You can hit up the Wikipedia page on the matter for an in-depth explanation of exactly what it means, but I broke it all down into easily digestible pictures of how this all relates to design because I felt like drawing toasters and gluing eyes on lions when I got home from work today.
If you want something non-human to emote like a human, you can’t just slap human eyes on it and call it a day.
Which nicely segues into the rule of uncanny valley that most CG studios seem to be actively ignoring these days, which is that things should only have realistic texture if they have realistic proportions. Oh, thanks, now I know exactly what my dreams will be about today: real people with huge cartoonish grins. That’s exactly what I thought when I discovered images of the characters from the new Tintin movie !
Unsolicited comic idea, which I know you LOVE, but here it goes: Toaster applies at the Agency (With that face. Though it does have a goatee, so there is a possibility that it is some real person’s doppelganger. Actually, it’s not that coincidental at all, the uncanny valley is one of those special things that cuts across wide swaths of interests and professions. It’s hypothesized that things that look real but off set off our trigger that something is unhealthy, deformed, or a decoy of some sort. One theory is that it supposedly exaggerates the lack of humanity within the vessel imitating a human, and is something that we’re genetically hardwired to find horrific, perhaps as some kind of evolutionary protection from warping the gene pool.
I wonder, did Avatar not fall in this trap because the Na’vi, though very human-like, is outside our frame of reference, or because James Cameron got something right that everyone else is getting wrong – perhaps even leaping across that last bit of the canyon? Simpsons is still a fairly weak example because the models and design of the show change on an almost seasonal basis.
If you’ve ever walked into a networking event or a business meeting and felt hesitant, uncertain, or simply nervous, I can assure you, you’re not alone. Despite what the media often suggests, it’s not only women who suffer this confidence challenge. You feel that other businessmen naturally get their talents recognised and rewarded, but you don’t. You want to shed that “nice guy syndrome”, find your executive presence and enhance your interaction with other people in your company. You feel that a lack of confidence is hindering your career aspirations, entrepreneurial goals, or dreams of success.
I’m Kara Ronin, the founder of Executive Impressions, and an international business etiquette expert. For 10 years I’ve lived an international life and have ambitiously climbed the corporate ladder. Now I’m on an entrepreneurial journey in France where I tap into my unique experience and expertise to guide, inspire, and elevate other ambitious professionals to success. Look, Act, and Sound Like a Confident BusinessMan is my cutting edge 3 week virtual coaching program designed to take you by the hand and teach you style, body language, and voice strategies so you can immediately project confidence in your professional life, and even your social life, too! To tap into this unique focus, I’ve drawn from business etiquette, image consulting, and behavioural science to create this cutting edge virtual coaching program. We explore the professional wardrobe of successful men, with a particular focus on power dressing. 1-2 days after this session you’ll receive your Personalised Action Plan #1 with outlined action steps for you to take and challenges for you to complete. 1-2 days after this session you’ll receive your Personalised Action Plan #2 with outlined action steps for you to take and challenges for you to complete. 1-2 days after this session you’ll receive your Personalised Action Plan #3 with outlined action steps for you to take and challenges for you to complete.
This program is packed full of useful, practical tips and tools that you can immediately implement in your professional and social life to look, act, and sound more confident. How to put together a professional outfit that immediately oozes confidence when you walk into a room. The exact body language to use to look confident at networking events and business meetings (even if you don’t feel it inside).
How to use your voice to add impact to your ideas and get your opinions heard by your colleagues and your boss. Look, Act, and Sound Like a Confident BusinessMan is designed for ambitious professional men who want to project more confidence in business situations. You’re an experienced businessman but you feel your opinion and expertise are often overlooked.

You’re a student or recent graduate and you don’t want hesitancy or insecurity to hold you back in your new job. You’re awaiting a promotion and you want to showcase your capabilities and leadership potential. You’re from a non-English speaking country and you want to learn how to look and feel confident in western business environments.
If you fall into any of the above categories, I invite you to enrol in this virtual coaching program.
The advice given in Look, Act, and Sound Like a Confident BusinessMan will remain with you for years to come. Don’t wait for your employer to offer you this type of exclusive training – they probably won’t.
Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. David was an overly-serious professional who came to psychotherapy to work on his low self-esteem. My joke was intended to break David’s tendency to over-think everything—while he believed he was merely being cautious, by constantly second-guessing himself he was actually sabotaging any steps he took to rebuild his self-esteem.
Boosting our self-esteem when it is low is important for our emotional health (read How Self-Esteem Functions as an Emotional Immune System), our happiness, and even our relationship satisfaction (read Why Some People Hate Receiving Compliments). But what distinguishes between people who feel confidence and pride from those who are boastful and arrogant? People who seek to improve their self-esteem are essentially looking to generate feelings of authentic pride rather than hubristic pride—they want to become more confident, not arrogant. Both authentic and hubristic pride can afford someone status in other people’s eyes, but there is a significant difference between them. Once David understood these distinctions, he felt more comfortable moving forward and working on his self-esteem in earnest.
Stay UpdatedStay updated on our Business, Entrepreneurship, and Career Development Content, as well as Latest Shows, Events, and more.We don't share information. It’s basically why Tweenbots and Arnold Schwarzenegger have an easier time making friends than the Japanese speaking robot mouth thing. Back in the day sometime in first year animation class we were doing four-legged animal walk cycles, of animals randomly chosen out of a hat. Realistic designs have to move realistically, stylized cartoons have to move like cartoons. Oh 7 Gods that face along with any interaction with it makes me think she going to bite a human head off then wash it down with Starbucks.
Could be because it does dip into the Valley just slightly in the manner of John Kricfalusi, which I love and find hilarious. Was just coming here to link to the whole article, because I just found it and was like HAY THIS IS RELEVANT. Indeed, though you’d expect that it falls mainly in the purview of the cartoonist, animator, and artist, it has gained a lot of notoriety in the robotics field, as interfacing and interacting with robots is understandably of interest to a robot designer. If you have no aversion the sort of thing it’s possible you have some sort of internal chemical imbalance, and should avoid driving an animated major motion picture.
Read Hate long enough, and you parse Peter Bagge’s deliberately loathsome designs as human beings.
The original series was produced by Klasy Csupo, the same people who brought us Real Monsters, Rugrats, Duckman, Wild Thornberries, and as Told by Ginger.
Men too can suffer from self-doubt, hesitancy, and ultimately lack of confidence in their business interactions.
By focusing on three key areas that lie at the core of “executive presence”, you can acquire the skills to Look, Act, and Sound Like a Confident BusinessMan. My advice has been featured in The Daily Muse, Campus to Career, Women 2.0, The Local France, and Japan Inc, just to name a few.
I’ve worked for a Japanese trading house and for one of the Big 4 in Tokyo as a Tax Consultant. As an international business etiquette expert, I’m fully aware that culture can have a huge impact on the way we express confidence.
Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.
Yet, whenever we discussed exercises that could strengthen his feelings of self-worth, something interesting happened: David resisted.

