Yet at the same time, he is depicted, for all posterity, as the humblest man ever, “more than any man”. Later, as an older man, he swung to to the opposite extreme and became insecure and fearful.
Thank You for the example of Moses, that despite our sins and mistakes of the past, You can still use us to make a godly impact in the lives of others. Give me boldness and willingness of heart to believe great things, knowing that my confidence and security comes from the greatness of my Lord and Savior , Jesus Christ. While my site offers visitors the ability to converse, I have a few ground rules so that our conversations will remain civil and courteous.
In short, my goal is to host interesting conversations with caring, honest, and respectful people. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Several cars remain overturned after a CSX freight train derailed in Washington on Sunday, May 1, 2016. Mayor Muriel Bowser said no trains will be running on the tracks Monday and CSX couldn’t say how long the cleanup might take. Sodium hydroxide, also known as corrosive lye, is a chemical that can irritate and burn the skin and eyes. Officials found that another derailed car had been leaking non-hazardous calcium chloride, CSX said.
It was not immediately clear what caused the derailment of the train, which was heading to Hamlet, North Carolina, from Cumberland, Maryland. Crews were inspecting the tracks, which are used by CSX, the MARC commuter rail system and Amtrak. MARC officials said commuters should expect major services disruptions on the Brunswick Line Monday.
The Red Line’s Rhode Island Station was also closed and Metro was reporting delays along that line. Nellum said his girlfriend tried to leave the area and was told to stay put, but she eventually found a way out. The CSX train had three locomotives and 175 cars, including 94 that were loaded with mixed freight, and 81 that were empty.
COTABATO CITY — A dentist from Cagayan de Oro City has refuted reports naming him as some sort of a dummy owner of properties linked by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to the family of presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.
MANILA — A jobless man ended behind bars after he pretended to be his uncle and attempted to fool a bank into issuing credit cards to him in his uncle’s name. Joseph Nicol Ong, 43, was arrested in an entrapment operation in Paranaque City after presenting fake IDs to claim the credit cards delivered to him but bearing the name of his uncle. With the arrest of Ong, the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group warned the public anew on identity theft, especially with the hacking and leak of data from the Commission on Elections website.
Ong was arrested last Friday afternoon outside his uncle’s home in the Green Heights Subdivision after he waited for the bank messenger delivering the credit cards to him.
His duplicity was busted by the Union Bank of the Philippines, which reported to the ACG an impostor who wanted to get access to the credit cards of their client, Ong’s uncle.
The impostor called the bank’s customer service and reported that he left his credit cards inside a cab. The caller tried to pass himself off as his uncle, a businessman, during the positive identification procedure and even asked to update his contact information, such as his email address and cell phone number. The bank, however, saw through the ruse and reported the attempt to the ACG, which set up an entrapment operation against the con artist. However, Ong was waiting outside his uncle’s house and claimed to be his uncle, presenting a driver’s license and voter’s ID, which bore his uncle’s data but the suspect’s own photograph. The suspect was arrested as he received the credit cards bearing his uncle’s name, Eleazar said. Ong was charged for violating Republic Act 8484 or the Access Device Regulations Act, RA 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act and the Revised Penal Code for falsifying documents.
Eleazar pointed out that an individual or syndicate could gather a victim’s personal details, leaving the victim with a large debt, a negative credit history, and with legal implications. Internet users should be wary of e-mails claiming to be from financial institutions or other legitimate organizations, which ask the recipients to update their security details and password through a fake but authentic-looking website.
Eleazar added that they have been coordinating with banks in beefing up their security systems and protocols to counter financial fraud.
LOS ANGELES—Many Americans are taking to canvas and poster board this year to express their political thoughts through depictions—sometimes unflattering—of presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
Trump, the controversial billionaire who is leading the Republican Party nomination race and is known for his incendiary comments, has become the most popular subject among artists. New York artist Hansky unveiled in Manhattan one of the most blunt and critical depictions of the former reality TV star to date: Trump’s face incorporated into a pile of feces buzzed by flies.
Known for disparaging remarks about Mexicans, Trump pinatas have been selling well for months both in the United States and Mexico. Other popular items in the Hispanic community are T-shirts and posters with the slogan “Donald eres un pendejo” (Donald you’re an asshole”) in large white letters on a black background along with a profile of Trump’s face. The people behind “pendejo” art—popular in places like New York, Los Angeles and Miami—are Mexican businessmen who have been active in organizing anti-Trump rallies. Democratic Party front-runner Hillary Clinton’s depiction in popular art is likewise not positive. In one example, her face is printed on a cardboard pine freshener—the kind that dangles from the rear view mirror in cars—with the slogan “Hillary Stinks—Reeks of Scandal” can be found for sale in Los Angeles. WALK FOR MAR-LENI Presidential aspirant Mar Roxas greets his supporters after a unity walk for him and his running mate, Leni Robredo, on the Quezon City Hall parking grounds on Sunday. UNLESS Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte can explain how he earned his money and acquired his properties, the presumption under the law is his possessions are “ill-gotten wealth,” Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Mar Roxas said on Saturday. Short of accusing his rival outright of corruption, the former interior secretary admonished the firebrand mayor for refusing to identify the source of his wealth. Duterte had P227.4 million in a joint account with daughter Sara at the Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI) branch on Julia Vargas Avenue in Pasig City in 2014, records of his bank transactions showed.
On his 69th birthday on March 28, 2014, Duterte received seven deposits amounting to P193.7 million in his account at BPI Julia Vargas, according to Sen. Trillanes said the mayor did not declare the amount in his statement of assets and liabilities and net worth (SALN) for 2014, a ground for dismissal from government service. On Saturday, Duterte said he was willing to open his bank account transactions as far back as 20 years as he had nothing to hide, but on the condition that all his rivals would do the same.
Shortly after arriving in Sorsogon City, the mayor was asked about Trillanes’ challenge for him to show the transaction history of his BPI accounts for the past nine years.
He also said he was willing to open “all transactions” in his account, adding it only contained about P17,000 and not P227.4 million as the senator claimed.
Documents provided by Trillanes showed that transactions amounting to P2.4 billion in 17 accounts of Duterte in three banks, including the BPI Julia Vargas branch, were recorded from 2006 to 2015. Duterte first dismissed as mere fabrication Trillanes’ claim that he had P227.4 million at the BPI Julia Vargas branch.
