At our Fairfield Public Speakers we believe face to face communication remains the most important way to engage with one or more people, whether in business or in our daily personal lives.
Luckily, developing self confidence and beating low self-esteem are easy once you know how. Modern methods are about helping you to change your mind-set, through giving you powerful information in a relaxed and open state of mind, so that you can get past the self-erected barriers in your thinking, overcome your fears, and adopt effective new strategies to transform your life. Some people have naturally high levels of confidence but everybody can learn to be more confident. The 'trying to recall' experience set the task or blueprint for your brain's future subconscious behavior which eventually produced the name for you - when you weren't thinking about it consciously. Use nature's goal-setter: Now you understand how vital it is to set the right task for you brain, you need to know how to do this reliably.
Focus on words in your mind right now that describe how you do want to be in that time and place.
You can repeat this often to make it more effective and use it with as many areas of your life as you need to. It took me years to learn how to be more confident - now you can do it in a fraction of the time. Relaxed socializing is so pleasurable, not to say productive, but it is an advantage denied to many until they learn to relax. Think about the way you feel and behave around familiar people you are comfortable and spontaneous around. I now love meeting new people and suspect that my current social confidence would be unrecognizable to my fifteen year old self.
Generalized Anxiety Treatment ~ Use hypnosis as a generalized anxiety disorder treatment and you can feel calm today.
Improving Concentration and Focus ~ Learn how to discipline, direct and command your mind to improve your performance. Exercise Motivation ~ Give you powerful keys to getting back on track with your exercise - and staying there. Overcoming Shyness ~ Provides an invisible security blanket allowing you to develop social ease and overcome shyness. Quick Confidence Booster ~ An audio hypnosis session that's specifically designed to get you (quickly!) back on track. Stop Negative Thoughts ~ Learn powerful hypnotic techniques to stop negative thoughts before they start.
Overcoming Procrastination ~ Let hypnosis help you get on with what you need to do, when you need to do it. The iAwake Profound Meditation Program is a way of enhancing your meditation practice, making meditation not only easier and more enjoyable, but also more efficient and effective. Here is a link to a free 20-minute track from iAwake Technologies - a sample of the type of tools that will deepen your meditation immediately and help you quickly become a successful meditator. I think you'll find this technology a tremendous aid on your transformative journey of becoming your best and most creative self - and you can get started today! When you subscribe to our free service, each Monday you'll receive several transformational quotes on a new topic - with commentary by Peter Shepherd - plus an exceptional accompanying article, to inspire you throughout the week. And as a bonus when you've confirmed your subscription, freely download your choice of 250 eBooks in the Transformational eBook Collection - including Peter Shepherd's book, 'Daring to Be Yourself'! This workshop is especially designed for busy women who feel like they have lost themselves to the responsibilities and demands of life and are ready to step out from under everyone else's stuff. Over the last 7 years I have heard many of the same messages from women who feel that part of them has become hidden or got lost along the way. Maybe it is time for you to take a day out of your busy life to focus on yourself for a change. If you are ready to get more pleasure out of your life then this full day workshop can help you to dramatically increase your confidence levels and build your self-esteem so you can be more successful and have a positive approach to life. I will demonstrate step by step, powerful, yet easy, tools and techniques to increase your self confidence and self esteem. By the end of the workshop,A you will have a tool bag of great techniques to take away and use as well as improved levels of confidence and self esteem, giving you the opportunity to live a more balanced, authentic, and fulfilling life. Before he was a second-grade teacher, he worked at a public relations firm in New York City. With modern therapeutic hypnosis the techniques are not at all manipulative and they are extremely effective.
And although people who know me now would never believe it, I used to doubt myself so much that I literally had to learn confidence until it became a natural part of me. Firstly, it's important to get a clear idea of what self confidence really means, otherwise you won't know when you've got it!

