Popularity is on my mind today, after I noticed that a handful of people had exited my Facebook page overnight. People decide to sign up and sign off from newsletters and pages all the time, so this isn’t anything new. There’s always a balance between letting-it-all-hang-out and thinking about how we seem to others.
I’d be interested in your thoughts.┬áIf you blog, how conscious are you of your readers? I recently felt that I wasn’t being honest enough on my blog, which is why I stopped blogging so often, changed my emphasis. I’m always aware that I could cause offence by something I blog, particularly on my darker odder posts. Boost Your CreativityIf you would like a one-to-one session with Satya or Kaspa, or to combine a course with a one-to-one or series of one-to-ones do email Satya or Kaspa, or take a look at the Creative Boost page. Dressing the part: Lindsay Lohan (left) learns the importance of being one of the popular crowd in Mean Girls - but is being ordinary better for your mental health? Although popular pupils may appear to be part of tight-knit friendship groups, girls who are part of these cliques often turn on each other, as is demonstrated in high school films such as Mean Girls.
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Girls may pose particular threats to other female students' social standing and represent potential rivals when it comes to securing a boyfriend, according to Diane Felmlee, professor of sociology. In a study of students and their friendship networks in 19 North Carolina schools, the researchers found that the risk of being bullied drops dramatically only for the adolescents in the top five percent of the school's social strata.
Bullying may be a tactical form of aggression, according to the researchers, who report their findings in the current issue of American Sociological Review. Faris and Felmlee also found that girls are more likely to be victims of both male and female bullies. Bullying's detrimental effects can be even more pronounced among relatively popular students, according to the researchers. The researchers examined data from the Context of Adolescent Substance Use study, which surveyed about 4,200 middle and high school students twice during the school year. Inevitablemente cuando las mujeres se dirigen a los hombres, o hablan de ellos utilizando chistes, es muy extraño que no se convierta en un comentario feminista y que no sea cruel. La diferencia de femenino o feminista precisamente reside en irse hasta aquellos extremos en donde se defiende la postura o el lugar de la mujer dejando de lado y degradando cualquiera que se le quiera interponer. We do this whenever we brush our hair before we leave the house, or when we decide to be tactful when a colleague asks us what we think of their (hideous) new hat. Yes, Geoff, perfect sense – it definitely feels like the right direction to be heading in – being true to ourselves and trusting that some people will want to carry on listening!
She had no idea what that was.'On another occasion a teacher found some sellotape stuck deeply into a girl's hair.

Young people who are attempting to climb in status may increase their risk of victimization. This may be further evidence that bullying is rarely an individual act, but associated with how friends establish and maintain hierarchies by protecting their own, according to the researchers. Higher status students experienced significantly larger increases in depression, anxiety and anger than low-status students.
The surveys included questions on serious verbal and physical harassment, but did not include minor incidents, such as playful teasing.
Es casi improbable que podamos no ser crueles en un momento en que queremos destacar lo peor de ellos. On some days it bothers me, and on others I can turn the other cheek knowing not everyone will like me. In fact, researchers have found that relatively popular students are targeted and may actually suffer more from a single act of social aggression. The students were asked to provide information about their friendships, as well as information about students whom they believe they harassed and about those who they believe harassed them. Hopefully I will touch a few, but ultimately I do it because I find out so much about life, myself and my god.

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