Though you may have wanted to take your husband’s name when you married, it can be a painful reminder of bad times to keep his name after you’ve divorced. By far, the easiest and best way to do this is to make the request during the divorce proceedings.
Once you receive the Divorce Decree that authorizes the name change, there are still a few things that you will need to do.
After a divorce, it is vital for a woman (and also for a man) to make sure all their appropriate documentation is altered to reflect the new status – and in the case of a woman who’s taken her husband’s name and is reverting to her maiden name, it is doubly important after separation. These days, when so many transactions are carried out online and identity theft is rife, your documentation is who you are, and after a divorce you become someone with a different status, whether a man alone, or a woman with a child – you’re no longer a family.
It’s important to inform companies and authorities of your new status as a good way to protect your credit rating, since it prevents your former spouse from possibly signing joint credit agreements (i.e. While that won’t  happen in most cases, it’s better to safeguard yourself against a vengeful former partner rankled by the separation, rather than have your credit rating ruined as you try to build a new life. It also means you can establish a new credit profile if you’re a woman who’s changing her name. If you’re a woman who’s taken her husband’s name, you might well want to revert to your maiden name after an irrevocable split in the family.
You can also use your marriage certificate and absolute decree to change your name, but the most common and easiest way is by a Change of Name Deed, and it’s accepted by all authorities. The sooner you accomplish a change in documentation, whether it’s in name or relationship status, the safer you will be. Divorce Online is registered in England and Wales as a trading name of Online Legal Services Limited.
An important decision to make post-divorce is whether to keep your name of regain your maiden name. Some women wish to retain their ex-spouses name for the sake of their children, which is understandable given the confusion it might bring about at school with teachers and other students.
If you are in a profession that relies heavily on your reputation it might be a good idea to keep your name if you want people to recognize your name. Many women will get divorced and retain their married name simply because they have become comfortable using it for many years. This entry was posted in Divorce Tips and tagged divorce, legal name change, maiden name, name change, reasons to change name, spouse name on June 6, 2013 by Daily Legal Reader. Recently a newly single mom  messaged me: “Can you please write about what to do about your last name after you divorce?
I asked for others’ experiences with their surnames following the demise of marriage. Careful with being creative! When Bonnie Russell of San Diego, Calif., divorced, she was compelled to change her name back to her birth name, but when her young children protested, she acquiesced.

Prefers married name Adriana Saurini (nee’ Dudasova) did not change her married name back to her birth name to make things easier on her daughter, and for logistical reasons. An exception, Frank says, is when the wife has significant professional collateral with her married name.
She warns that keeping a married name can keep you stuck in a romantic relationship that has since ended. Just pop in your name and email and be the first to find out what WealthySingleMommy is up to! Nothing was more liberating than reclaiming my birth name after the divorce, and my kids didn’t take it personally. It is for this reason that it is quite common for women to resume their maiden (or other prior) name change during or after a divorce.
For instance, you will need to contact the Social Security Office and go through their process of changing your name and updating your records.
Although it won’t alter your responsibility on any joint credit agreements that existed prior to the separation or divorce, it can save you a lot of trouble in the future. That’s important in the long term for you, since credit and your credit report is vital for almost every financial transaction these days, be it obtaining a mortgage or simply getting a credit card. It does bring responsibility though, since you need to inform people of the post-separation name change – everyone from the Passport Office to the DVLA as well as banks and credit card companies, and many will need to see the original deed poll document or a legal copy of it (a photocopy of the certificate will satisfy the others). With custody disputes, the division of assets, and the stress of finding a new living space you might forget about the process of getting your name changed. One invaluable piece of advice however is to make sure that your divorce decree gives you the option of changing your name back to your maiden name. However, this should simply be a consideration and should not hinder you from changing you name back. If you feel that your community, friends, and co-workers know you by a certain name and you want to keep it that way there is nothing wrong with retaining your married name. There are many factors but really it comes down to how comfortable you in your present situation. I don’t want to share my name with my ex-husband any more, but my two young sons were devastated at the thought that I would have a different name than them.
In the event of divorce, wives who did change their names should revert to their birth names, Frank says.
You're getting divorced and, quite frankly, you are not sure what you want to do to or with your last name. But having the documentation changed to reflect the new marital status is equally important for men. You’re free to change your name at any time by Deed Poll (unless you’re doing it for illegal reasons), so the divorce laws have no say in the matter (in fact, divorce laws don’t address the matter in most instances) – although you can’t change the surname of your child without the husband’s permission, if he has the husband’s last name.

You have a history of your own, a professional identity and public identity that is linked deeply to your name.
As time went on and the finalization of the divorce became more clear and real I settled into the idea of having my own life. You will need to notify your credit card companies, utility providers, banks, and other such companies. When the child is of age, though, they could change their name by Deed Poll, as, indeed, anyone can at any time.
Each card one held a hand-selected passage of scripture that helped her cope and survive that stage of her life. Plus, duh, you and every other member of Western culture has an excellent chance of divorce. Plus, “My maiden name is extremely hard to pronounce as I am an immigrant from Slovakia. This process may be time consuming, but it’s critical that it be done in order to avoid unnecessary headaches and confusion down the road. Now, in this powerful daily devotional, Kristin offers the same inspiring verses that helped transform her heart.
My married name is so much simpler and it sounds great with my first name. I am about to remarry. I know I need a clean slate and one that doesn’t remind me of what these last few years felt like. She also adds her own compassionate, personal messages of faith and love.Spirituality is one of the most important ways to take care of yourself after a divorce. He took care of his family and sometimes those who weren’t his family, owned his own business, owned property, had strong values and was a brave man.
It’s so important to build emotional and spiritual strength to help you weather the storms ahead.
You’ll be dealing with everything from child custody to alimony to changing your name (back to your maiden name)…you need a strong foundation of God! My grandfather is not my biological grandfather and he and my grandmother were never able to have children of their own. In this post, guest author Sydney Tyler Thomas describes the thought process she went through when changing back to her maiden name after her divorce.
It felt like I was giving up my identity.ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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