On March 9, 1959, Ruth Handler introduced the iconic doll at the American International Toy Fair in New York. Over the years, Barbie has been criticized for promoting an unrealistic idea of body image to young girls.
In honor of Barbie Day, Entertainment Weekly has selected a few of the celebrity Barbies issued throughout the years.
Moschino and Barbie have a new partnership and they have released their much anticipated collector Moschino Barbie doll. The series uses Barbies and stop motion animation to tell the story of the girls that attend Overland Park High School. Last week, I shared with you Mattel’s Nicki Minaj Barbie doll being auctioned off to raise funds for Project Angel Food.
Just like Nicki’s version, this celeb doll is meticulously made with the greatest attention to detail made. It’s called the tokidoki Barbie and she features some pretty serious visible ink on her shoulders and chest. Almost two years ago now, I wrote about the announcement that Barbie was going to be made into a movie, after a deal had been struck between Universal Pictures and Mattel.
Photographer Matthias Clamer was responsible for capturing the dolls in their various costumes and chose environments that truly reflected the original inspiration. Popularity is on my mind today, after I noticed that a handful of people had exited my Facebook page overnight. People decide to sign up and sign off from newsletters and pages all the time, so this isn’t anything new. There’s always a balance between letting-it-all-hang-out and thinking about how we seem to others. I’d be interested in your thoughts. If you blog, how conscious are you of your readers?
I recently felt that I wasn’t being honest enough on my blog, which is why I stopped blogging so often, changed my emphasis. I’m always aware that I could cause offence by something I blog, particularly on my darker odder posts. Boost Your CreativityIf you would like a one-to-one session with Satya or Kaspa, or to combine a course with a one-to-one or series of one-to-ones do email Satya or Kaspa, or take a look at the Creative Boost page. Printing Design School Bag, View Printing design school bag, yiyikeren, yiyikeren Product Details from Shaoxing Keren Bag Co., Ltd.
If like me you grew up watching John Hughes movies, in which the underdog ultimately winds up on top, this post is sure to disappoint.

As multi-tasking mummies, we are so busy juggling the mayhem of motherhood we don’t always have time to search for fascinating and noteworthy news.
Let someone else do the cooking this Mother’s Day at one of these fantastic You Gotta Eat Here!-approved brunch spots. You think you are prepared for anything with a new baby, but even the best laid plans can go awry.
Before you pick out the perfect puppy for your family, there are a few things seasoned dog owners want you to know.
From sleeping through the night sleep training, to naps and how much sleep your baby needs.
You’ll be giving something where cost is beyond measure because we never know how our small kindnesses impact those around us. No matter how busy or rushed we are…it’s a bad idea to turn on an appliance and go to bed or leave the house. When I take pictures, I usually adjust them in Photoshop, giving colors some life, working in contrast, applying some color curves.
After looking at these pictures, I started to wonder what I could do to achieve this effect. There are so many tutorials on how to create a nice HDR picture that I won't be talking about how to achieve it. I'm Paulo Gabriel, a Publicist by degree and Designer by passion with a taste for the meaningful and emotional.
Rawz is our user generated site where anyone can share their work or work with the Abduzeedo community.
Abduzeedo is a blog about design, we started it in 2006 and after all these years the site accumulated a huge visual library of articles about architecture, illustration, graphic design, UX design, mobile app design and a lot more. The Most Popular Girls in School is one of those shows whose fandom sprung up overnight, going from a low-budget dollhouse stopmotion project on Youtube to fullblown meme status, replete with fake Twitters, Facebooks, and an evergrowing tundra of fan art. Just a few weeks ago, Mattel introduced four body types for the first time: original, tall, petite and curvy. They’ve also released a commercial to promote it that features an adorable little boy, along with two of his gal pals.
A new girl named Deandra joins the school and finds herself caught in the middle of a feud between the Van Buren sisters and the head cheerleader, Mackenzie Zales (who is my favorite character).
Using Barbie dolls as a blank canvas, their prop stylists transformed the original fashionista into various incarnations of Lady Gaga. We do this whenever we brush our hair before we leave the house, or when we decide to be tactful when a colleague asks us what we think of their (hideous) new hat.

Yes, Geoff, perfect sense – it definitely feels like the right direction to be heading in – being true to ourselves and trusting that some people will want to carry on listening! If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
It’s just the latest evolution of the doll which has tried to reflect the changing with the times. There are thirteen short episodes in the first season, and there’s a season 2 in the works right now! I even asked for a Baywatch Barbie for Christmas one year which came with a dolphin toy as well. On some days it bothers me, and on others I can turn the other cheek knowing not everyone will like me. In addition to that, the best images get selected and published on the Daily Inspiration series here on Abduzeedo. However, Mattel is insisting that this edition of doll is meant for adult Barbie collectors only.
A fitting tribute to an artist that transcended from pop-culture phenomenon to a true icon this past year. It’s a series about betrayal, about friendship, about young women and the issues they face, brilliant portrayed as literal plastic dolls.
The fad soon passed but I still look back at that and think it’s absolutely hilarious. So I made a quick tutorial on how to achieve something close to an HDR + Unsharp Mask Picture. It’s kinda like a snarkier version of the Barbie-based Karen Carpenter biopic, Superstar, only with a lot less spanking and a lot more poop jokes. But, for those of you who are collectors of the Mattel toy, there is a new doll on the market that is causing quite the controversy.
Hopefully I will touch a few, but ultimately I do it because I find out so much about life, myself and my god.

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