When you create an Apple ID for the first time, it asks you to enter a valid email address for it. Following the publication of an NPR article detailing the security of major email services, Apple has informed the network that it is working on an update to its iCloud Mail service that encrypts emails in transit from other providers. The chart indicates that only inbound emails are encrypted, but outbound are not via iCloud.
Apple has published transparency reports indicating the security of its iOS and OS X operating systems and various cloud services. Later this year, Apple will be rolling out OS X 10.10 Yosemite and iOS 8 with further security improvements for both consumers and enterprise users. I know it’s not currently a problem due to the way the rest of the system is constructed, but they really need to stop using elliptic curve also (If the NSA allows it).
Umm, no one else encrypts outbound email either unless it’s a feature you turn on or install.
I suppose if it offered an adequate level of security (and I’m not sure it does) then I could use email for sensitive info like credit card details.

In reality, if I send an email from an apple account to a contact on gmail, the only people intercepting the email are likely to be google. But if you have 2 iCloud email accounts associated with different Apple IDs, you can easily change the older email id to the new one. Once this is done, it will be assigned as your primary mail account and it can’t be changed. Make a note that, when you click the option “Delete Account”, the content stays in the cloud. However, you can change your Apple ID to any other mail address, as long as it is not in use as an Apple ID. It is likely that Apple will need to work with Gmail and other email providers to provide complete in-transit email encryption.
These reports have come in response to government surveillance allegations over the past year.
The configuration files that let your telecom company control aspects of how your iPhone works is also unencrypted.

Are they really going to transfer an analyst from reading emails coming out of Syria to reading emails I’m writing? Before we tell you how to change your iCloud email, it is important to understand about them first.
Apple currently provides end-to-end encryption for services such as iMessage and FaceTime and the Electronic Frontier Foundation has even lauded Apple with 5 out of 5 stars for its customer online data protection.
We have reached out to Apple for more clarity on the future iCloud email encryption improvements. This is easy to do for small sites, but I imagine it’s a big deal on something the size of iCloud.

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