As you are born, the birth name will be immediately entered on two legal documents, one being the birth certificate and the other one, the Social Security account.
A simple name change initiated by a marriage or divorce can cost fewer than $100 if there are no licenses or passports to change. As you live your life, your name will be entered on multiple documents used in schools, work places, organizations such as churches, and so on. As you reach your adulthood you’ll have documents that you accumulate, and most of them will cost to change. Due to recent regulations issued by the federal government, concerning the Universal ID, some procedures regarding the name change have changed slightly. provides you with information to help you understand certain legal terminology, issues and concepts. In the mid-1990s, after the death of her husband and a move to a new city, Marcia was looking for new beginnings and thought that since not many people knew her, the switch to Marci would be easy. Sometimes people are happy to go by a nickname, substitute their middle name for the first name or just pretend that they have a different name entirely and hope it catches on. Name changes are taken seriously by the courts – and they have the right to deny your wish to change your name, particularly if it seems fraudulent or, frankly, ridiculous. The laws for legally changing your first name will vary depending on the state in which you live but the process is generally similar overall, involving a fee and a court date. Harriet says, “I found out which courthouse handled name changes and filled out the paperwork, paid the fee which was about $300 and waited for my court date.” Part of her process involved the court posting her name change in the newspaper for four consecutive weeks. For Elizabeth, she used the word “odd” to describe her name change process, which involved hanging her paperwork on a wall inside the courthouse. Depending on your state of residence, there may only be a brief window of time in which to make these notifications – from as few as 10 days to as many as 60 days – while other states do not have any definite deadlines.
Birth certificates on which the names are changed for adoptions require motions to be filed with a state or county civil court,that often require a filing fee of $100 or more. Depending on the state, though, change of name by court order, including changes to passport, licenses and miscellaneous document retrieval, with attorney or other professional fees can end up costing $500 or more. You will probably need to change your name from schools or college documents and transcripts, where another school or an employer may require it.
To serve as a legal name change, a marriage or divorce certificate or decree should be enough in most states (events that vary widely in expense but almost always cost more than the filing fee for a name change in a civil court). Changing names on any document or license may require certified copies of documents and identification with photographs that may add the cost of procuring and mailing these documents.
Brokers and CPAs generally handle name changes on financial instruments as part of their professional services.
But being required to fill out your legal name on a tax form, credit card application, doctor’s office paperwork or job application will regularly remind you of what your real name is.
Petitioning for a name like “God” or “Spiderman” won’t exactly fly, nor will the attempt to adopt an obscenity, racial slur or misleading name (e.g. Along with notifying your employer, bank, doctors, lenders, insurance companies and credit card companies of the change, your name must also be registered with various government agencies, all of which will likely require legal proof of the change and may or may not charge a fee.
There’s also an order to follow – for instance, you’ll need to notify the SSA before you try to make any changes at the DMV. For corrections or name changes to a Social Security account you will need an SS-5 form and it won’t cost you anything. In general you will only be required to get a copy of the court order, marriage certificate or any other legal document to prove the name change.

If you have multiple different licenses, each of them will have to be changed with each name change. International travelers or tourists need to change names on their passports using Form DS-5504 or DS-82; correction or changes of names after 60 days of initial issuance costs $60, and expedited service requires an extra fee. They define you, carry memories with them – both good and bad – and sometimes represent familial bonds.
Even the phone company had ironically shortened her name on caller ID by eliminating the last A.
Just before she turned 50, Harriet was in a serious car accident that changed her life and confirmed that something had to be done about her name. That can be a lot to stomach for those individuals who aren’t enamored with what’s on their birth certificate.
These include the Social Security Administration (SSA), the IRS, passport office, post office and the department of motor vehicles (DMV). Registration and identification cards, driver licenses and vehicle registrations may have an amendment fee of $25 or less each, to change your name, or may even cost the same as a new license, depending on the state you are in. does not guarantee that the information on its website is accurate or up to date. For some folks, their first name holds them back, makes them feel incomplete or just unhappy.
Despite emigration during the 20th century, modern day Turkey continues a Jewish population.The present size of the Jewish Community is estimated at around 26,000 according to the Jewish Virtual Library. DO NOT use or rely on any information provided on without first consulting with a licensed attorney in the appropriate jurisdiction.
Nothing that you read on should be used as a substitute for the advice of legal competent counsel. The anecdotes featured here show that people have very individual reasons for making a name change.
Rav Izak Haleva, is assisted by a religious Council made up of a Rosh Bet Din and three Hahamim. Once you read their stories, we’ll tell you how the steps to take to change your first name. Marci was born Marcia.
People pronounced her name incorrectly, spelled it wrong and even, horror upon horrors, referred to her with the Brady Bunch refrain of “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” She tried in vain to become Marcy in junior high but her peers wouldn’t have it. If I was going to leave Nancy in the dust, I certainly wanted to step it up a notch,” she says. Founded by Ashkenazim of Austrian origin in 1900, it is the last remaining synagogue among a total of three built by Ashkenazim.
Visits con be made during weekday mornings and for Shabbat services on Saturday mornings.,The Neve Shalom Synagogue ,uilt and opened in 1951 and the scene of a tragic terrorist attack in 1986, it is the largest synagogue in Istanbul where most of the religiou,s ceremonies are held.
The Neve Shalom is open to the public for morning visits during the weekdays and for Shabbat prayers every Saturday morning.,,The Ahrida Synagogue ,Located in Balat near the Golden Horn, built by Jews of Ohri (Macedonia) more than 550 years ago and recently renovated during the Quincentennial Celebrations in 1992, the Ahrida Synagogue is known foremost by its boat-shaped bimah. It can only be visited during weekday mornings.,Etz Ahayim Synagogue ,Located in Ortakoy, near the European leg of the Bosphorus Bridge. When the previous synagogue burned down in 1941 with only the marble Aron-ha-Kodesh remaining, the new synagogue was rebuilt on the location of the then midrash.
Indeed, Turkey could serve as a model to be emulated by any nation which finds refugees from any of the four corners of the world standing at its doors.In 1992, Turkish Jewry celebrated not only the anniversary of this gracious welcome, but also the remarkable spirit of tolerance and acceptance which has characterized the whole Jewish experience in Turkey.
The events being planned - symposiums, conferences, concerts, exhibitions, films and books, restoration of ancient Synagogues etc - commemorated the longevity and prosperity of the Jewish community.

