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The two most common problems caused by having spaces between teeth are a (1) lack of confidence when smiling and (2) loosening of the front teeth. When there is a gap between teeth, that means that food can get smashed between teeth – smashed into the gums.
In as little as 6 months, braces patients can start to see their teeth come together – making the spaces between teeth disappear. This particular patient from Hellertown visited our Bethlehem orthodontic office to get braces.
In summary, gaps between teeth are unhealthy and braces can bring teeth together in as little as 6 months. It’s always a pleasure when adults come to see me to fix their bites and improve their smiles. The Damon 3 system is one of the hundreds of types of brackets available for orthodontists to prescribe their patients. I am sorry that you are missing out on the joy of smiling because of an unsightly gap between your teeth. 1) You have a permanent tooth that did not have room to come in and because of that, space needs to be opened between the right teeth to allow it to come in. 2) You had a space somewhere towards the back of your mouth and the orthodontist is slowly redistributing that space (like beads on a string, moving one tooth back at a time). 3) Your teeth are temporarily shifting around before they settle in their perfect alignment. Bernice, please let your orthodontist know that you noticed a space and that you want it fixed sooner, rather than later.
Once the gap is closed, the muscle attachment can be relocated from between the teeth to the spot where is is supposed to attach to the bone. P.S my gap is exactly the same as the picture you have used so maybe you might be able to help so.
My orthodontist told me it would take 1 year but is it possible that it will be faster than be 1 year? Dr told me that there is still 4mm apart (upper and lower) and she could not close up the (U & L) biting gap. For example, there will be spaces around the upper teeth when the lower teeth are larger than they should be and the upper teeth are smaller than they should be.
Make sure that you get your braces from an orthodontist (not a general dentist) because orthodontists have an additional 2 years of specialized education beyond dental school.
Where Lesle had not enough of gum to fill in the space, you have too much gum filling the space.
My recommendation to patients that have too much gum between their teeth is to floss every night for 2 weeks and then re-evaluate the situation. If flossing does not work, then I refer my patients to a periodontist to address the gum problems (they are dentistry’s gum specialists). The gap was approximately 2.5 mm, with additional generalized spacing totaling 6mm in the upper arch.
I have spaces in between the right side of my teeth and I also have a gap in the center, but what if I only want the side gaps to be closed and not my center gap?
Ask your periodontist what happened to the bone around your gum infections and find out if orthodontics is an option.
Hi, I’m 13 and have got a gap in my two front teeth about the same size as your patient had do u think that it would close up naturally and if it would close up do you know how long it would take?
I have just recently found out that I will be getting braces in the upcoming month and I am terrified. I got my braces about 6 months ago, I had a gap on my upper front teeths,my gap got closed within these 6 months, I also had my minor surgery of my under lips about 2 weeks ago,he told me that these gap could again happen if I dont get remove those skin under my lips, doctor does it hav any side effects,im so confused? Dear dentists, I have a really, really, really, REALLY big gap in between my top two front teeth. I’ve two missing lateral incisors and canines have taken place of it but ob my right side there is a one tooth gap between the canine and the first premolar, can the space be closed by braces?
I already have braces, i got them back in April of this year so i have had them for almost 5 months but i got my bottom ones and June because i had a small gap on my bottom row and it already closed. Allison, Lewis, MN Thank you very much for this article I only have a few questions I have gaps exactly like this and I was wondering how long this person had there braces on?

