For years, Don Bluth was one of Disney’s chief animators and worked on many of their classic movies before taking off on his own for a short period before returning to the studio for a couple of years before leaving again. The story for The Secret of Nimh is an easily accessible one that harkens back to Disney tradition, but this movie is a lot darker and has a much harder edge which may or may not be a positive thing depending on your comfort level when it comes to violence and death in a children’s movie. During her travels to find him, she comes across a crow named Jeremy (Dom DeLuise) who is the personification of clumsy. Up until now, the rats have been stealing¬†electricity¬†from the farmer and most of them feel guilty about it.
There’s some excellent animation in this movie but I think they overdid the glowing effects. The film’s lossless DTS-HD Master Audio stereo track fares a lot better as it seems like more effort was put into it. Secrets Behind the Secret Featurette – A short behind the scenes look with Bluth and Goldman who cover the project.

Scream Factory Brings Chiller’s Original Series SLASHER: SEASON ONE On Blu-ray July 12! The Secret of NIMH (1982)Directed by Don Bluth82 MinutesAfter the death of her husband Mrs. Brisby, a field mouse, must move her family from the garden to another home before the the plow digs up her home. Our library keeps stacks upon stacks upon stacks (and that’s putting it lightly) of his artwork. Brisby (Elizabeth Hartman) has a sick child and goes out to search for a wise old mouse named Mr. Brisby finally talks to Nicodemus, a lot of things are finally explained to the viewers such as a somewhat reasonable rationale for why the rats and mice can talk.
Brisby travels to see the wise great owl (John Carradine) to ask how she can move her cinder block house from destruction once the farmer starts to till his land.

Brisby she is caught in the middle of their fight while she endeavors to save her family and her home. Brisby’s journey to see him which makes me wonder what kind of a sadist makes a timid little mouse go on such a treacherous trip to see him, when he already knows what she wants?
Brisby is a great role model for young girls and in my opinion more so than any Disney princess who came before or after this. Brisby is such a different heroine and deserves your time because of this.The Secret of NIMH is available on DVD for $5 most places and instant stream on Netflix.

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