Next, click on Network and Sharing Center, you can open it through the Windows icon, the same way you opened MS Dos prompt in step 2. Here you’ll see a view your active connections, under that you will find a Local Area Network Tab. Then press Tab and you’ll see the subnet mask section will be assigned numbers automatically.
I have come across this great piece of software called Hide My Ass that allows you to pretty much change your IP address to a TON of locations around the world. The functionality of the software itself is actually pretty simple and does not require any complicated configuration and installation aside from just installing the download you initially get.
The last thing I found that made it very great was that it works with all of the programs on your computer not just your browser. Disclaimer: This information is provided to help you configure your system so that you can use hotComm, IM-Live, and ezPeer.
We strongly advise that you consult with your network and router administrators before making any changes.

Note: in a network configuration, the internal IP is not the same as the IP assigned by your ISP. When you are opening ports to allow incoming connections to your computer, your computer must be assigned a static internal IP address, to ensure that the incoming connections always go to the correct computer. Choose an IP address, and collect other information needed in order to assign a static IP address to your computer. In your router administration program, find an IP address that can be assigned as a static IP.
Must not be one that has been assigned to another device (often these are the low numbers). In Use the following DNS server addresses, enter all the IP addressses for the DNS servers your router uses. Its just a matter of going down a list and selecting which country you want to be connect to and then just click connect. So if you have another program that needs to access the internet and you want to use it with this service you don’t have to change any further settings to get it to work.

However there are a few steps that can confuse you are working in Vista and 7 and were formerly XP user. Each time you visit a website, including this one your internet browser will provide us your IP address, internet service provider, your browser details including type of browser, operating system, what plugins you have installed and more.
Some of the most common uses are getting around geographical restrictions and browsing the web on a perfectly anonymous connection. There are tons of services that don’t allow users outside of the USA such as Netflix and Hulu. You can buy the same adapter for all three computers, just check that it has Vista as well as Xp drivers. With Hide My Ass you can use any of those services and services alike just as if you were sitting in front of a computer in the USA.

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