All brand names and trademarks mentioned in this site are the property of their respective owners. He’s got it right with the latter part of his quote: success requires preparation, hard work, and learning from failure, but he’s wrong about there being no secrets to success. Then I would have to define the word “secret” to support my statement about there being secrets to success.
By following the ways to success that so many others have show for us—like preparation, hard work and learning from failure—you will discover the “secrets” to success for you, the individual. In a massive, dumbed-down nutshell: The secret to success is different in what it looks like but the same in how to reveal it. What it comes down to is, you must figure out your secrets to success by working your freaking ass of and learning and improving from your failures. You will never become the best version of yourself or reach your greatest results if you neglect your health. Why, please tell me, would anyone to be a millionaire that is sick, feeble, overweight and unable to enjoy his or her wealth?
To be successful, you must not just know how to take action and finish what you start, but you have to be doing it all the time as your standard operating system. The more you start and finish, the easier it becomes to do both because you develop confidence in each act. What real life actually looks like: act, fail, act, fail, act, fail, act, fail, act, fail, act, fail, succeed, fail, act, fail, succeed, act, fail, succeed, succeed. Your path to success will be different from everyone else, and no matter what you do, you can never be fully prepared. The thing about failure is it is only useful if you learn from it and apply what you learned to get better results the next time. I don’t mean just stuffing it under the mattress or in some low-yield savings account.

If you don’t learn the principles of money, and the Science of Getting Rich, you will never be able to be truly successful and financially free.
You could make a million dollars a month and still not able to pay for your house, toys and employees. If you are a miserable, selfish prick, you are going to be more of a miserable, selfish prick when you have more money.
If you are a caring, kind person who enjoys helping people, you are going to be able to care and help more people when you have more money. And really, anyone that does not desire to attain more resources for their family should be ashamed. Your loved ones deserve your full effort in attaining as much money as possible so you can better protect and provide for them and so they all can benefit from the safety and opportunity that more money provides. The thing about consistency is if you stay consistent long enough, you always reach some form of success. This is why consistently is the most rewarding, and necessary, of all the attributes for success. The times you feel like giving up, when your motivation is waning and the future is unclear, are the times you must plow through until you find yourself in a better position. Apply the principles of health, knowledge, starting and finishing, learning and applying, using money well, and staying consistent with it all and you will discover your ultimate secret to success.
These are universal to all and neglecting one or more is going to severely handicap your results. So many want to forge health by eating shitty, missing sleep, doing drugs and skipping on the many things that go into a healthy human life in exchange for what they perceive as more productivity. Do this: avoid processed foods, exercise regularly, get sunlight and 8 hours of sleep daily, invest in your relationships, practice gratitude, negative visualization and do something not work-related you enjoy each day. While there are times you should quit a project, the majority you should finish even if the prospect of financial reward or acclaim isn’t there.

Some people are great at starting because they subconsciously know that they aren’t likely to finish, and since finishing is always the hard part, starting is easy, even fun. Take full responsibility for the results you get in life, and then learn from them with a ruthlessly objective analysis.
The greatest thing you can do as a human being is acquire as much wealth as possible so you can use it to make the world a better place.
Powell was wrong about there being no secrets to success but right about what it takes to reach success.
The only way you figure this out is to get in the trenches as fast and often as possible. From there, your secrets to success will unveil themselves over time as you work, learn, work, fail, work and iterate. We all have a “secret” to success that will only reveal itself when we do the work and apply the principles listed in this essay.
I attribute it to every single thing I’ve ever done that has brought me money, joy and happiness. Only the persons that are devoted and numb to the sting of this harsh process will see it through. Most pivot their business or product multiple times before finding their breakthrough success.
The thing is, not all of us truly understand what this looks like, or we might not be using this information to reach success. Perhaps we don’t realize that these secrets, the ones in plain sight, have to be combined in a way that will produce success and will need a bit of finagling to figure out the proper dose that’s going to work for you.

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