Occasionally weak email passwords will get hacked, or an undesirable person might gain access to your password.
Step 6: Delete the current password, replace it with the new password, then touch the Done button.
It's always advisable to keep changing your Facebook password and maintain required Facebook Security on timely basis. Whenever your email password is compromised, it’s important to update that password as soon as possible. This can require you to create an application-specific password, which you will then enter instead of the new password that you just created.

They have a huge selection of options, and they are typically available for less than you will find them at other stores.
Also having a strong password will keep your Facebook or any other web account secure and safe. For most Web-based email providers like Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook, you will do this through a Web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. Take a look at their list of best-selling laptops to see if there’s something there that you like. But if you have your email account synced on your iPhone 5, you will need to update to the new password on there as well.

You can learn how to change your email password on the iPhone 5 by following the steps laid out below.
So if you’ve recently change your email password and you are no longer getting new messages on your iPhone, then follow the steps below to update to the new password on your device.

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