As a whole, the celebration aimed to demonstrate the richness and security of life Jews have found in the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic over seven centuries, and showed that indeed it is not impossible for people of different creeds to live together peacefully under one flag.,A History Predating 1492 The history of the Jews in Anatolia started many centuries before the migration of Sephardic Jews. A bronze column found in Ankara confirms the rights the Emperor Augustus accorded the Jews of Asia Minor.Jewish communities in Anatolia flourished and continued to prosper through the Turkish conquest. When the Ottomans captured Bursa in 1326 and made it their capital, they found a Jewish community oppressed under Byzantine rule. Sultan Orhan gave them permission to build the Etz ha-Hayyim (Tree of Life) synagogue which remained in service until nineteen forties.Early in the 14th century, when the Ottomans had established their capital at Edirne, Jews from Europe, including Karaites, migrated there. In fact, from the early 15th century on, the Ottomans actively encouraged Jewish immigration. In 1537 the Jews expelled from Apulia (Italy) after the city fell under Papal control, in 1542 those expelled from Bohemia by King Ferdinand found a safe haven in the Ottoman Empire.
Half a century later, 8070 Jewish houses were listed in the city.The Life of Ottoman Jews For 300 years following the expulsion, the prosperity and creativity of the Ottoman Jews rivalled that of the Golden Age of Spain. Another Portuguese Marrano, Alvaro Mendes, was named Duke of Mytylene in return of his diplomatic services to the Sultan.Salamon ben Nathan Eskenazi arranged the first diplomatic ties with the British Empire.
As a result, leadership of the community began to shift away from the religious figure to secular forces.,,World War I brought to an end the glory of the Ottoman Empire. In 1926, on the eve of Turkey's adoption of the Swiss Civil Code, the Jewish Community renounced its minority status on personal rights.During the tragic days of World War II, Turkey managed to maintain its neutrality. As early as 1933 Ataturk invited numbers of prominent German Jewish professors to flee Nazi Germany and settle in Turkey.
Before and during the war years, these scholars contributed a great deal to the development of the Turkish university system.
During World War II Turkey served as a safe passage for many Jews fleeing the horrors of the Nazism. While the Jewish communities of Greece were wiped out almost completely by Hitler, the Turkish Jews remained secure.
The vast majority live in Istanbul, with a community of about 2.500 in Izmir and other smaller groups located in Adana, Ankara, Antakya, Bursa, Canakkale, Kirklareli etc.
There are about 100 Karaites, an independent group who does not accept the authority of the Chief Rabbi.Turkish Jews are legally represented, as they have been for many centuries, by the Hahambasi, the Chief Rabbi. Fifty Lay Counsellors look after the secular affairs of the Community and an Executive Committee of fourteen runs the daily matters.
Representatives of Jewish foundations and institutions meet four times a year as a so-called ??think tank?? Some of them are very old, especially Ahrida Synagogue in the Balat area, which dates from middle15th century. The 15th and 16th century Haskoy and Kuzguncuk cemeteries in Istanbul are still in use today.,??The Museum of Turkish Jews?? Additionally, the Community maintains in Istanbul a school complex including elementary and secondary schools for around 700 students. Turkish is the language of instruction, and Hebrew is taught 3 to 5 hours a week.,While younger Jews speak Turkish as their native language, the over-70-years-old generation is more at home speaking in French or Judeo-Spanish (Ladino).

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