The mayor later said he had “less P200 million” in the BPI branch and that he did not declare it in his SALN because he had already spent it. The lawmaker is one of the prosecutors of the House of Representatives during the impeachment trial in 2012 of then Chief Justice Renato Corona.
Also on Friday, Sara challenged Trillanes to file a case against her and her father so “we can answer properly.” She neither confirmed nor denied that she and her father had joint bank accounts. Roxas characterized the Davao mayor as a danger to the country’s well-being should he be elected President in May. Duterte’s popularity has surged in recent weeks in spite of being the target of attacks over a rape joke about an Australian missionary who was assaulted in a 1989 prison siege in Davao, as well as reports about his undeclared millions in hidden bank accounts.
President Aquino’s chosen presidential candidate implied that a Duterte presidency would be a step back to previous administrations whose leaders were embroiled in messy corruption scandals that sank the economy. THE PIONEER cohort of senior high school (SHS) students started enrollment nationwide today, a month earlier than the rest of the basic education students.
Education Secretary  Armin Luistro, FSC, said the early enrollment would give his department time to make necessary adjustments should the number of Grade 11 students turn out much larger than the preregistration count in October last year. All of their preparations, he said, have been based on the preregistration data, particularly those relating to school and track preferences of the students.
The Inquirer ran the first part of this primer on Sunday to fill the gaps in information among parents, present and future SHS students, and the general public about the last two grades in the K-12 education reform. The SHS curriculum is made up of core subjects in eight learning areas that all SHS students will have to take, as well as applied and specialized track subjects which will be dictated by the track and the strand that a student chooses. These are Oral Communication, Reading and Writing, Komunikasyon at Pananaliksik sa Wika at Kulturang Filipino, Pagbasa at Pagsusuri ng Iba’t Ibang Teksto Tungo sa Pananaliksik, 21st Century Literature from  the Philippines and the World, Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions, Media and Information Literacy, General Mathematics, Statistics and Probability, Earth and Life Science, Physical Science, Introduction to Philosophy of the Human Person, Physical Education and Health, Personal Development, and Understanding Culture, Society and Politics.  For the students under the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) strand, Earth Science replaces Earth and Life Science and Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction replaces Physical Science. SHS tracks are specific areas of study much like college courses and they fall under four disciplines, namely, Academic, Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL), Sports, and Arts & Design. The TVL track also has four strands: Home Economics (HE), Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Agri-Fishery Arts and Industrial Arts.
Students should ask themselves this question: What do I want to do after high school graduation?
The most flexible strand, according to Department of Education  (DepEd) Assistant Secretary Elvin T. Campaigns to encourage students to go into the STEM have not had salutary effects on incoming Grade 11 students.  Based on preregistration data, only 8 percent chose the STEM strand. It is a misconception that the SHS curriculum is congested, according to  Uy.  Just like in Grades 1 to 6 and Grades 7 to 10,  there are eight subjects in Grades 11 and 12.
Schools can only offer tracks where they can optimize their facilities and teaching resources as well as best meet the local community’s demands. The DepEd advises students and parents to weigh the possibilities and consider the consequences of changing tracks. The DepEd is hiring more than 36,000 teachers out of the 47,000 who applied to teach in SHS.
For students with typical Filipino parents, the most compelling reason is that without the SHS diploma, they cannot be admitted to a university.
For students who must earn a living right after or even during SHS, more employment opportunities will await them for several reasons.
For students who are being groomed to run the family business or are interested in starting their own business, SHS offers an entrepreneurship subject that will give them the competencies to create a marketable product, design a business plan, understand manpower, materials and markets, among other things.
WORKERS’ groups marked Labor Day on Sunday with marches and speeches lamenting poor wages, irregular jobs, risky workplaces, high cost of living, rising unemployment and inadequate social insurance. Across the country, the call for a stop to the practice of contractualization or “endo” (end of contract) echoed. Amid the dire straits Filipino workers find themselves in,  Sentro ng mga Nagkakaisa at Progresibong Manggagawa warned against what it claimed to be the rise of a “new right” or neofascists in Philippine politics. The group particularly voiced out its apprehension over front-runners Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte  and Sen. Malacanang quietly observed Labor Day, the last time under the term of President Aquino,  who steps down at the end of next month. Asked why the President did not hold any meeting with labor leaders on May 1 as he had done in the past, Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. At Rajah Sulayman Park in Manila’s Malate district, the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) said inclusive growth remained elusive for the labor sector because the mechanisms for it to flow down to the rank-and-file remained broken.
Workers have complained that due to inflation, the purchasing power of the P481-daily minimum wage in Metro Manila has been reduced to P316, lower than the government’s estimate of P417 for food and nonfood needs. They also criticized the administration for rejecting income tax reduction, withdrawing government subsidy to the mass transport trains, vetoing an increase in social security pension, failing to stop the rising cost of electricity, and not doing enough to deal with the jobs-skills mismatch that has worsened unemployment and underemployment.
Buhay na may Dignidad, also known as Dignidad, also called for an end to contract-only hiring. From Quezon City, Dignidad ran up to Mendiola, bearing placards that urged the government to deal with issues besetting the labor force.
By noon, the activists converged in Calamba for the rally for Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon) workers. Led by the militant Pagkakaisa ng Manggagawa sa Timog Katagalugan-Kilusang Mayo Uno (Pamantik-KMU), the workers demanded higher minimum wages and an end to contractualization. On Panay Island, some 12,500 people joined the rallies, demanding jobs, higher wages, and an end to contractualization.
Protesters in Iloilo, Aklan and Capiz provinces led by Bagong Alyansang Makabayan and  Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) challenged presidential candidates to ban contractualization if they get elected.
In Iloilo City, about 5,000 people marched from four assembly points before converging at the Jaro District public plaza where a program was held. In Roxas City in Capiz, about 4,500 joined a rally at the provincial park and Plaza Bandstand. In the capital town of Kalibo in Aklan, around 3,000 assembled from Crossing Banga and Numancia town before holding a rally at the Pastrana Park.
In Northern Mindanao, KMU led more than 2,000 workers, mostly from Misamis Oriental and Bukidnon, to a rally, calling on the government to give workers the right to security of tenure and wage increases.
