing mask at night to stop her from snoring - but snoring is usually only a problem if you are sleeping with someone and it keeps them awake. When Carly asks Sam if she hit Freddie and she replies "Not in the face," it could imply that she hit him somewhere else (that's private). Words that Build UpPosted on November 15, 2011 by Phil Moser • 0 CommentsThe Bible regularly addresses our speech patterns. You may remember that line from the Six Million Dollar Man, “We can rebuild him, we can make him faster, stronger, better than he was before.” That’s the kind of thing that we’re talking about. If so, our job search and academic tools can help you find all kinds of teen jobs, summer jobs, and jobs for college students. There are many examples of teenage humor, lines that can be misinterpreted or might be outright sexual or violent innuendo. Flanken says that her daughter Jessica is a little mannish, and he has to take her to a special doctor, implying that well, you know. If you look at Carly soon enough, you'll see that she is looking where the phone dropped, then quickly looks away as if she was embarrassed.
Benson [to Carly]: "You were the one who got Freddie interested in girls, and ever since then his boy chemistry has been all out-of-whack!"Freddie [to Mrs. Then he sees Spencer in one of the mirrors, and says "Is that a birthmark on your butt?" while laughing about it. Carly was also willing to go in Freddie's shower without the blindfold, it was only when Freddie insisted that she put it on.
Benson catches them kissing she yells, "What the YUCK?" This is apparently a euphemism for the "F" word ("What the F***").
Specifically during the introductory segment when Sam comes up she tells a pageant mother "that one's mine".
Then the ostrich ducks out of the shot and Jerry exclaims, "Whoa!" suggestively because it appears that the ostrich is being inappropriate.
When Spencer interrupts their fight and goes to sit down you can see he also grabs Sam's underwear when moving the blanket. Gibby wasn't very happy about it, angrily saying the pictures of his face will live on the Internet forever.
One HUGE Virginia!" Virginia sounds similar to a female body part; and his hands motions look like it. But what about the words we should say?  The apostle Paul reminds us of some of those words when he writes, “Therefore encourage one another, and build up one another .
Maybe, this week, we all could make a greater effort to concentrate on speech construction, not speech demolition.
You can almost see someone who is stumbling being supported by the words of someone who is coming along side of them.
Coupled with the word encourage, it means that we are not only hoping to get someone through a difficult time, we’re hoping to rebuild them.

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