Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Brain Genius Deluxe Game - Train Your Brain e um aplicativo que reune em um so lugar varias brincadeiras que requerem muita agilidade e raciocinio.
No menu principal, voce pode escolher um game especifico ou comecar uma rotina com varios exercicios. Em Brain Genius Deluxe Game - Train Your Brain, voce desenvolve as suas habilidades motoras, matematicas e logicas atraves de uma serie de brincadeiras que exigem muito raciocinio e forca de vontade.
Os visuais do titulo seguem um padrao caricato agradavel, com telas coloridas e animacoes suaves. O conjunto sonoro e um pouco infantil e enjoativo, com musicas agudas e repetitivas que atormentam voce enquanto estiver navegando pelos menus. Brain Genius Deluxe Game - Train Your Brain e um aplicativo educativo de boa qualidade que reune varios mini games desafiantes com o objetivo de forcar as pessoas a pensar. Requerimentos Necessario ter o iTunes instalado para poder baixar aplicativos para o iPhone. With specially designed "Brainercises" like "The Working Memory Shuffle" and "Get Your Motor Skills Running" you will see how this is like no workout you have ever done. Physical exercise has been shown to increase the rate of growth of new neurons in the brain.
Physical exercise changes the brain chemistry of your brain to improve learning and memory abilities, while mental exercises challenge those cognitive systems to increase efficiency. Genius Gyms is both a fun and scientifically-based new way to exercise that allows you to perform both mental and physical exercises simultaneously to increase neuroplasticity in your brain and lead to maximal brain and body performance.

A total brain and body personal fitness program where individuals use their physical exercise movements to respond to brain challenges that are being generated by a responsive advanced technology system.
The performance on the brain exercises (brainercises) is logged and tracked in real-time to give individuals their unique mental and physical training performance score.
Trainer, at client's individually programmed intensity level to ensure that the brain and body are performing at optimal levels to increase brain plasticity. Mental Health funded study that examines the benefits in the brain of combining exercise and cognitive training in a group of cognitively impaired patients and also a study of those at-risk for developing Alzheimer's Disease. UCLA Fitness Leadership Program and is accredited by the NSCA as a Certified Personal Trainer. Robert McEwen is a native from Ireland and has a Masters in Business from UCD Michael Smurfit School of Business, Ireland.
O titulo inclui games que ajudam voce a desenvolver a sua capacidade analitica visual, matematica, logica etc.
Antes de inciiar cada teste, uma tela explica detalhadamente as instrucoes para a resolucao dos problemas.
Voce pode testar sua performance em apenas um teste ou executar uma rotina com varios desafios. Contudo, a resolucao nao e das melhores e faz com que a interface nao se encaixe corretamente em aparelhos com telas maiores – como um tablet. Por sorte, os games carecem de efeitos sonoros incomodos, ajudando voce a se concentrar no desafio. Ha varias opcoes que desafiam a sua habilidade visual, a sua memoria ou capacidade de calculo.

Embora o app seja um pouco antigo e nao suporte gadgets com telas maiores, a instalacao e altamente recomendada. Research has shown that the most effective preventative cure for combating cognitive decline and developing Alzheimer's Disease is regular physical exercise and consistent cogntive challenges.
The Genius Gyms Personal Training Program is for anyone who wants to get in great shape while keeping your mind sharp with the goal of combating the physical and mental decline assoicated with aging. McEwen designs training programs for all levels of fitness, from beginners to elite athletes.
McEwen conducted a neuroimaging study to examine the effects of a combined exercise and cognitive training program in severely cognitively impaired patients in the UCLA Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences. McEwen is currently a Personal Trainer in West Hollywood where she lives (and runs) with her husband, son and their Border Collie Sophie. Apesar do apelo infantil, Brain Genius Deluxe Game - Train Your Brain pode agradar tambem as pessoas mais velhas, ja que conta com varios niveis de dificuldade. Genius Gyms is especially effective in people who want to improve their memory and attention and help them to think and reason faster and more clearly. McEwen is available exclusively for Genius Gyms personal training sessions in West Hollywood, CA.

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