One of the downfalls of iCloud is it does not appear to let you change your email address that it is under. Not only have I been trying to update my iCloud on my iPhone but so has the employees at the Apple store.
All you e the old had to do was delete the old account and reregister the address you wanted. Same here – It keeps asking for the password to turn off Find my iPhone… Fed up of this!!! Using rules in Apple’s client on your Mac is a great way to take charge of your email, but what about those same rules for email on your iPhone?
With Apple’s iCloud email service, you have the ability to set up rules for email that work across all devices.

With the new folder selected, click the Gear icon in the bottom left corner of the iCloud window and select Rules. The Rules window will appear and unless you’ve created rules in the past, will be empty. Now, whenever you receive an email from this person, it will be sent to the Priority folder. Now that you know how to set up rules, these suggested rule ideas will help you take control of your email. Email Archive – Keeping all your eggs in one basket is a bad idea, yet most of us leave all of our email in one place with one email address. Now, when you want to make the jump to your iCloud email address, all your important emails are there.

While iCloud rules are nowhere near as robust as those found in desktop email clients like Outlook or, setting up a few basic rules on iCloud can ensure junk mail stays away and important emails always come through to the top. If you have someone who’s email is a priority, you can make a new Priority folder and move all emails from him or her into the folder. If you ever need to switch to your iCloud account from another address, you can make sure your emails are all already moved over by using a 2-step process.

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