My 1st WSO was not a failure but it was not a huge success either (I think I had around 150 sales in 2 days). If you are serious about increasing your online and offline sales and conversions, I strongly suggest you pick up this WSO.
Mike has broken down the "proper" sales structure and flow that every sales page and offer should have plus a whole lot more! Just got inside and there is loads more than I expected, this is gonna keep the motivation flowing for sure. If you will look around -you will soon find out that the TOP selling Internet marketing courses out there - List Control and Mass Control by Frank Kern and Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker - are actually copywriting courses. So if you are wanting to improve your online sales and you suck at selling this is the WSO you need to grab.
It’s time to announce the lucky winner of our latest contest courtesy Saai by Sahar Atif! Fold the secret code into a fun shape – We used a video on how to fold a letter into an envelope. We spotted many a fashionista modeling these creations everywhere from wedding parties to baby showers and on vacation. Of all the collections showcased at the summer pret fashion week, Misha Lakhani’s is easily one of the few that has been picked up the most  by real people reflecting the increasing magnetic hold she has developed on audiences. It is certainly not easy to start a new career, especially not one in high end fashion design that too in Pakistan’s competitive landscape where most premier designer labels cater to the same niche market. Inspired by the modern woman’s quest of finding herself through her pursuit of personal beauty, each ensemble in this collection is sincerely unique as well as versatile. That WSO that was converting at 1% is now back up to 5% and I only started working on the copy once it had dropped to the bottom of page 2. The fill-in the blank template along with the video presentaiton is not limited to just WSO's either which is another huge plus! Thank you all for participating in the competition to win an exclusive limited edition embroidered top by Saai. The rest of you stay tuned and make sure you visit tomorrow to participate in a very exciting Father’s Day Contest!

This year we took her love of spies and created a really, REALLY cool spy party for her birthday. The spot that was once ruled by the jumpsuit has now been taken over by these gorgeous falling silk dresses with the pop out cinched waist that make it so easy for any one to carry them off beautifully.
Like most of Misha’s pieces it is one of those magical outfits that you can dress up or down instantly and that you know you will wear many times without having to worry about your changing waistline. Easy access to the ready-to-wear pieces at her flagship store no doubt has an influence as more and more women are demanding quick and flexible options without the hassle of placing orders weeks in advance. If you don’t have one yet you probably want to get on that right away after seeing these lovely ladies! However, luckily for truly innovative brands much like Morri the trendsetting and fashion conscious consumer is ever welcoming. Midnight blues, dusky blush, twilight ivory and champagne mist coupled with a fresh take on cutwork and strict geometric patterns makes for a truly striking choice that can be styled in a variety of ways reflecting the adaptability of the modern woman. We are glad that one of you will be able to cool off wearing this lovely fabric in this boiling weather!
Additionally the dresses are tailored demurely making them suitable to wear at home and abroad. However Misha will soon be showcasing a brand new selection at upcoming FPW in case you want to hold out for that as well for another month or so. With as promising a debut as their ‘The Seven Stops to Baltiyul’ collection, Morri reminds us that originality in fashion is never dead and one should never pay for anything less! Statement jackets reign this capsule and are presented in conventional, asymmetrical, long flowy as well as short sleek tailored cuts that can be paired with ball skirts, dresses, slips or crop tops as demonstrated in this campaign by the gorgeous Anam Malik. Ask yourself this: if you could get your hands on this formula - what would it do for your income? Therefore, if you want to make full time income online, grab Mike's course and start to learn copywriting at least 60 minutes per day. No matter what level of participation you want… I have the print out just right for you! The easiest way to do this is to print the blank code, have your little spy fill in one side of the code, then make copies.

Next time I would include a slip for the parents that included all of the info written NOT in code.
To elevate the dress to more formal splendour, she keeps glamorous net stoles embellished with zari and gold at the store as separates for an instant lift. Cutwork and chain details on tapered pants, petal sleeves, tail coats, crop jackets, kimonos, tunics and full length attire are nothing less than impeccable as is the trimming of these flawlessly trimmed garments. If you will do that, then within a few short months, you will be starting to make consistent income online.
Make sure to check back or follow me on Pinterest or Facebook so you don’t miss them. Perfect for the contemporary woman who lives to stand out from the crowd, check out the utterly unique collection right below! What would it be worth to KNOW IN ADVANCE that your conversions on your next PLR sales page will be higher than ever before? And to think that now you or anyone else can duplicate what I've done - that's pretty scary.
But I have always gone out of my way to help fellow marketers - and I decided that this would be no exception.
I've enjoyed having or participating in 14 WSOs of the Day and have released over 33 WSOs in the last 12 months.
These are people that were driven, had some talent, and just needed a plan of action to follow. I'm in no way bragging - in fact - I owe a ton of thanks to many other fellow warriors who have helped and supported me along the way.
I was looking for the magic bullet, the ultimate secret, the one ingredient that would finally get me on the road to success online. Most of the elements Bill needed were already there - but - they were arranged wrong and a couple of small pieces were missing.

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