Tita Hadma, KMU regional spokesperson, said no one from the presidential candidates had committed to scrapping the contractualization. At the TUCP rally, Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas reiterated his commitment to put an end to endo. BURNING ISSUE Militants demanding higher wages and an end to labor contractualization burn President Aquino’s effigy during a Labor Day rally on Mendiola, Manila, on Sunday.
Other presidential candidates also pledged to end the practice, aimed at avoiding paying workers benefits due them if they were regularized. Other labor groups said next week’s national and local elections could be an opportunity to find a way to solve the problems confronting the labor sector.
Mendoza said the TUCP and its allies in the Nagkaisa labor coalition were lobbying to make presidential candidates sign a contract detailing concrete steps in working out solutions to problems of Filipino workers and their families. The draft document calls for ending contractualization and enacting laws to boost security of tenure, across-the-board wage increase for all workers nationwide combined with appropriate tax reforms, subsidies and social transfers, and overhaul of the country’s wage-fixing mechanisms, beginning with the abolition of the regional wage boards to be subsumed under a national wage-setting office. The administration claim that it was successful in providing jobs to Filipinos was “all fiction,” said Leoncio Evasco Jr., national campaign manager of Duterte. Evasco said there were still some 11.2 million unemployed and underemployed Filipinos, a number that validated the lack of unemployment opportunities under the Aquino administration.
But  Coloma said the workers were far better off under the Aquino administration than the previous one as it had created more jobs and granted them higher pay raises and tax benefits.
Daily minimum wages have increased to P228-P493 from P142-P414 in the previous administration, according to Coloma. The Philippine National Police said the country’s observance of Labor Day was generally peaceful. A standoff between protesters and policemen was observed on Roxas Boulevard and United Nations Avenue, near the US Embassy. Those who joined the rallies in Ilocos Sur province and the cities of Cebu, General Santos, Baguio, Butuan and Masbate dispersed peacefully. THREE of the five presidential candidates attended the Sunday vigil of the popular Catholic charismatic group, El Shaddai, in an effort to win the endorsement of the group’s influential leader, Bro.
Among those who attended the overnight vigil at the El Shaddai International House of Prayer at the Amvel City Ground in Paranaque City were Vice President Jejomar Binay, Sen.
Several members of the group said they expected Velarde to announce the candidates he would endorse for the May 9 elections even as survey ballots with the names of the presidential and vice presidential candidates were distributed to members. Binay, Poe, Marcos, Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada and several senatorial candidates stayed and shared the stage for the almost two-hour Mass at 11 p.m. The senatorial candidates who came were TG Guingona, Ralph Recto, Sherwin Gatchalian, Martin Romualdez,  Leila de Lima, Lorna Kapunan, Juan Miguel Zubiri, Francis Tolentino, Samuel Pagdilao, Rafael Alunan and Rey Langit.
The problem is the two are not a tandem—Binay is running for president under the United Nationalist Alliance, while Marcos belongs to the Nacionalista Party and is running for vice president alongside presidential candidate Sen. He added this did not mean that his family,  a longtime political clan in Quezon, had switched its support from Honasan to Marcos. He hinted, however, that any seeming political alliance between Binay and Marcos would have the tacit approval of Honasan.
Suarez quoted Honasan as saying: “I don’t mind being a dead hero basta’t manalo lang si VP Binay.
He said Marcos’ presence was sought by the local political leaders who asked to hear the vice presidential candidate’s plans. While Binay and Marcos both came to the general assembly of Calabarzon barangay leaders here, they did not appear together on stage. When Suarez presented Marcos to the 4,000 assembled delegates, he introduced him as the next vice president of the Philippines?. After his speech, Marcos told the Inquirer he knew nothing about a supposed Binay-Marcos alliance.
BAGUIO CITY—Methodist church workers have urged the presidential candidates to pursue peace talks with the communists and other insurgent groups in a manifesto issued during the 33rd National Biennial Assembly of the Women’s  Society in Christian Service (WSCS) held here on Saturday.
The call was raised after the local representative of International Alert (IA), a nongovernment group focused on peace-building, warned of “a surge of discontent” in the Philippines given the   failure to pass the  Bangsamoro Basic Law, among other factors. THERE IS no denying that the economy posted unprecedented growth rates during the past six years of the Aquino administration. But we all know the downside: Economic growth has failed to trickle down to those sectors that need uplift the most.
The private sector has time and again reminded those in office, as well as those seeking the highest elective posts, what the economy needs to grow and how to make such growth benefit the low-income classes. The proposed roadmap, according to the PCCI, sums up what is needed to provide more jobs to Filipinos. Infrastructure—or the severe lack of it—will again be the foremost issue to be faced by the next administration. Agriculture, the sector that employs about a third of the population and where poverty incidence is highest, is another sector that has been neglected by both the present and past administrations.
Manufacturing’s share in the economy also shrank in the past 30 years with the rise of cheap-labor countries like China. PCCI president George Barcelon observed, correctly, that all the presidentiables had the interest of the country at heart. MY LAST column, “Six years in office, seven AFP chiefs,” triggered a number of phone calls to let me know that I had forgotten Gen. The next commander in chief must take a hard look at this situation and institute reforms that will provide fixed terms of office for the AFP chief of staff and the service commanders, and allow longer tours of duty for critical area commands. Last week, retired admiral Ramon Punzalan drove up to Purple Oven, a bakeshop on Temple Drive across from the Mormon Temple near Camp Aguinaldo. We need to amend the law so that the elderly can expect speedy action on their complaints as well as punishment for business firms not complying with the law. I have brought the matter to the attention of Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Rafael Seguis, who is in charge of overseas voting.
Father Junjun used to serve as parish priest at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Quezon City. A lot of folks were upset, unhappy, outraged and, among his supporters, saddened, by Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s brand of humor.

On Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett Packard, early contender for the GOP nomination and now the choice of his opponent Sen. On Megyn Kelly, Fox News talk show host—“She had blood coming out of her wherever” (a reference to the menstrual period) when she was grilling him on his history of insulting women. It should come as no surprise that recent CNN polls show that 73 percent of American women have a negative view of Trump.  The same holds true for African-Americans, Latinos, and young voters. Cruz is hoping that Trump does not get the 1,237 delegate votes  needed to win the nomination outright. Incidentally, just last week former US House Speaker Dennis Hastert was sentenced to 15 months in prison for sexual abuse of minors under his care and responsibility during his stint as a high school athletic coach. How many of our government officials already convicted by the Sandiganbayan are serving time in jail? IF Alan Cayetano and Francis Escudero really have the country’s interest at heart, they should ditch what is by now clearly unrealistic personal ambitions and agree to sacrifice for the public good by withdrawing in favor of Leni Robredo in the vice presidential race.
