Samsung Galaxy S3 come with very good feature where you can change to some beautiful font on all writing without need to root your device.
Even after the release of new version of android, android developers still haven’t yet fixed complex script rendering or Malayalam language support. To install this patch, download the zip file and flash it using ClockWorkMod recovery or any other recovery which you use. With Ice Cream Sandwich finally revealed, Android has gone through its seventh major iteration.
Cupcake was step one for what was, at the time, Google's recently acquired mobile operating system Android. Donut was largely a under-the-hood overhaul for Android, and brought support for CDMA networks, text to speech, a vastly improved market, and revamped the Search functionality to not just search the web, but your phone as well. Android Froyo brought us the quick-launch icons for the dialer and browser next to the app drawer, as well the addition of the selectable search type menu on the Search widget. Honeycomb will probably be remembered as the stepping stone to bigger and better things for Android - the good idea that never gained much traction.
Even though I'm not a developer and I only tinker mildly with custom ROMS, I *feel* involved. Started with android with the "preview" pre g1, not even sure there was a number assigned to it.
After you should be able to see everything in Khmer even though the rendering is not fine, you can type Khmer Unicode as well. If it’s working for you or you have other way to make it working, please share in comment. I just found your issue has been fixed recently by Android Battambang team in facebook, please join the group and find the download of yesterday. Dear All, Please help to introduce how to install khmer unnicode for sony Android version 4.0.4? Genie provides a platform and service, which enables consumers to explore and discover the market around them. Genie does not place any damaging or irrelative information to ensure both user and business friendliness.

Find the desired font, you can also get fonts online via Google Play Store to find more font. Here is one patch which will install Malayalam font Meera on any Ice Cream Sandwich based ROM. While Android 1.0 was introduced on the G1 at launch, Cupcake marked the first iteration of the Android we generally know today (with things like a virtual keyboard!), and also the start of Google's dessert-based code name system for versions of the OS. Minor visual changes (like a lighter notification bar color) were implemented, but generally, it looked pretty similar to Cupcake. Gone was the old app drawer, live wallpapers were introduced, icons were all revamped, and Android just started to look a whole lot better. Froyo was most vaunted as a performance boost, and included major backend changes to Android that sped up the user experience, and particularly apps. Eclair 2.1 was so similar aside from the app drawer that they didn't bother changing the name, so I don't think it's really necessary to distinguish the two. I am glad I was here for the ALL the desserts and hope to be here for whatever we're eating, sampling, tasting next.
I feel like Android is more than the software running my phone, it's an extension of who I am, a natural evolution of technology into biology. I've seen some of the non official GB & HC roms that the cooks have made for the streak, but each one has it's "quirks".
It just miss the font so that you need to install above font and make the same instruction. You can try to check out around the settings, display if any Khmer font available otherwise if you are using Samsung, please install the Khmer.apk to try out. Genie also enables businesses to navigate the market place with ease, providing direct comprehensive information and connection. Genie showcases a variety of market Products and Services, ensuring you get exactly what you want.
Actually, tomorrow, October 22nd, will mark 3 years to the day that Android has been available on consumer handsets in the United States, and the G1 on T-Mobile was concepción.
What better way to illustrate Android's evolution than its home screen, the hub of user interaction.

Gingerbread finally did away with the ugly, old notification bar, in favor of the black one you see above. We know that "Jelly Bean" is a contender for the next name in the Android line - but we kind of like the sound of Jawbreaker.
Not convinced, and because I had a credit with my at the time carrier, I returned the G1 and picked up a Samsung Omnia.
Kept it up to ice cream sandwich ( i became a rom junky about 3-4 months into it ) and jumped on Gnex when i had a chance to buy it very cheap. Powerline is a status-line and prompts utility to change the look and feel of your vim or tmux status lines.
Besides that, you can even download different font officially & legally from Google Play Store into your Galaxy S3 for greater font customization. The launcher icons were also changed, and the whole OS's color scheme was changed to black and green, with that nifty orange menu scroll glow. Dissatisfied with both devices, I waited a few more months, and went back to the G1, because I thought it was on the right track and gave a more complete experience, purchasing the ADP1 through Google rather than getting something from the carrier. There was also the introduction of the cathode-ray TV style screen power-off effect, which was just awesome. But clearly, design cues and interface functions were taken from the tablet-centric OS when developing Ice Cream Sandwich, making it worthy of a mention, at least.
Gingerbread brought a lot of other improvements as well - including major updates to Google apps and performance enhancements. Ice Cream Sandwich is what Windows 7 is to XP - it kind of works in the same way, but you can immediately tell there have been major changes.
ICS also brings a slew of hardware acceleration enhancements, revamped Google apps, and a plethora of other stuff.
There's so much going on that it wouldn't do this update to justice to try and cram it all into a single paragraph.

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