I am not one who believes in BMW’s prolonged oil change intervals, so for this 1M it’s going to get the oil changed with synthetic every 5,000 miles.
Over the years, BMW has made simple things like an oil change harder and harder for the do it yourself’er. Remove the dirty oil filter and the two O rings – a large black one and a much smaller green one. The M2 may be getting all the attention these days, but the impressive and legendary BMW 1M is still alive and kicking well. Vossen Wheels gets their hands on of the most excited BMW of this last decade – The BMW 1M. BMW i3 owners have an interesting competition amongst themselves and that’s to see who gets the most flat tires. BMWBLOG goes to Dallas to test drive the new 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost Series II When is a car not a car?
Yesterday we went over one of the most common ways to change your boat oil—through the drain plug. Since inboard boat motors are basically automotive engines adapted to powering a boat, one could expect changing the oil in an inboard would be similar to changing If it wasn't done last fall, change the engine oil and oil filter. Best Answer: look at the dipstick tube If it has threads at the end about the same size that a garden hose would screw onto your in luck. Ed from Long Island Boaters Club show you how to change the motor oil on a Mercury nice boat? gd job Here are the steps you need to take to change your outboard motor's oil.
The break in service was done by the local dealer at 1,200 miles and another 5k has gone by. On E36’s like my old S52 M3 you can use 13mm socket found in any tool box to remove the oil filter. Get a large screw driver and rotate the lock 180 degrees and the the door will just swing down. Not getting oil all over your hand – which you’ll see in the video I didn’t do a very good job of. Once the oil has stopped draining, you can install the drain plug back in but make sure you’ve put the new copper crush ring first.

However, many engines don’t come equipped with a drain It is very easy to replace the gear oil in an Outboard Motor It is very simple and easy to change the gear oil or Questions Answered by a Master Boat Change the Engine and Drive Train Oil. Changing your Mer cruiser engine oil is not as difficult The engine oil can be changed with the boat in or out of the water. Ideally, you'll want to change your outboard oil filter every 100 hours, or at the top How to Change Oil in a Boat. That means the Boats Boating Question: How To Change Oil On A Yamaha Outboard 150 Hp 4 Stroke? Here in Southern California I will warm engine temp to about 140 degrees or about 10 minutes of idling. It gets kind of windy here so I adjust the pan based on the wind and how I estimate it blowing the oil around. Try not to drop the plug in the pan, and twist fairly quickly as the oil will start coming out, and depending on how warm your oil is, it can burn you. Crud builds up on the edges of the lid, so be sure to wipe it down clean before installing the new seal.
I have drips that come from this plug, so I add thread tape to help stop that from that area. I pour the oil into a container I will take to a local Auto store that accepts used oil and oil filters. It’s absolutely gorgeous, a blast to drive and has every option including the 6NR BMW apps. I realize there is much debate about how often to change the oil in new BMW’s and which oil to use, a debate I’ll skip but you can see what I believe for this family heirloom. This trap door is pretty cool and will hopefully stand up to repeated use unlike some of the earlier generations where parts were easy to loose or break leaving a lot of shops to simply remove your panel and not tell you.
I usually like to use a socket with a short extension, but that combo doesn’t fit in area BMW provides inside the trap door.
You should change your engine oil and filter every 100 hours or every season, which ever comes first. After running your boat all summer, it's likely that water, acids and other byproducts have built up.

Engine manufacturers typically recommend an oil change every 100 hours, and at least once a year.
It is recommended that you change the oil and filter of your boat engine every year If you own a boat, learning how to change oil in the lower unit of your outboard motor will save you hassle and money in the long run. So I remove it by dipping a small cup into the housing and set my drain container right next to it.
Unbelievably BMW lists the capacity of the window washer system as 5.9 quarts but not a mention about how much oil to put in the dip- stickless motor.
Once the door is open it will expose the 17mm six sided drain plug that opens towards the passengers side front tire. Next seat the new oil filter in the black housing and install the whole assembly back into the motor. When winter winds start to blow, it's Run the engine until it heats up, then change your engine and transmission oil.
I will do this all the way down to the bottom and then wipe out the filter housing and check for debris. The oil filter removal doesn’t have to be first, you could drain the oil first, this is just the order I like to do it. Fortunately, Bavarian Autosport sells the Special Oil filter housing cap for $15 and it comes with a 17 mm six sided hex head on the top, which interestingly is the same size as the oil drain plug. The 25 Nm torque spec for the oil filter housing is thankfully marked on top of the oil filter housing. For those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, you should remove the residual oil in the oil filter housing.

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