Both their fathers, Renato Cayetano and Salvador Escudero, were stalwarts and beneficiaries of the Marcos dictatorship.
For good measure, a massive call should be mounted to convince Cayetano and Escudero supporters, the majority of whom are most likely anti-Marcos, to shift their votes to Robredo in order to prevent a historic tragedy from happening.
Given the rankings of the vice presidential candidates at this late stage of the campaign, a vote for either Cayetano or Escudero will be a vote to put Ferdinand Marcos Jr. All these were done by Rodrigo Duterte and still he emerged as the top choice to become the next president two weeks before Election Day.
In the latest Pulse Asia survey of April 19-24, Duterte is the favored presidential candidate of 33 percent of voters nationwide.
Even in the Social Weather Stations survey of April 18-20, Duterte got 33 percent, Poe 24 percent, Roxas 19 percent, and Binay 14 percent.
I am equally repulsed by and strongly condemn Duterte’s outrageous declarations, but the challenge is to understand why he is drawing huge and passionate support from all economic classes because there are very important lessons to be learned. Among the ABC class of voters, Duterte garnered 37 percent, Roxas 23 percent, Binay 16 percent, and Poe 12 percent. I think a hypothetical illustration will explain this: A rich man drives home from work where a juicy slab of steak awaits him for dinner. As our rich guy dines, he turns to the TV set and listens to Roxas, Poe and Duterte articulating their platforms.
During the last presidential debate on April 24, all the candidates presented similar promises, but the mere manner by which they delivered their messages explains why Duterte is winning the bulk of poor voters. In contrast, Duterte spoke in a manner that was so unlike the chatter of politicians associated with broken promises. Duterte is also helped by the cultivated image that his Davao City functions efficiently, largely free of crime and corruption, so unlike the reviled Metro Manila cities. This has sparked pseudolegal debates over presidentiable Mar Roxas’ bank secrecy waiver and Duterte’s previous promise to waive bank secrecy. Congratulations to Duterte’s celebrity lawyer Sal Panelo, my old University of the East colleague.
From the Inquirer timeline: On March 11, Duterte signed a “pledge to open all our bank accounts” (not a waiver) and invited rivals to sign it. Thus, no matter what the waiver actually says, a self-respecting bank officer would ask Roxas to confirm it in writing and restate which accounts are covered.
The late chief justice Renato Corona signed a waiver of bank secrecy during his impeachment trial. Second, a criminal with half a brain would know by now to hide ill-gotten gains in other people’s accounts, which his or her waivers cannot cover. Again, this is an intellectual exercise aimed at asking whether we ask the right questions each time a piece of legal mumbo jumbo is waved on TV. The waivers are an admirable affirmation of transparency by Roxas and Robredo (and Poe, when hers comes). Thus, when Robredo was accused of sleeping on a P700,000 bed, when Poe’s son was accused of wearing P100,000 sneakers, and the last time someone joked about Roxas’ family wealth, were you satisfied that the responses were immediate, direct and complete? Finally, we must internalize that these public waivers are enforced by voters, not lawyers. LAST APRIL 14, some 200 retired generals and colonels gathered in a restaurant in Greenbelt, Makati, for dinner with an honored guest, Sen.
Only Fortunato Abat, Fidel Ramos, and the shadowy Jose Almonte remain as survivors of the Marcos apparatus. The retired officers present at the dinner were led by Benjamin Defensor of Iloilo, former commanding general of the Air Force and subsequent AFP chief of staff, ambassador on counterterrorism, and Apec chair.
The former Army Special Forces chief, Benjamin Samonte of Ilocos, was on hand with two T-shirts marked “2nd Lt Ferdinand R. As the creme de la creme of the officer corps, the retired officers rose through the ranks by sheer merit and dedication to duty. The camaraderie perturbed a martial memory from their hearts with the “Martial Law Citation Badge” they wore proudly on their uniform as junior officers, over the “February ’86 Revolution Ribbon” awarded by Corazon Aquino when they were senior officers 30 years ago. Utterly lacking a revolutionary program of political and social change, Edsa I deposed Ferdinand Marcos but restored oligarchic rule. Today, a generation of millennials confronts a modern state, with a high level of expectation to be at par with our regional neighbors. Benigno Aquino III fared no better—an accidental president because Cory died in an election year.
Vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos spoke with the vigor of youth and the maturity of experience. It took a Bongbong to stop the proposed law from being bulldozed through Congress with a substitute bill: This nation cannot endure as one unless we reconcile the tribes to each other—Christian, non-Christian, Muslim or nonbeliever—and make them live as brothers under one roof. Bongbong concluded with a plea for national unity: The life and vitality of a nation lie not in its boundaries of geography or race, but in the consciousness of its citizens to share a common destiny.
The evening galvanized a fraternal bond for the mobilization of energies toward a national purpose, inspired by a competent and promising leadership. WE ARE a group of very senior “ladies who lunch,” and very concerned to the point of agitation over the May 9 elections. The lone male and Benjamin, Francis Caluag Cruz, says he “hates the election period with its hypocrisy, mudslinging, garbage, even the obnoxious possibility of giving trapos a new foothold in government, or going for a candidate because he appeals to our hidden, darker nature. Glo Alcuaz advises to “choose wisely.” She feels it “an insult to be faced with a cast of candidates displaying huge doses of corruption, contempt for women, theft, lies. In her 85th year of living, Yit Natividad thought: “Everything was just dandy as I prepared myself for a peaceful and graceful exit.
We join in Marcia’s prayer: “In this crucial time of the elections, I ask you, Lord, to give us a president, whose love for his country is embedded in his heart. OUR MORALLY bankrupt way of doing things in politics is often marked by “its moments of intensity, its lapses, its extended periods of feverish agitations, and its fainting spells.” Morality determines who we are, but what we are as a people, given our immature democracy, is defined by political expediency.
