The advertisement provided by yahoo and supporting instant messages, is called Yahoo Messenger .
Yahoo Messengers offers features such as: to customize the window , you have an address book and status, customize avatars. The problem of SPIM (unsolicited messages) is one that is not solved yet , although users continuously require solving this problem. YMulti Messenger is the newest Yahoo Messenger and is perfect for those you use multiple IDs. The Yahoo Messenger Monitor Sniffer is created to observe and capture conversations in a network. Take advantage of the new buttons: the transparent button allows you to see another window besides the Yahoo Messenger, your desktop will be more attractive, with the stay-always on top button you can avoid the distractions , the ghost button works effective with the above mentioned buttons. Messenger into a small icon and place it on the desktop, ,,roll upa€™a€™ buttons will make your windows smaller but their title will be visible. These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages.
3- Integrated Chat – now you can chat with your other Yahoo friends directly within the Yahoo!
What questions can be asked in the paper wrote by Josephine Anderson in the Federal Writers Project?

To recover lost password for Yahoo Messenger you can use the tool Yahoo Messenger Password.
YTL Lite provides Yahoo Messenger with safe list, privacy, ignore bid, style and font , spam blocking. Use ,,copy to clipboarda€™a€™ if you want to insert information.,, Move to monitora€™a€™ button is useful if you want to place Yahoo Messenger on a monitor in the case when you have many monitors connected to the computer.
Useful features had been implemented into MSN Messenger so this makes Yahoo Messenger be on topA  leaving other services behind. Mail automatically refreshes your Inbox to check for new mail on the interval of every ten minutes. You need to create your own ID, with use name and password.A  By using Yahoo Messenger you will have access to other services, too. Yahoo Messenger was released in 2007 for Windows Vista which is not available from October 2008.
Here are some methods in which hackers deliver viruses: delivering a message with a web address, sending an infected file or a crafted message. Another cool yahoo messenger tool is Messenger History Extractor which helps you to extract the messengera€™s history in HTML, plain text, XML.
You will be notified by Yahoo Mail if you have new emails, you can send files, see your friends through webcam.

Also in 2007 Yahoo Messenger 9 Beta was released, with new emoticons ,media player which allows you to watch videos and photos or YouTube on the IM window.
WiseStamp is a cool Firefox extension that allows you to do the same.You can use this to add customized EmailA signatures on any webmail service like Gmail, Yahoo, Aol mail and Hotmail.
Since 2006 users can chat to each other without having to create an account on the other messenger but until now users dona€™t have the opportunity to use voice service. To get started install WiseStamp firefox extension and setup own personal signature.You can get ideas and inspiration from signature sample page.
Stopped the ability to use chat rooms, most probably because of the lawsuit regarding pedophilia. Just by using YMSG protocol you can find out if your friendsa€™ web cam is online, in what chat room they are in.
Mail interface offering more features that makes it more attractive and useful to free email users. Because of the low demand difficulties Yahoo Chat getting closer to its final days which is considered to be March 2010 .

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