You know when you imagine what some place is going to be like before you go there but when you get there it is totally different to your imagination? Instead of: 'I don't want to screw up' (which sets the task of 'screwing up' for your brain), set the blueprint for what you do want!
Good hypnosis will strongly 'program' the right blueprint in your mind through the use of your imagination.
Then, imagine the situation itself and rehearse it in your mind feeling confident and relaxed.
To make it even more unpleasant, sometimes when you are feeling shy you experience physical sensations which 'hijack' your calm logical self. I couldn't think what to say so I said nothing apart from making barely audible grunting noises! It's that feeling transferred to new people and situations that equates to your emerging social confidence. Sure, you can think a little bit about how you are coming across, but if all your focus is on your own words and feelings then you might as well be by yourself. Many people like to talk about themselves and will find you interesting if you find them interesting.
Have you ever had an imaginary picture in your mind of a holiday destination only to arrive and find the reality is different from the way you had imagined? It's based on a technique used by top athletes and other successful people to help them make a big stride forward. You won't be the only one who will reap the benefits as everyone around you will notice and experience the positive changes too. It's an opportunity for you to get to know yourself more and learn how to be the best version of you that you can be. Throughout the day you will be able to practice these new tools and experience the feeling of increased confidence and esteem, which you will be able to continue to use and develop at home, in your relationships and in your work. A wonderful mix of women, all of whom are seeking to develop their self confidence and self esteem so they can feel good from the inside out while taking back control of their lives and enjoying all that it has to offer.
Your work suffers - interviews can become terrifying, promotion prospects fade as job performance suffers, you avoid networking, public speaking is horrible, and so on. To be 'cool' in a situation really means relaxing with not knowing how things will pan out. When a task has been set in your brain it will do everything it can do to bring about the completion of that task. If you powerfully imagine feeling confident and relaxed while in a relaxed hypnotic state it will be hard for your unconscious mind to do anything else.
So if you feel like you've been blessed with less confidence than other people you can start redressing the balance by using your mind in the right way - right now! Shyness can be crippling but there are tried and tested ways to make it a thing of the past.
This enables you to direct your attention away from yourself and gives you the space to practice certain conversational skills.
Notice what other people are wearing and make a mental note, listen to their conversation, imagine where they might live, make a point of remembering names. People who are depressed, angry or anxious see reality in terms of differing extremes, simplistic all or nothing terms. Ask questions and if questions are asked of you can take time to consider your response (within reason). With a thick mohawk and a mischievous glimmer in his dark eyes, he seems like the kind of kid who would be unfazed by public speaking. Social life can become painful instead of fun - meeting new people becomes a struggle, even going out with friends can be hard. Belief in yourself and your abilities is a skill, it can be learned, and it can be learned much more easily with the aid of gentle, light hypnosis. You make great strides towards confidence when you begin to relax in a greater range of situations. If you've tried to recall someone's name but can't, hours later you'll often find their name pops into your head. I heard my own voice but not hers and I thought about what I was trying to say instead of what she was trying to say. When I detected pity in her eyes (or was it contempt, or boredom) I mumbled my excuse and got out of there. In most cases, the heightened emotions of socializing when young simply condition the sufferer to respond to social events with fear, instead of excitement and pleasure. Not only does this give you more to talk about, it also 'dilutes' social anxiety leaving you feeling calmer.

An angry person is 'right' and you are 'wrong'; the depressed person feels like a 'failure' while others are a 'success'. We welcome all those with varying abilities as everyone, regardless of experience, can learn a bit more to make themselves better communicators. And even if you manage to bravely force yourself to keep doing these things, the sparkle goes out of life when everything is a struggle.
I've long since stopped bothering to imagine what others think of me because so often I've turned out to be wrong.
I do lots of public speaking and I've long since stopped trying to second guess what others think of me - it's just too painful.
In fact you'll find that when you relax deeply enough often enough whilst hypnotically rehearsing being comfortable around others you'll reach the point where you just can't be shy any more! Besides, what a person thinks about you has a lot more to do with who they are than who you are.
Once you start to relax more socially you'll notice much less black or white thinking because anxiety actually causes you to think in all or nothing terms.
Whaley recalls how at the beginning of the year, when called upon to read, Chris would excuse himself to go to the bathroom. Many of us who have been ESL students know what it's like to get pulled out of class in front of everyone, so you can learn to master the verbs and retrain your tongue to twist differently from what your parents taught you.
Impeccably dressed, with a gravelly Long Island accent that turns one vowel into many, Whaley does not look like the kind of guy that dabbles in magic markers. Before he was a second-grade teacher, he worked at a public relations company in New York City.
He says he started thinking about doing something else while riding to and from work on the Long Island Rail Road.
In addition, Whaley has found time to write a novel called Leaving Montana, and he's starting to write children's books. He tells me he got the idea when he asked the children one day to raise their hands if they thought they could never be a U.S. They'd say things like, " 'I can't run for president because my parents are from a different country.' That was a biggie. He's constantly on the phone, constantly emailing parents." It's not an easy job, juggling native speakers' needs with those of the ESL students.
He tells me he often finds himself wishing they'd taught him to speak Italian, so he could be bilingual, like many of his students. And for children learning English in American schools, it can be especially hard - new grammar rules, awkward pronunciation, and your parents may not be able to help.
JASMINE GARSD, BYLINE: It's election season here in second grade, and tensions are running high. CHRIS PALAEZ: I'm here to tell you today why you should vote for me, Chris Palaez, to be the next president. And he would start to read it, and then he would stop and say, I need to go to the bathroom.
WHALEY: It takes a lot for any student, especially a student who's learning English as their new language, to feel confident enough to say, I don't know, but I want to know. WHALEY: I, you know, would talk with the people on the train at 6 o'clock in the morning and at 8 o'clock at night on the way home. They were people who had a complete disconnect on the young people in our world because they were all so focused on the rat race.
WHALEY: Raise your hand if you think that you could never be the president of the United States. WHALEY: Almost every single child who is an English language learner believed that they couldn't be. Bragging about yourself and your best qualities is very difficult for a child who came into the classroom not feeling any confidence whatsoever to read three or four words. ROBERT EPSTEIN: There's a sense of community in his classroom that's really unsurpassed, and they will take risks as a result. GARSD: It's not an easy job juggling native speakers' needs with those of the ESL students. WHALEY: Last but not least, immigrants - now, this is a very important word because we've been learning about our ancestors.
They were all this word - immigrants, someone who comes from a different country to a new country.

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