Let me hope you are aware by now that nobody cares more about your money and overall wellbeing like you do. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The words you say could be hurting you or helping you, but they're definitely affecting your life. More often than not, we lack the guts to change our situation mostly because of external pressures.
You make decisions with confidence and when in doubt, you seek for advice from your peers or better yet, you arrange for training where necessary. She is also the creator of several personal finance and personal transformation online courses.
And with every purchase you make, you’re making an amazing difference in their lives.

At any given time, you influence is either contributing to your future positively or negatively. When you hear yourself saying things such as “I am living paycheck to paycheck” or “I can not afford to service my debt” or “I have no retirement savings”, it is time for you to make a choice to quickly reorganize your life and get out of the mess you have created. Review and revise your budget weekly in order to accommodate any changes in your lifestyle. Acknowledge the facts and take control of the situation by creating an action plan that you can implement immediately. Granted some of the consequences may still linger but you still have a chance to get back on track to financially freedom.
They are containers for power, and we have to decide what kind of power we want our words to carry," says Joyce Meyer in Change Your Words, Change Your Life: Understanding the Power of Every Word You Speak.
This may mean downsizing, less outings with friends and family, no more vacations until the debt is paid off.

Attend seminars and workshops, look for mentors or hire a professional with the heart of a teacher to educate you as you plan out your financial future. All the changes you make and the lessons you learn can be easily unlearned if you are not consistent in your execution of your goals. They can affect the answers to our prayers and have a positive or negative effect on our future. The more you learn about handling your money, the more confidence you will have in executing financial decisions.

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