Every interaction you have with a potential client is critical if you want to establish a good relationship and eventually get the account.
Probably my strong suit and a good list here Maurilio.nnOne thing you could even add would be to Ask the Best Questions.
Logica and a partner firm have secured a €300 million (?250 million) outsourcing deal with oil and gas giant Shell. The 10-year agreement will see Logica and FleetCor Technologies deliver Shell’s Commercial Fleet fuel cards programme across Europe and Asia. Logica will takeover the management of Shell’s current in-house system and will see through its replacement, with the first pilot expected by April 2012.
The cards are designed to help fleet managers keep on top of fuel payments, so funds are not misused and transactions are secure. Craig Boundy, Logica UK’s chief executive (CEO), said it had been a good start to the year for his firm, coming off the back of a ?157 million outsourcing contract with the Serious Organised Crime Agency.
Furthermore, Logica won the Shell contract after beating off stiff competition from rival outsourcing firm Accenture – something Boundy was particularly pleased with.
He disagreed that outsourcing could help bring about the end of the in-house IT department as it is known today.
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Remember when that was all the rage and the future was going to be full of discounted everything for those who were willing? Well, the daily deals are still flowing but the news today is of some reality becoming part of the picture. On the first front rapid expansion by daily deal site Living Social is resulting in a rumored layoff of 400 people which is about 8% of the current work force.

Author Henry Blodget goes on to roll out the pros and cons of whether Mason should be shown the door or allowed to remain on board. Whether either of these happen or not the rumor mill has started so it will likely only get worse from here. UPDATE: The board of Groupon has decided to keep Andrew Mason on as CEO as reported by Reuters.
While a lot of press is given to the bad of utlizing these deals for small businesses, we’d like to focus on the good.
The premise to small businesses is of course to obtain more customers, a new set of customers and retain those people into coming back again. Obtaining More Customers: Getting new people to see your place is where the deal dot com company has their responsibility in this venture.
The New Set of Customers: The job of getting people into your door is only half of that deal dot com and half you, the business owner.
Of course … someone has even put together a helpful calculator to help you decide if those daily deal marketing channels are for you and your business. No matter what field of work you are in, people do business with other people and not just faceless entities. That’s where you can make the most impact and where your experience and expertise can pay the most dividends during sales.
How many smoothies would it cost me to get a personal closing-educational-session with the Closer himself? That reality speaks of expansion that may have been a bit too rapid and business experience that was definitely lacking. I hate to see anyone get laid off but wow – how many people does it take to run a daily deal site? Or rather some ideas that might help you get more out of offering those discounts to customers.

Of course we always like working with businesses to help work hand in hand with their marketing efforts. Over 10 years within the online world from websites, ecommerce and social media marketing combined - we provide our years of experience to your online marketing campaign! Often business and ministries need a better digital strategy in order to drive the specs for a great website.
Analyzing your average customer bill to see what people typically spend in your location, then halfing that amount is probably a smart thing to do. Kara Swisher is a great reporter and may have flushed out the information, but sources confirmed it–not just to her but to the WSJ and Bloomberg*). There’s nothing more powerful than asking questions in order to get people thinking about their assumptions. Being willing to state your rate and walk away if they say no gives a value proposition to them that says you are confident in your services and value. I use to assume that people knew what they needed and quickly tried to connect what I did with their needs.
You even know what they need, always listen and try to figure out what your audience’s hot buttons truly are. It communicates to my soon-to-be client that I can bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table and that she needs me and my team on her court.

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