How to Access “Advanced Appearance Settings” Option and Change Font Size, Color in Windows 8 and Later? After receiving so many emails from lots of AskVG readers regarding same problem, today I decided to post this article. Actually in previous Windows versions such as Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, users could customize the text size and color using "Advanced appearance settings" option present in Desktop Properties (Personalization) window. So if you are also using Windows 8 and want to access "Advanced appearance settings" option in Windows 8, this tutorial will help you. In this tutorial, we are going to tell you how to change text size of title bars, menus, message boxes, palette titles, icons and tooltips in Windows 8. Now you can change the text size of various items such as icons, title bars, etc by selecting the item from drop-down list and then selecting the desired size for it from the 2nd drop-down box. If you want to change other advanced appearance settings which are not available in the above mentioned location of Windows 8 such as background color, border padding, caption buttons size, icon size, icon spacing, scrollbar size, etc, you can change or customize them using Windows Registry.
Above mentioned Registry keys store all the advanced appearance settings information, so you can customize the advanced appearance settings in Windows 8 by changing the values of various DWORD and strings given in the right-side pane.
I just bought a laptop with windows 8 but the screen color came way bright, which affects how I view pictures and whatnot, terrible quality. When building financial models, analyses and spreadsheets, it is common to hide cells in white so that they do not appear on a print- out. So, how to change COLOR of the text on the screen (not font size and not background color)? Thats OK if you are confident in knowing what you are doing but to us amateur users it creates another hurdle . On my students computers I would like to limit the size of their video displays to less then full screen.
MS stupidity has caused me to go 100% to Firefox (IE is intolerable) and now will push me to Apple.
That good contribution, but enter the address of the Windows Registry 8.1, seeking to modify the fonts and did not know how.
As a programmer, you have to remember that some programs use default settings, but many programs control their own colors. And Rebecca K - I like to change the white backgroud from "255 255 255" to "248 248 248" to reduce glare.

Rebecca K - some people (including some with dyslexia) have problems reading black text on a white background, especially on a computer screen.
In an attempt to keep things simple, Snapchat has a limited amount of editing features, made up of "smart" photo filters, drawing pens, and special text captions.
Step 3: Edit Text Colors on SnapchatOnce SnapColors is activated, open up your official Snapchat app and begin Snapchatting as usual. Step 4: Edit Text Size on SnapchatTo change the actual size of the text, type in a number anywhere from 0 to 300 (for best results, stick with 0 to 250) inside of the text editor, then double-tap it, which will make it either grow or reduce in size depending on the number. Messages app Preferences in OS X defaults to greying out the “Set Font…” option, a peculiar choice considering a fair amount of people like to change the font size of their instant messages to make it easier to read.
Interestingly, the Set Font button for a senders fonts is always available, so changing their text size is just a matter of clicking the button, it’s only your personal messages where it’s disabled by default. Click on the text box, select the "Latin" placeholder text within it and replace it with your own. On the Format tab, in the Arrange group, click Wrap Text, and then select In Front of Text. On the Format tab, in the Arrange group, select Bring Forward, Send Backward, Bring to Front, or Send to Back.
On the Home tab, in the Font group, click the Font Dialog Box Launcher, and then click the Advanced tab.
On the Home tab, in the Font group, click the arrow next to Font Color, and then select the color that you want. Position the cropping tool over a cropping handle and drag the handle inward until the object is cropped the way you want it.
Many people who are using Microsoft's latest OS Windows 8, are wondering where is the "Advanced Appearance Settings" option? It'll open "Screen Resolution" window which allows you to change screen resolution and orientation. So to make the task easier, you can boot into Windows 7 and customize the advanced appearance settings using Desktop Personalization window.
Advanced Appearance Settings was developed to customize Classic theme parts although it also affects Aero and Basic themes. Likewise, sometimes, a cell needs to be shaded so as to distinguish it from other cells, but again without the shading printed out – simply shade the cell with white fill.

Wouldn't it be easier if Microsoft did an update to Windows 8 to install the advanced appearance settings. I Have a question I would like the title font instead of Segoe UI would be Calibri for example, which value do I should change? I have this problem and even wear tinted lenses much of the time because the administrator blocks on my work computer won't allow me to make the changes I want to make the screen easier to read. If you want more editing capabilities, you'll be pleased to know there's a way, no thanks to Snapchat, but you will need to be rooted.To get more editing tools added to your Snapchat app, you just have to install the SnapColors mod from MANVIR, which adds abilities to edit the size and color of the text on your images.
After taking a picture, add some text and use the volume rockers to change the color of the text (volume up) or the color of the background banner (volume down) while inside the text editor. Alternatively, you can open "Display" window by selecting "Personalize" option from Desktop context menu and then click on "Display" link given at the bottom of left-sidebar. Then open Registry Editor and take a backup of the above mentioned Registry keys by right-click on them and select Export option.
All these elements could be resized from the Advanced Appearance Settings option in Win7 currently. Wonder why Microsoft removed such a basic customization option that has been part of Windows since Win95. However, in order to see the white cells and white shaded cells, it is necessary to change the background of Excel and your computer to a color other than white.
Why would they omit that option when you consider the fact that every persons eyes are different. Its looking like this isn't a option in windows 8, (I wish i never installed the damn OS) but that's what came with this laptop..
To me our eyesight should be one of the fundamental issues to be considered when developing a new computer system. But wouldn't this be dangerous to run the registry settings of a Win7 computer on some other Win8 computer ?

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