With the recent changes to the Canadian passport, we thought you might want to know how we got here. After the First World War, the Canadian Passport officially came into existence, but it was only available to British Subjects residing in Canada, as Canada was a British colony at the time. A special passport was issued to Canadian veterans to attend the dedication of the Vimy ridge memorial in 1936. When Canadian Citizenship came into existence in 1947, a new Canadian Passport available only to Canadian citizens became necessary.
The latest change is the ePassport: as of July 1, 2013 Canadian Passports are now embedded with a computer chip that contains each individual's vital statistics, as well as a digital picture of the bearer's face.
This type of passport is for the Canadian citizens who are fond of traveling out of the country.
These are for the citizens who are abroad or out of the country and who have lost their passports.

Diplomatic passports are issued to Canadian diplomats working in other countries and sometimes at international agencies. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. The American federal government had begun requiring a passport to enter from Canada in order to identify real Canadians from Confederate spies posing as Canadians. There were actually two different types: those issued to those born as British Subjects, and those issued to naturalized British Subjects. This is a result of an international effort to re-standardize passports with new technology, to help deter identity theft, terrorism and human smuggling. These passports are also issued to the viceregal representatives to any citizens given temporary official diplomatic missions.
The Governor General of Canada began issuingĀ  a "Letter of Request" to any potential travelers, so that Canadians had a standard form of international ID.

The Canadian Passport stayed the same until 1985, when the International Civil Aviation Authority led the effort to standardize passports around the world. The Letter of Request was the only acceptable documentation for Canadians seeking to enter the United States. As a result, Canadian Passports were redesigned to be "machine readable" (those little arrows before and after your name).
They were usually valid for a period of five years but the new ePassports are valid for 5 or 10 years. Both special and diplomatic passports have been issued as e-passports for few years now, in an effort to slowly phase-in the new technology.

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