So i have a gap between my teeth and i was wondering if you can give me a more o les price range ?? Michelle Maffei is a freelance copywriter covering a variety of topics both online and in print, from parenting to beauty and more.
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Once you have a green light from your physician, get closer to getting physical with your partner by exercising. After giving birth, you may be tempted to stay in your maternity clothes for the long haul. Whether it's help with the housework, a babysitter or a mommy's helper, hiring or accepting help with the baby and household chores will reduce your stress and increase your libido.
Tap into some suggestive thinking and you may find yourself feeling like the hot mama you really are. Styling your hair in something other than a new mother ponytail will make you feel 100 times better after giving birth, so head to the salon for some primping and pampering. Most importantly, don't pressure yourself into feeling sexy or engaging in sex before you're ready.
WLR personal trainer, Nikki Glanville gives us her top tips for ways to lose weight and tone up our over-stretched muscles after pregnancy. Stretch this leg out away from you until it is fully extended and hovering just above the ground. The dark gaps can make a smile look like teeth are missing – even if all the teeth are present.
Colorful elastic links (orange, green, and gray) connect to the braces and start to close the spaces together. In as little as 6 months, the spaces are closed and patient’s smile is already looking so much better. Functionally, the patient is much better off after braces than she was before with gaps between her teeth. I have been thinking of getting the gaps between teeth closed up since I will be getting married in a year.
During orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist may intentionally create small gaps to help rotate and align teeth. If you are getting a second opinion, make sure you get it from a true orthodontic specialist – only doctors with more than 2 years of specialized education beyond dental school can call themselves orthodontists. I was put only lower braces since there is some crowding and I was told that upper braces will be put on after 3 months until lower teeth come into right places..
There are a couple reasons to wait: 1) You are still in a light, round starting wire, 2) your top front teeth overlap with your bottom teeth too much, 3) your bottom front teeth are in the way of bringing the top front teeth back, 4) the size of your bottom teeth are proportionately too large for your top teeth. The makers of the Damon 3 bracket (Ormco) have made some exciting claims about the speed, gentleness and general superiority of their bracket. At 2.5 years, you are already a braces veteran and can definitely help out others with their braces questions.
The risk of getting a frenectomy before the gap is closed is that scar tissue will form between the teeth – and since teeth cannot move through scar tissue, you will be left with a permanent gap.
I been wearing braces for about 1 yr & 8 mth and recently I went for my ortho appointment.
She suggest to do some filling in between my upper teeth so that she could create more space.
The solution for that specific problem is to make the upper teeth bigger with either veneers or crowns.
The gap that you see near your gums is called a black triangle or, more formally, an open gingival embrasure. In the first case, your orthodontist can change the shape of the teeth from triangular to rectangular by polishing the sides of the teeth or asking your dentist to fill in gap with tooth colored material. We always want the back teeth to function the way they should – and that means no spaces. More and more of my patients are asking to get their spaces closed when they are still growing – it is faster and the result is better.
The first thing that I would recommend doing is to check to make sure that the person who straightened your teeth with braces is an orthodontic specialist. Sometime, after the teeth have just been moved with braces, it is possible to close small (barely visible) spaces with a retainer. It sounds like the little triangles that you are seeing are gaps between where the teeth meet and the height of the gums. So my recommendation for treating black triangles is usually to change how the teeth are meeting. I have a gap in between my two front teeth and gaps in the teeth beside them, but my teeth are straight. Ideally I would like to keep my braces on a little longer, but I am moving out of state and will no longer be able to visit my orthodontist routinely enough to get my braces tightened and will be getting them removed.
I have gaps in both the left and right sides of my teeth because I had to take two teeth out in order to fix my bite, but with the exception of me missing 5 appointments, its been like 8 months of having this gap!
I get alittle self conscious at times abt my smile and most of my friends say I walk around angry a lot and always remind me to smile I have big gaps in between every tooth on the top and bottom I’m just so ready for a change!

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I still have them on (so far 17 months and many more to go with my teeth being practically straight before braces with only one lower tooth rotated) and I’m getting gaps in my teeth making my smile look so much worse.
In addition to the fee, you will want to know the cost of 1) the consultation, 2) initial and final records, 3) repair of appliances, 4) retainers, 5) replacement of retainers, and 6) treatment if it does not stay closed.
I’ve got the Damon 3 system…do you have any idea if the treatment is different? Unfortunately, recent research has shown that their marketing claims are untrue and misleading. Once the spaces are closed, then your orthodontist will start to do the hard work of perfecting your bite. There are 2 reasons why the gap is there: 1) the teeth are more trianglar than normal and when they contact each other, there is still a gap. In the second case, a periodontist can add gum between the teeth with short-lasting fillers (applied every 3-6 months). I’ve had my braces for 1 year on the 18th of September and I started treatment because of a few small spaces in my teeth.
This can happen for a variety of reasons, but often it is due to plaque that gets stuck to the sides of the teeth. Sometimes, when gum infections cause destruction of the bone surrounding teeth, an orthodontist is able to move the tooth to change the height of the bone. I am not happy with the results because I have many gaps here & there which I dont have before.
Ask your orthodontist if they can recontour the shape of your teeth to allow them to contact more gingivally.
My ortho thinks my gap will close all the way in two weeks I have left to wear them, but I am becoming more skeptical. Im planning to have metal braces this coming december and now i have idea in dealing with the gaps between my teeth as well as choosing my orthodontist.
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That usually takes about 6 months, and you will get to enjoy having the spaces closed the whole time. I’ve been wanting to close the gaps in my front teeth for a while now and I must admit I was terrified of getting braces.
Maybe you could ask your mom if she could help you find out more information about closing the gaps. If that is not an option, please consider speaking with your dentist to have the black triangles filled in with tooth colored material.
When he puts his back teeth together there is about an inch gap between top set and bottom set of teeth.
But thank you for the information maybe I should get a second opinion and have them checked before wasting too much more time with them on if they aren’t doing what they are supposed to.
The orthodontist that I originally started with recently moved about 2 months ago so (sadly), and now I’m trying to get used to a different orthodontist.
He is also complaining that several teeth move when he eats, and his speech has become quite slurred.He is having difficulty biting food with front teeth because of the gap, he cannot bite down. My second visit with her was last week and I left the office in tears (literally) because she advised me that a small space in the front and one side of my teeth couldn’t be closed due to my gums.
I feel like the entire treatment is wasteful because the spaces was the reason for me getting braces. She recommended me seeing a periodontist but I don’t want to pay any extra monies nor do I want to have some fillers that I have to get replaced every few months. I had bring the attention to my doc earlier, but somehow or rather, he brush my queestion away..

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