There is a war out there, betrayals and harsh awakenings, “all against all,” as Thomas Hobbes would love to say. The suffering of poor Filipinos means that we carry with us the pain of the past, the irreversible disappointment of their present, and the undying hope for a miraculous future. Yet, it would be heartless and unreasonable to throw the moral weight of the profanity of our times on a suffering people. One of Walden Bello’s lasting insights is that the interest of the Filipino people will never become part of a neoliberal, capitalist economic agenda. Indeed, the truth these days seems to be a mere fabrication of fanatical and unending discussions. Christopher Ryan Maboloc is assistant professor of philosophy at Ateneo de Davao University. Today, we again find our country’s biggest liars, thieves and murderers lining up at the wide gates of opulent mansions of the block-vote “messiahs” for the latter’s coveted political endorsement. Still and all, through the narrow gate and along the path of teaching done well and seeds well-planted, true messiahs come to trust their followers to make the right choices for themselves. TO ALL my friends who expressed “surprise” and “disappointment” about my choice of Rodrigo Duterte as president, here’s my reason: He is the only candidate who represents real change. While I support Grace Poe’s heart for the people, her lack of experience and over-reliance on a glib partner with questionable character are major concerns. Jejomar Binay’s executive skills are proven but with his questionable dealings and family, he carries too much baggage.
Miriam Defensor Santiago’s best years are behind her, though she still has her occasional flashes of brilliance from her good days. Mar Roxas undoubtedly has the pedigree, the education, the “talk” and the ideal “look” of a president. In contrast, under a Duterte administration, I see a more decisive leader who will hold everyone in his official family accountable. Because drugs are now a national menace, no quarter must be given to hoodlums who distribute a poison like these, which kill young lives and destroy families.
One more thing, I believe that he is the only candidate who can stand against the Catholic bishops on important issues like family planning and reproductive health.
That said, I agree that his profanities are unpresidentiable, that some of his ways are uncouth, and that his rape joke was totally reprehensible. And with the aid of a vice president like Leni Robredo providing the counterbalance, and us, the more actively involved citizenry praying for him, the presidency will yet make a better man of him.
Moses: a man of stature, was held in high regard, by Pharaoh’s men and his cabinet, with superstar status in the eyes of the public. One described him as great, highly respected, and extremely successful leader, who singlehandedly produced supernatural, mind boggling actions, that brought a nation to its knees. I would probably never have had surgery done.'But while Danielle spoke about her medical issues over the past few months, the main reason she was on the show was to talk about her battle with post-natal depression following the births of her sons Archie and Harry. Sunday near the Rhode Island Avenue Metro station and one of the cars leaked sodium hydroxide, which is used to produce various household products including paper, soap and detergents, CSX said. MARC said trains likely won’t operate past Silver Spring and urged residents to find an alternative way to get to work.
Duterte said all his life he has never been a politician, and neither has he sought elective position, nor has he run for public office. He owned up to the account only after certain individuals deposited P100 to P500 to it, proving its existence. The SHS curriculum has been integrated with some subjects in the College General Education curriculum with the approval of the Commission on Higher Education, which subjects will be deleted from the college curriculum so students may focus more on courses relevant to their degree programs. These are the subjects that will give you the competencies and advanced skills required in college or tech-voc education, entrepreneurship, employment and, most important, life. Uy, is the GAS because it will allow students to try one or two subjects in the STEM, one or two in tech-voc, and other electives for which the SHS has the facilities and the teachers. Students can have, for example, four core subjects plus three specialized subjects in one semester.
If their selected tracks are not available in the public school where they finished Grade 10, students can either go to another public SHS or use their vouchers to go to a private or non-DepEd school offering their tracks. To illustrate: A student who chooses the STEM takes up in the first semester four core subjects, an applied subject and a specialized subject, say, Basic Calculus. The department started accepting applications in October last year and, after screening, started hiring two months ago. For the Academic track, the DepEd is working with colleges and universities and centers of excellence. For one, partnerships with different companies for tech-voc courses will give students actual work experience that may lead to immediate hiring. Under the contractualization scheme, workers are hired for five months without security of tenure and benefits, and are terminated as their contracts expire but rehired under a new but similar deal.
But that prosperity still remains in the hands of the elite few of our society,” said TUCP president Raymond Mendoza. Farmers, who were among the demonstrators, demanded government assistance after their  crops were damaged by El Nino. Because of this, she said, the group was still undecided on whom to vote for President on May 9. As a result, he said benefits under collective bargaining agreements and productivity pay of P10,000, as well as clothing and uniform allowance, daily meal allowance and night differential pay, were paid in full and without taxes.
It’s our obligation as a citizen, as the faithful, especially those who are called by God to participate in choosing who will lead our country. Miriam Santiago were no-shows but there were tables reserved for them and their parties in the VIP lounge. Danilo Suarez, said the rally featuring the two candidates belonging to different parties was arranged by Leyte Rep. They were joined by Suarez, who is running unopposed in Quezon’s third district, and his son, reelectionist Gov. Francisco Lara Jr., country  director of the London-based IA, who spoke at the assembly, said conflict in the Philippines would continue to be an undulating wave that  ebbs and flows  because of the severe nature of ongoing  civil wars.
Foreign multilateral financial institutions are all praises for the Philippines’ economic performance, which was capped by the first-ever investment-grade credit rating given by international debt watchers.
Decades-old problems linger and are seemingly unsolvable, the most pressing being poverty and lack of infrastructure.
Last week, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), one of the oldest and biggest organizations in the country, announced that it would propose—yet again—to the next president an aggressive economic and governance reform roadmap summed up by the acronym “GIANT STEPS.” The objective is to sustain the economic momentum and, more importantly, create more jobs to address the poverty problem. GIANT STEPS stands for good governance, infrastructure, agriculture, new era of manufacturing, tourism, science, technology, education, people and skills. President Aquino was off to a good start in 2010 when he announced his flagship economic program—the public-private partnership (PPP) scheme.
From a self-sufficient producer of rice, for instance, the Philippines has become one of the world’s biggest importers of the staple. A classic example is the demise of the garments and textile industry, which was among the top dollar earners in the 1970s and early 1980s. But good governance should not only be about stamping out graft and corruption; it is as much about reducing bureaucracy and red tape, providing consistent rules and regulations (remember how policies are changed in the middle of the game, or how the courts interfere in purely business deals?) and reforming the tax system to make it competitive with our neighbors. But it will take more than this to uplift an entire country and not just the few sectors that remain protected by law to the detriment of consumers.
Hernando DCA Iriberri in my listing of Armed Forces chiefs of staff during P-Noy’s term as Commander in Chief.
