Philip Seymour Hoffman gets on the wagon with a vengeance and joins Hardy and Oldman in CHILD 44!! Philip Seymour Hoffman gets on the wagon with a vengeance and joins Hardy, Rapace, and Oldman in CHILD 44!! Hoffman will be in good company; the project, which is currently shooting in Prague, also stars Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, Gary Oldman, Paddy Considine, and the new ROBOCOP, Joel Kinnaman. He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for the 2005 biographical film Capote, and received three Academy Award nominations as Best Supporting Actor. He's been in all but one of Paul Thomas Anderson's movies, and from his cocky prick in HARD EIGHT, his sad-sack sound guy in BOOGIE NIGHTS, his softy nurse in MAGNOLIA, and, of course, his recent MASTER-ful performance as L. The story involves Hardy as a Russian cop investigating a child-killer in 1950's Soviet Union while fighting the will of Stalin's regime, which insists that the crimes don't really exist.

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O las odias o las amas.De paso por Londres no pude resistirme en probar algunos de los mas artisticos tocados de este disenador.
Rapace plays Hardy's wife, and Oldman will play his superior; no word as to whether Considine, Kinnaman, Hoffman, or someone else entirely will be playing the murderer.
I'm hoping for Hoffman; we've seen in the past that he's capable of both tender weakness and glowering menace, and it would be a great knockout role to remind people that no amount of heroin in the world can muddle his acting talents.
Hope they push the Hoffman so people know that whatever personal problems he has, he is still a fucking amazing thespian, and that his presence is an attribute to any film he appears in. Por su parte, Philip estaba encantado porque sabia que con ella podia hacer algo creativo, y no el tipico tocado de tul o velo y perlas que pedian las novias.

RIPLEY, THE IDES OF MARCH, THE INVENTION OF LYING, and several others are all conspicuous highlights of those films. It broke my heart to hear that he was struggling with addiction, and required rehab right in the midst of his flourishing career.
But it hasn't appeared to slow him down, as he's just about to sign on to SAFE HOUSE director Daniel Espinosa's upcoming CHILD 44.

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