You CAN control your actions, so look at your daily habits and make sure they coincide with you attaining your definition of success. I love this Habit Poem.  I have it on the cupboard at eye level in my kitchen so I see it multiple times per day.
How to Become a Successful Online Publisher [Infographic] You are using an outdated browser.
Step 3: Make things interestingThe best marketing content should support and educate the audience rather than sell to them. If you aren’t careful, though, and you use someone else’s image without proper attribution, you may find yourself spending thousands of dollars.
Fortunately, Dreamstime and dozens of other websites provide images you can purchase for minimal fees.

After all, when you’re on a bootstrap budget, every penny is precious.Content marketing agency Column Five created the infographic below for Microsoft. In this infographic, we meet and learn about a small business owner named “Sonny” who successfully taps into the power of content marketing. By using optimization strategies, you help ensure that people can easily find you and your website online.Consider creating and publishing other types of content such as videos and podcastsAccording to Invodo, a company which produces video content, 90% of consumers watch online video. Meanwhile, 39 million Americans have listened to at least one podcast.What if you created YouTube videos or podcasts? Do one or both of these approaches make sense given your product or service and your audience? Don’t underestimate the importance of keeping up the momentum – your audience will appreciate you even more for maintaining their interest.Are you ready to turn your brand into an online publisher?

There are several popular online publishing tools, but WordPress is one of the most popular.
Check out this infographic for more useful stats and information:This post originally appeared on DashBurst Magazine and is being republished with permission.

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