Authentic pride arises when we feel good about ourselves, confident, and productive, and is related to socially-desirable personality traits such as being agreeable, conscientious, and emotionally stable.
The good news is that authentic and hubristic pride are not actually on the same continuum because they represent two distinct facets of pride. In one recent study, people were able to distinguish between displays of confidence and status that were attained through hard work and socially-valued skills (efforts which afford a person prestige) and status acquired through intimidation and aggression (which afford a person dominance rather than prestige). After struggling with low self-esteem for many years, lasting feelings of true confidence were unfamiliar to him and his concerns about becoming arrogant resurfaced several times over the next several months. The teacher warned us that people who got things like cats and dogs were probably going to have a harder time than people who got things like bears and raccoons, because people are so familiar with those animals that they’ll always notice right away if something looks wrong. It makes them look like kids’ plush animals made out of real animal pelts (This is a real thing I have seen done, there is no worse way to show off that prized lynx you bagged than by skinning it and making a plush bunny out of it). Questioned about his qualifications, many jokes ensue about how The Brave Little Toaster was actually so hardcore and terrifying and a brilliant comment on then-blossoming 1980s consumerism.
You should take extra precaution when Skynet rises up, as you will not have the same survival reaction a normal human does when they introduce the early rubber-skinned T-600 model terminator.
But personally, I’m only slightly bothered by it, the creepiness feels no where near the levels of the uncanny 3D animations that were mentioned. Now the series is done by Film Roman and not only the designs, but the animation style has wildly changed. Others reach adulthood and suddenly realise they lack a certain “presence” that propels their peers to success. So I’ve designed this program for professionals who want to express confidence in Western business environments, such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
That means, as long as you have internet access, you can be located in the most remote part of your country and still work with me one-on-one to learn how to Look, Act, and Sound Like a Confident BusinessMan.
As with any personal development training, there is no guarantee of success. By purchasing this product you are agreeing to our Terms of Service which you can view by clicking this link. Hubristic pride tends to involve egotism and arrogance, and is related to socially undesirable traits such as being disagreeable, aggressive, having low or brittle self-esteem—and being prone to shame.
People do not go from being insecure to being arrogant unless they were egotistical, selfish, and aggressive from the get go. The study also found that people who displayed authentic pride were perceived as more likable than those who displayed hubristic pride.
But by then he was able to comfort himself by telling himself the one thing he knew to be true: His very concern about becoming arrogant was the strongest indicator that he was exactly the kind of person who was unlikely to develop hubristic pride and arrogance. I hear the problem is when animators who see the gradual transformation from simple shapes to face-like thing are they get used to it gradually and thus don’t experience the uncanny valley at all at the end.
Stories about the rest of the gang going off to deal with their issues like a grizzled band of ‘Nam vets would be much appreciated.
In real applications we have the face robots including the one linked, but there are also more simplistic ones on the other side of the valley that are also being used, i believe i heard something about an egg shaped robot teaching English in Korea, or somewhere. The strategies I share with you in this program will allow you to project confidence without appearing too dominant or overpowering. In other words, the reason I could be so sure David (and others with low self-esteem) was unlikely to develop hubristic pride was exactly because he was worried about doing so. In other words, people can generally distinguish between confidence and good intentions, and arrogance and selfish intentions. I would assume that furry art wouldn’t be quite as popular as it is if the cute cartoon girls were replaced with realistic human-animal mashups, at least. So yea, the uncanny valley is highly applicable to robotics and it is therefore unsurprising you found a related video.
The designs that people thought were weird and ugly are still thought of as weird and ugly, the designs that are cute and round and appealing are the ones people have gotten used to. His worry indicated conscientiousness and agreeableness—traits associated with authentic pride not hubristic pride.

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