Im so excited, I almost cried Im making a checklist and my family will complete all of these things together.
Buddhists like Jews, can make a special contribution by volunteering in hospitals and other facilities to allow Christians to be with their families.
When my children lived at home, they would also draw Christmas cards for inmates in penal institutions and we would visit nursing homes, asking especially to be directed to patients who had no visitors. Beautiful, historic Buddhist temples are top attractions all over Asia, from Japan to China, Thailand, Tibet and beyond. Martina SheehanMartina is a Chicago-based travel writer and editor who has written for the New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler, Budget Travel, Forbes Travel Guides, and Time Out Chicago, among other publications.
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While Buddhists strive for non-attachment to material things, we also believe in practicing kindness.
We all know someone who needs our help, whether they are a family member, close friend, or even a homeless person on the street asking for spare change. Often forgotten, animals also feel cold, pain, hunger, and fear like every living creature. But they’re of course sacred spaces, too, where practitioners go for meditation and solace. This might be a tough one for the tall ones, but keep your head below the level of Buddha statues and images, and any monks or nuns, to show reverence. So while customs vary from country to country, and even region to region, you can show your respect (and avoid playing the ugly tourist) when visiting a Buddhist temple by following these tips.

While Buddhists in different countries pay respect to the Buddha in different ways, a bow is a sure bet. I plan to do each of these and try to integrate my path into all the activites of this busy month.

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