If the lowly barangay captain has a fixed term of three years set by law, it is outrageous that the AFP chief of staff is replaced almost on a yearly basis.
But if it will temper emotions, here are samplings of the insults and mudslinging going on in the US presidential race. Hastert is one of the highest, if not the highest, US government official to be sent to prison in recent years.
Often, motions for reconsideration and appeals keep them out of jail and, after a while, the cases are forgotten or maybe important documents get lost.
Now is the time to demonstrate to the nation, in deed and not in mere words, that they have cut their umbilical cords to the Marcoses.
He joked about not being first in line in the gang rape of an Australian missionary who was later murdered.
Detractors of Duterte who are avid supporters of Poe or Roxas are puzzled as to why he has enamored himself with the rich despite his street-thug ways and gutter language. To him, the message delivered by both Roxas and Poe is that they will increase the steak on his plate to two slabs per dinner.
Among the Class E voters, he obtained 31 percent, Poe 24 percent, Roxas 22 percent, and Binay 18 percent. Roxas, Poe and Binay might have been well-meaning in their promises to improve the lives of the poor. His candid manner of speaking and his propensity to mouth foul words to vent anger at society’s ills infuse sincerity and authenticity to his persona. But last week, he was accused of unexplained wealth because his bank account allegedly contained P211 million at one time. Antonio Trillanes explaining how he knows there is allegedly P227 million in Duterte’s account with the Bank of the Philippine Islands, Julia Vargas branch, before he opens this account today. These debates underscore how our democracy narrowly views law as a game of technicalities and consistently misses real legal issues. Presidentiable Jejomar Binay signed, on March 20, authorization for the Anti-Money Laundering Council to check his bank accounts (not a bank secrecy waiver). However, a person is generally free to waive his or her rights, and there is usually no prescribed format.
As a practical point, to cut short the process, she would prefer a waiver that is addressed to the bank and specifies the accounts. We must focus on how a candidate actually responds to allegations of financial impropriety.
We must make it clear that we are firmly behind our idol, Ombudsman Morales, and what she wants, she must get. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., son of the strongman who proclaimed martial law with his officers led by Gen. The other notables were Roy Cimatu of Ilocos, Alexander Yano of Zamboanga, Victor Ibrado of Negros, Paterno Labiano of Baguio, Jaime delos Santos of NCR, Reynaldo Mapagu of Cagayan, Reynaldo Gopilan of Bulacan, Robert Morales of Agusan, Josue Geverza of Iloilo, and undersecretary Antonio Santos.
Marcos Jr, Cl 21-A-1979.” At 21, Bongbong trained as a cadre in the jungle of Tanay bordering the Sierra Madre in Rizal. Harangued to join Edsa I by Ramos and company, they dutifully shifted their allegiance to the political regime established by the people they passionately served. Its battlefield transcends land, sea and sky—the “battlespace” consists in winning the people’s allegiance to a government that truly represents them.
With paced diction and focused mind, he offered 20 years of public service to which none of his rivals can lay claim. But Agfo’s impertinence exacted a heavy toll: The proposed increase in the retirement benefits of uniformed services was vetoed by P-Noy. Silvestre, former chief, Office of Strategic and Special Studies of the Armed Forces, a retired Army colonel, bemedalled officer and multiawarded writer, was teaching political science at UP Manila when called to active duty as first lieutenant in 1975.
The majority was “undecided.” Alas, I could see from their nonplussed expressions that they didn’t know who Leni Robredo was.
Our institutions have become the apparatus of dynasts and local tyrants, and the poor Filipino has simply become the willing specimen of the experiments of the ruling few. Our politics, with all the mudslinging, is nothing but a cacophony of the barbaric ways of old. Trade liberalization policies are often to the disadvantage of poor nations, who do not have the resources to be competitive. The greatest paradox out there is the passion and hatred of millions of our young people who have shown their love for country through rants and online protests because they are disgusted with dishonest politicians. Teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime” is a Taoist proverb often used by various religious leaders to define their task of teaching their flock how to be discerning. A true church of God is dedicated to making its followers effective fishers of men, who are themselves able to tell good fishes from bad.
And I wonder in what circle of hell did these “evangelists,” “ministers,” and “appointed sons of God” find the gall to compel their flock to elect their choice of mostly corrupt candidates, never mind better judgment, thus turning God’s house into a den of thieves ad nauseam.

True messiahs will not dictate who to vote for, for they gladly trust the judgment of those who have learned how to fish.
With his Wharton degree and background, he seems to be the best man to ensure that the economic gains of the current administration won’t be wasted. It will only take a few examples for bad guys to learn that it’s not business as usual, and for the rest of our people to believe that change is actually possible if there is political will. But one reason people from all walks of life are drawn to him is, they are tired of all sweet-talking, fork-tongued politicians who are very religious and observe good manners and right conduct when in public, but continue to “rape” Filipinos—men and women, young and old, of all  faiths and ages—through their sneaky corrupt practices. I love them because a lot of times they are similar to someone else’s questions and can even trigger other questions from others. I do not own them and I expressly disclaim any and all liability that may result from them.
Fire and EMS Deputy Chief John Donnelly said officials believe about half of the 15,500 gallon tanker leaked into the rail bed and ground before it was plugged, but no problems have been reported. Duterte, in a statement released Sunday, also denied being a relative of Duterte.  He said he found it unfortunate that the senator had unnecessarily dragged his name into his series of media exposes on allegedly hidden properties and bank accounts of Mayor Duterte, the frontrunner in voter-preference surveys.
The sad fact in all this is that past and present leaders knew the solutions, as evidenced by their campaign promises—promises that get forgotten once they are elected. In 2015, 6,092 new workers were deployed overseas each day, rising from a little more than 5,000 in 2013-2014 and from over 4,000 in 2010-2012.
It was welcomed by the local and international community as it had the potential to meet the country’s growing need for new airports, roads, ports, telecommunications, schools and irrigation facilities. Tourism has also long been touted as a low-hanging fruit (which means there is little effort needed to promote this to attract visitors), yet there seems to be no overall blueprint on how to boost it. In 2003, or before the national elections the following year, the PCCI noted that many politicians, despite knowing the reforms needed to jump-start the economy, dared not bite the bullet because doing so would be politically unpalatable.
