May 6, 2013 by HideIP There are times when we would all want to be computer savvy and be able to perform a lot of tasks, such as concealing our identity and thus protecting our privacy.
If you have a dynamic IP address, it means that your IP changes every time that you connect to the internet; otherwise, if your address remains the same, you have a static IP address.
If you have a dynamic IP address, everything is simple: as mentioned above, you simply have to restart your rooter or disconnect and then reconnect to the Internet. If your IP address is static, the best and simplest solution would be to use proxies in order to change it.
If you need to change your proxies often and don’t want to go through these 5 steps every time, you can create a shortcut. Register now to get the latest in online privacy, security and how to access blocked content.
Make sure you’re in Classic View by clicking Classic View on the left of the Control Panel. By default a network connection is set to automatically obtain an IP address from another computer. Select Use the following IP address and then enter the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and the preferred and alternate DNS IP addresses. You probably banned your public ip (ip of your modem or router), not your private ip (the ip of your computer).
If I’m wanting to change the IP address of my computer, is there a specific “new” IP that I have to enter when doing this? Hey I had the exact same question, because I tried just putting in a random ip address but it didn’t want to connect to the internet. If you have a business Internet connection with a static IP address, you’ll have to get with your ISP to change it. I am not sure about this, but I think since I routed my DNS through OpenDNS they change my public IP anyway. Hey I got banned from dc++ because i didnt know i had to share anything but does anyone know if doing this will allow me back in i want to know before i try.Thanks. Quick question, at 8 do i type the numbers in the picture or the numbers that show up on my CMD? Assuming that you’re in the Category view, you should navigate to the Control Panel, choose Network and Internet, and then click Network and Sharing Center. From the Local Area Connection Status window, click the Details button to see your existing connection details (most likely DHCP). Click the Use the following IP address radio button and enter the appropriate values for your static IP address.

Fred, I added a screen shot of the Windows 7 default Control Panel, and you can see that the Network and Internet is an option. I want to assign a static ip address provided by my ISP(Internet Service Provider), to the computer hosting my web application so that i can access my web app. Although few people now, each internet user is actually able to change their IP address and disable websites from tracking their location. Then, in order to figure out if you were assigned a static or dynamic IP address, you have to restart your broadband modem or your router, or simply disconnect your internet connection.
Search the Internet for reliable proxy lists – you can find free proxies as well, but some of them might too slow due to overuse.
This information includes your IP range, subnet mask, default gateway, dhcp server, and dns servers.1. Phew, you just saved me after about an hour of fruitless searching, thank you thank you thank you!!!
But something else some might want to know about is that your MAC address can also leave a footprint as well, you CAN change that yourself to just about anything you want, or it at least worked for me on a Vista OS. If I change the IP address with this method on one computer, will it cause problems with the other? Since I use virtualization (with VMWare Fusion) extensively to test environments, I seem to go through this drill too often.
That’s what I did before patching the OS, installing virus protection software, and installing a few tools and program.
The default gateway and DNS server are generally different but are the same when you’re using NAT addressing inside VMWare.
If you test the connection, Windows 7 raises and error but everything works after you reboot the operating system.
You just need to determine the default gateway, and then determine you can typically assign a static IP in the range of the gateway. I’m very Internet savvy, and have set up static ip for my two gaming systems and my wife and my Android devices and they work splendidly.
Getting your IP range –Getting information about your IP range is not difficult, I recommend using Neo Trace on your own IP. Both are running on vista, but one is for gaming and one is my work laptop (the one I’m wanting to change the IP address). By the way, I upgraded to VMWare Fusion 3 before testing the production releases of Windows 7.
The suggestion in the posting was to first confirm the IP address by configuring a DHCP IP first.

I got my ipv4 and entered it and everything, but when I go to check my IP, it doesn’t change!
But I tried this and added my laptop using one of the remaining static ip slots and it didn’t work. If you have the same IP, it means that your IP is static; otherwise, you have a dynamic IP. MAXIMUMpcguides IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damage or data loss to your computer from using this web site. Click the Close button when you’ve made note of those IP addresses for subsequent steps.
None of the solutions worked and I reviewed how I got to no internet connection, related to my ip address that was not being assigned correctly by my router. And I did read where you said I have no control over my public but is it possible for me to ask my internet provider to change this for me?
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If you need, replace Service Console with the name of your Service Console portgroup (this one is the default value)-i is the new IP adresse -n is your new subnet -b is your broadcast6.) Update the default gateway. Changing your IP AddressTo change your IP address first pick any IP you like out of your IP range and remember it or write it down. In Control Panel select Network Connections and pick your active connection, probably Local Area Connection or your ISP name. ESX Virtualization site has started as a simple bookmarking site, but quickly found a large following of readers and subscribers. Open that connection by double clicking on the icon in Network Connections, then select Properties under the General Tab. Test that it worked, try to refresh a website and if it works you know everything is okay and you are connected. Thanks for your tip!Reply Carlos saysJuly 21, 2010 at 7:35 pm This is what I call 1-2-3 instructions.
To make sure the change worked type ipconfig again and the IP address should have changed to your new one.IV. Often you will be able to keep that IP at least for some time, other times you wont be able to use it so just keep trying until it works.

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