There is a strong precedent for the style that a Diamond Way Buddhist centre might take in refurbishing the Beaufoy – Buddhist centres in other countries provide many fine examples. Diamond Way Buddhist centres are designed to provide traditional Tibetan teachings in a modern setting that fits in with the local culture – and what better place to offer a centre for British Diamond Way Buddhism than the historic Beaufoy building? The meditation hall in the Beaufoy Institute (in Tibetan, called a gompa) is likely to be rather minimalist in contrast to a traditional Tibetan Buddhist meditation hall.
We are currently fundraising for a beautiful large Buddha statue to feature in the main hall of the listed part of the Beaufoy building, where meditation and Buddhist teaching activities will be focused. The community cafe and social area will play an important role in the Beaufoy, as in every Diamond Way centre, as this is where friendships are formed. Diamond Way’s Europe Center in Immenstadt, Germany has shown how listed period features can be brought back to life in a tasteful, modern and practical fashion. There’s plenty for us to think about, from the colour of the meditation cushions, to the style of furniture for the cafe space. Diamond Way Buddhism UK is a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales under charity number 1093406, and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company number 04459822, with its registered office at The Beaufoy Institute, 39 Black Prince Road, London SE11 6JJ.
Corrugated steel is great for durability and cost and the mansard roof helps to create the expansive space, which comprises 26 beds in 13 rooms.
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The Buddhist Meditation Centre Metta Vihara is located in Hengstdijk - a small village near the Belgian border - in a remoteA area of the Netherlands.
The overall form of the meditation centre is an interpretation of the so-called Mansard roof, also known as the French roof.A Used throughout the area (mainly because of its low cost), the Mansard roof is found widely on houses and barns.
The same approach of using raw materials in this new way is also used in the design of the windows.

For the interior design features of the refurbished Beaufoy building, Diamond Way volunteers have been brainstorming ideas that fit within the parameters of the planning permission requirements. The newly formed interior design team aims to create social and meditation spaces that are respectful to the Beaufoy’s listed features, whilst offering a contemporary feeling.
For us it is important to provide budding Buddhists a peaceful haven from London life, which means that clutter will be kept to a minimum. We hope that the statue will be complemented by some beautiful Buddhist scroll paintings (Tibetan: thangkas) alongside our existing statue collection. It is rather minimalist in design, allowing meditators to focus on the beautiful statue collection of all 16 previous incarnations of H.H. We aim to develop a space that allows seasoned Buddhist practitioners and newcomers to mix; a space that welcomes families and people of all ages and that is flexible enough to cater for community meals, group meetings and to offer a more quiet space for reading or reflection. We’ll be keeping an eye open for more inspirational spaces – please feel free to suggest any spaces (Buddhist or otherwise) that we could look at.
The inhabitants of Metta Vihara (defined as a€?community of loving kindnessa€™ in the Pali language)A are members of the Triratna Community, a Buddhist movement not aligned to one traditional school, but one that draws onA the whole stream of Buddhist inspiration. The facade ofA the centre a€“ along with the cladding of the roof a€“ is made of corrugated steel, a material popular for its low cost, strength, andA long life. The windows in theA steel skin a€“ in facade and roof a€“ are standard Velux windows, which are technically superb and relatively inexpensive.
This will also work well with the Beaufoy Institute’s design features, such as the glorious roof of the main hall. As for style recommendations, I’ve always thought Warsaw did their gompa, particularly the altar, very beautifully.
The new accommodation provides 26 beds in 13 one and two person bedrooms, aA meditation hall, library, and dining hall. Typically, the drawback of using corrugated steel is in the ungraceful way it joins with other materials, specificallyA at the corners and in the overlays. As with the corrugated steel, however, there is often an aesthetic compromise in the joints with other materials. Form and materials used in the centre relate to the rural vernacular building, butA used in a new and fresh way.

In the case of Metta Vihara, though, they are framed with white painted wood, giving them a distinctive look. As the centre is financed mainly by gifts from community members and friends, one of theA design briefs was to maximize the the space while minimizing the cost. Western redA cedar beams and white wood window frames mark the transitions from one steel sheet to the next, with the horizontal linesA of the beams giving the building depth and profile. As a contrast to the more industrial looks of the steel, the short sides of the building and the terrace walls are cladded with wood, a robust but also warm material. Our overall design concept was to design a buildingA that, while beautiful, wasna€™t overly comforting.
Three different colors of steel are used, and in three different wavelengths.A Indeed at first sight, it is not at all clear what the scale of the building is: does it have five floors? For this, wood already available on site was used: the left-overs of the scaffolding wood used by the builders.
This is in line with the philosophy that, while on retreat, one should feelA relaxed, but not necessarily a€?at homea€™. The structurea€™s interior consists of unfinished building materials, albeit used in a considerate a€“ even delicate a€“ way.
Floors are raw concrete, polished and uncovered, with the exception of the meditation hall, which features black bamboo flooring. Non-bearing walls are made of ecologically manufactured MDF sheets and are coated with transparent colours, in order that the structure of the material remains visible.
When closed, these doors - made of perforated corrugated steel a€“ serve to filter the sunlight.

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