When the bill came, he noted that the brownies cost P520 with a senior citizen discount of P10. Unfortunately, he is intensely disliked by the GOP establishment, as seen from the comments of some leading members of his own party.
Three Illinois governors were sent to prison for various offenses committed during their time in office. He dared the United States and Australia to cut ties with the Philippines if he wins the presidency. And his emotional energy is drained when his wife unburdens herself of her fears that their son is hanging out with drug-dependent friends in the neighborhood, and shares the news that a friend’s house in the nearby subdivision has been robbed.
In contrast, the message that emanates from Duterte is that traffic congestion will be solved, the drug menace will be licked, and rampant crime will be stopped, to enable our rich guy to savor his single-slab steak dinner.
The Duterte supporters belonging to the rich class are sending the message that solving the traffic mess, the drug menace, and rampant crime will give them more life satisfaction than increasing the wealth they already have.
But their choice of words, the cadence of their sentences, and their overall manner of delivery were so reminiscent of politicians who made the same promises in the past, but who either disappeared after each election or went on to implement programs that never improved the lives of the poor. Listening to Duterte, one will not find it hard to imagine that the poor feel like they are listening to their approachable town mayor who immediately gives a remedy to their urgent needs, and who dispatches the police to quickly arrest the town bully minus complicated niceties. Thus, when the Bureau of Internal Revenue tried to invoke the waiver, it no longer existed. Vested interests in land and commerce undermined public policy earlier enshrined for the common good. A feudal society with a democratic veneer, where the elite of 0.5 percent controls the national wealth, is simply untenable. 15, 2015, where their Association of Generals and Flag Officers (Agfo) warned the nation that the House of Representatives’ version of the Bangsamoro Basic Law was fraught with constitutional infirmities. But last week all of them knew who Leni was and practically cleaned me out of ballers, fans, stickers, and pocket calendars. Our politicians do not only thirst for power: They actually want absolute rule as monarchs! The ordinary person, who is rendered docile, is forced into a network of experts, technocrats, and lawyers, all hired and fattened by the ruling class, in order to subjugate and render him or her politically inutile, and blind.
Our laws do not give enough incentives for innovation, while the subsidies provided by Western governments to their farmers deny our own of any fighting chance. He has trained in democracy and political party building in Germany under Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. Parents will do well to teach their children how to discern wisely and support themselves in time, instead of dictating upon and feeding them for life. A flock regarded as unable or unworthy of discerning between good and bad fishes despite a lifetime’s worth of religious teaching is a telltale sign of a failed messiah or, worse, a false one. He calls the people his “boss,” but he stands by his buddies whose ouster the public is demanding for their many transgressions.
A Duterte administration will attract the best and most qualified people, regardless of political affiliation, to help him run the government.
However, whether it is with me or any other visitors of my site, my rule is this: disagree if you must but keep things civil. By commenting on my site, you agree that you retain all ownership rights in what you post here and that you will relieve me from any and all liability that may result from those posts.
By posting comments on my site, you automatically grant me the right to store, use, transmit, display, publish, reproduce, and distribute your comments in any format, including but not limited to a blog, in a book, video, or presentation. These are allegations, and he has a chance to disprove these allegations,” said Farinas, who along with 21 of the 23 mayors in his province of Ilocos Norte expressed support for Roxas’ candidacy. What will happen is that the four core subjects will be credited but the Basic  Calculus will not be credited under Arts and Design, so in effect she will have one back subject. For the Sports track, the  department has teamed up with Philippine Normal University, which has a good sports education program. Alas, after six years the PPP is saddled by delay after delay, and many of the more important projects have yet to be bid out. It said then that the country needed someone with tremendous political will, not just a mandate from the people, and that he or she must not be beholden to anyone but the people. If certain prisoners in the national penitentiary can enjoy all kinds of special privileges, it would not be surprising if former high-ranking government officials are also enjoying those privileges because of past favors and connections. The steak does not taste as delicious as it is because his taste buds are dulled by stress and fear. With the suspense, drama, song and dance, and circus performances, it’s going to be a wild ride all the way to Election Day. Human rights violations persisted with stronger force amid mass agitation for an equitable distribution of the good life. Public transport and railroads are a mess for daily commuters, labor policies are contractual, crime rates have dramatically risen, induced by poverty and lawlessness, and tanim-bala and laglag-kisame at the airport are a national shame, nourished by incompetence and chicanery. The BBL created a substate; the republic was close to dismemberment and would be one of the victims of Mamasapano. Pilate had asked: ‘Christ or Barabas?’ The response thundered, ‘Barabas!’ Are we all so desperate, so deceived? The emancipation of this nation from the fetters of oppression is still chained to a dark labyrinth. Paid hacks and online trolls do not only cause the proliferation of errors, they, too, bastardize our democratic system. The state, with its massive bureaucracy, conspires with the elite in exploiting the people.
There’s something terribly fishy within a church or sect that teaches its flock to discern good from bad, but prevents that flock from practicing such discernment especially in the election of leaders who will govern our country. As a human being, you may enjoy the freedom to express your opinions on your own site but not on mine. Luistro said they would welcome experts and practitioners to teach the specialized subjects part-time. And for Arts and Design, the DepEd tapped the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. Punzalan was entitled to 20-percent discount plus exemption from VAT, as called for in the Expanded Senior Citizen Act of 2010.
Ask yourself whether every document with a typo in the signatory’s printed name is not binding. Unbridled corruption betrayed the spirit of people power with its politics of expedience, popularity and deceit.
Our rule-makers, the gods of old and new, do not only steal money from us; they also steal the truth. Whether it is in our everyday experience or the virtual world of social media, reality has been unforgiving.
The poor majority toils in this forsaken land, but it is the ruling class that divides the spoils. In the Holy Scriptures, Jesus Christ bared such yearning himself when he said, “Truly, I say to you, he who believes in me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do…” Since religious leaders are basically parents to their flock, they, too must have the same yearning—for their flock to mature and do greater works. It’s not God but an appetite for power that motivates religious leaders to decide for and dictate upon adequately mature and discerning followers who to vote for.
If there is no reasonable explanation for this, the presumption in the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act is this is ill-gotten wealth, isn’t it?” he said. If not, she might have to take it in the summer or it is possible her studies will be delayed.
The internet, as a matter of fact, has since become the vehicle for lies masquerading as pious truth. Because of this there is a tendency to err in thinking all statements of science on any topic have greater weight than non-scientific statements. Ideas can initially appear in any stage, move between stages or skip stages in either direction.
To be investigated in any particular stage, however, they must meet the minimal criteria for the stage. Questions may feedback, but hypotheses are attempts to progress to higher levels of confidence.
Independent findings may strengthen confidence within a stage of examination but do not in themselves increase confidence beyond the stage of examination. The stage of examination does not necessarily reflect the level of scientific confidence that will ultimately be determined. The confidence that can be attributed to any idea capable of being investigated by the scientific method varies from low to high.
When theistic scientists develop simulations or models that meet the criteria of stage II, they too need to present independent methods of verification. For example when creationist Gerald Aardsma wished to verify his model for radiometric time dating based on a catastrophic flood model, he used the independent method of tree rings for correlation.
Since the result was highly correlated, he provided a model that was of greater scientific confidence than those based on stage I speculations.20 Although greater scientific confidence can be established at the analytical stage than the creativity one, the situation can arise where more than one model is offered to explain the same process.
This is particularly troublesome, as in origins science, where the underlying assumptions differ considerably.
The distinguishing feature in both categories is that the scientist actually sees (directly with the senses or with instruments) something that can be recorded for others to verify independently. In the case of theories, confirmation depends primarily on controlled experiment and direct observation of predictions.
Evolution NA NA 2. Creation NA NA 3. Theistic Evolution x x 5. Intelligent Design x x 6. Darwinism x x (or eliminated ?) 8. Lamarckism x x (or eliminated ?) 9. Abrupt Appearance Evolution x x (or eliminated ?) 10.
Genetics x x 11.
Thermodynamics x x 12. Gravity x x 13. Big Bang x x?
Flat Earth x (eliminated) 18. Sun revolves around Earth x (eliminated) Table 1 illustrates how the author would judge some grand ideas using the Scientific Confidence Model.
This has been done with Intelligent Design for a scientific theory of origin of life.21 With the notable exception of Intelligent Design all of the grand ideas on origins that currently compete with Darwin or Lamarck are stuck in stage I.
However tests at the highest confidence level have routinely shown neither idea to be true (at least for macro evolution; which is essential for a grand idea). In fact, one might consider these ideas to have been falsified by experiment; therefore should be eliminated.
They might have some value on a more limited scale, but not as grand theories that naturalistically explain origins. Grand ideas like genetics, thermodynamics, gravity, and electromagnetics (10, 11, 12,13) that are neutral toward origins not only had the highest potential for confidence, but are now established at the highest scientific confidence level. They do however have the potential for model verification, and in the case of Big Bang and Age of the Earth have been independently corroborated with different models. When we look at theories that have been tested at the highest level, Darwinism actually ranks closer to Flat Earth.
Intelligent design scientific researchers have successfully specified testable models and simulations clearly distinct from Darwinian models. The reader may find considerable disagreement with these classifications, but the primary purpose of both tables is to illustrate how the scientific confidence model may be exercised in developing one’s personal confidence in scientific statements. It would appear that experts in the various fields could use the model to build greater consensus on origins issues and scientific relevance, with greater independence from philosophical or religious preferences.
Darwinian Models of Fossil Origins x x 9. Geological Stratification of Fossils x x 11.
Recent Universal Flood x x 17. Catastrophic Models of Geology xx 18. Uniformitarian Theory of Geology x x 19. Earth Age Dating Methods x x 20. DNA identification of individuals x x 21. This shows Intelligent Design is fully scientific since it is capable of generating unique scientific hypotheses and models capable of corroboration. Even most analytical representation methods that could at least give moderate confidence of what happened in prehistory are poorly constructed, primarily ad hoc rather than predictive. Origins science can illustrate well how a scientific contribution can be independent of the scientist’s philosophical or religious interpretation.
The model would support, however, those who resist attempts to constrain educators from teaching science to the best of their ability and understanding. As we have seen, both Darwinism and Intelligent Design have some explanatory value for science. Non-Darwinian scientific models can, however, help teach the benefits of properly applying the scientific method to acquire a high level of scientific confidence in the findings of scientists. The actual status of discovered transitional fossils is so small that the inference of Darwinian gradualism is no longer held by paleontologists.
See for example, typical comments of members of the American Scientific Affiliation in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith.
150-162) while not opposed to theistic interpretations of the evidence for evolution is critical of Alvin Plantinga’s proposal for a theistic science, being dubious about the benefits to either Christianity or natural science.
No Darwinist has ever built a detailed model down to the biochemical level connecting a precursor system to a supposed evolved system. Within non-theist scientific forums, the strongest model presented for biological evolution is modern Darwinism (natural selection as modified with genetics) with no scientific role seen for intelligent design. For example, Darwinian gradualism says nothing scientific about the thermodynamic interface of precursors to the origins of life, species, and the human mind.
In order to qualify as science, intelligent design must do more than find fault with Darwinism; it must suggest scientific research on questions that are distinct from those suggested by evolution. Although pure mathematics is a very exact discipline, it is still a tool, no better no worse at providing answers to philosophical questions than the mind that employs it. But until the mathematical nicety is verified by sky, field or laboratory observation, its underlying assumptions are still considered on weak foundation. The highest stage of confidence is established by reality testing.
That is, there is no testable hypothesis that can be stated to test either Grand Idea when stated so broadly.
They might have some value on a more limited scale, but not as grand theories that naturalistically explain origins. Grand ideas like genetics, thermodynamics, gravity, and electromagnetics (10, 11, 12,13) that are neutral toward origins not only had the highest potential for confidence, but are now established at the highest scientific confidence level. It would appear that experts in the various fields could use the model to build greater consensus on origins issues and scientific relevance, with greater independence from philosophical or religious preferences. Implications for Research and Education Many of the limited scientific ideas regarding origins and biological change have suggested hypotheses that have either been verified or rejected in the reality verification activities. From evolution the idea of natural selection for species variation has been demonstrated in micro and population biology. It can however conduct experiments that give results that support intelligent design over Darwinism as best explanation of results. Most importantly however, intelligent design has met the criteria for advancing in the confidence process. For a good presentation of the concerns that Intelligent Design is primarily religion see: Barbara Forrest and Paul R. Evolution requires intermediate forms between species and paleontology does not provide them.
Darwinism could be proven at the reality verification stage if three forms of evidence were produced.

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