Last week I attended the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference co-hosted by Marwick Internet Marking and Jelly Marketing in beautiful Squamish! Tracy Falk and Miriam Thomas from Domain7 opened my eyes to a very obvious issue that’s almost always overlooked. Not only do influencers help your brand showcase authenticity, they show your brand is trustworthy and worthwhile.
HINT: When looking for an influencer, check out their KLOUT score to see how much influence they really have! Rebecca Maynes, Content Marketing and Research Manager from Mediative shared some extremely interesting stats with us about Google paid and organic listings. Pinnacle Wealth Brokers is a Canadian based investment services company offering a range of private wealth management investments, independent advice and years of industry experience. He represents some of the top private real estate & private equity firms in North America, offering his clients security and risk-adjusted returns on their investments. If you’re looking to increase your financial wealth upon retirement, give Klint a call! Port Moody Health is a progressive, multi-disciplinary clinic offering modern healthcare for the whole family.
Established in 2007, their intent was to revolutionize the practice and experience of health care in BC. Whether you are dealing with cancer, chronic pain, hormone imbalances or need pediatric care, Port Moody Health has an expert physician that is right for you.
Port Moody Health’s progressive cancer treatment programs have gained global attention.
The Diamond Spa team strives to make people feel comfortable and ensures the most comfortable experience possible. From the moment we are born we become responsive to both our internal and external environments. Our creativity, curiosity, enthusiasm, spontaneity, determination, self-confidence and sense of fun, are all aspects of an inherent wisdom.
In truth, change is the only way forward, although sometimes, at the outset, it may not appear so.
The region of Greater Vancouver has a lot to offer between its restaurants, activities and excursions, which is why Flaunt your Frenchness partners with many businesses and events, such as BC Uncorked, bakeries, and artists living in the province. For those who have not yet experienced a typical French-Canadian affair, attending the Festival du Bois in Coquitlam might be the perfect first step. Lucy De Pieri’s interest in homeopathy started in1994, when she experienced a homeopath for the first time.
Every day, Chambers actively strengthen local businesses through networking events, mentorship opportunities, professional development activities and other unique programming.
Chambers are also leading efforts to establish permanent inter-municipal business licenses.
What: Browse over 60 tables full of gently used baby and children's clothes, books, toys and accessories.
What: An evening of business education and fun while learning key items to help you take your business to the next level. What: Klint Rodgers from Pinnacle Wealth Brokers will be hosting an informative session on investing in the private market.
Tri-Cities Cleaning Services is owned and operated in the Tri-Cities, established in 2009, the local company has built both brand awareness and respect throughout the community. The Green Seal Certified company offers premium green cleaning products; protecting both your home and the environment. Beyond eye exams, Fremont Eye Centre provides a number of eye-related services including; dry eye consultations, eyelash enhancements, nearsightedness control and a large eyewear gallery. Patients are viewed as partners and Fremont Eye Centre values working with partners who live a pro-active lifestyle.
Thirty-one Gifts offers exciting, customizable solutions for all areas of your life: for yourself, your home and your family. Polly K, owner of Thirty-One Gifts, moved to the Tri-Cities in 2005 and immediately joined the Chamber.
If you’re looking to be organized, functional and fashionable, check out the options at Thirty-One Gifts.
The preschool program is for children 30 months to 5 years and is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. What separates Childgarden Preschool from other daycares is their passion and deep commitment to building relationships with both the children and their families. In true Mediterranean fashion, the staff greet you with enough warmth and friendliness to make you feel like a regular before you even become one.  Having a private party? The Foundation manages some $2.7 Million in assets, enabling us to award over $160,000 this past year. Simply put, the Foundation helps people invest their charitable dollars rather than "just giving it away". Seasonal Leaf Designs is built around the mentality that this is your unique space but our fresh ideas help meet your design goals. The most popular services I offer include kitchen and bathroom design, complete home design, colour consulting and design binders for interior construction. For the month of October, Port Moody Arts Centre will be hosting 4 weeks of art, activities and events for children and families through a multimedia exhibition. The 4th Annual Evening of Inspiration Gala at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, hosted by Deborra Hope. Place des Arts is bringing Mardi Gras madness to Maillardville for its 5th Annual Gala Fundraiser.
From October 19 to 23, we’re dedicating an entire week to your small to medium sized business with a series of seminars covering commonly asked questions that are rarely answered in depth. How do you wrap your values, ethics and identity into one package while standing out from the crowd? Predications say Vancouver will record solid growth and out perform most major Canadian urban markets. I AM SOMEONE was founded in 2012 by community leaders in Port Coquitlam following the tragic suicides of a number of local youth.
Through the Chamber, I AM SOMEONE has has been able to share its message and invite groups and organizations to get involved with the program.
Windsor Plywood’s products include interior and exterior doors, primed and hardwood molding, live edge lumber, laminate and hardwood flooring, vinyl plank flooring, plywood, paneling and a diverse selection of home improvement products. Brainstorming sessions happen at all different levels, capacities, and types of businesses.
Have a specific question to be answered during the session and write it down clearly on a whiteboard where everyone can refer back to it.
Do individual brainstorming before the session to have a baseline idea of what you want to put forward during the brainstorm. If you have any other tips or tricks to host a successful brainstorming session, or a game to get the juices flowing, comment below. Shapour is experienced in the art of cutting and recycling men’s suits, creating new fashionable designs. This year Shapour’s talent was showcased when he reconstructed a Burberry cashmere overcoat and a Canali suit. With support from the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce, Shapour’s Tailoring is recognized within the Tri-Cities and beyond.
Since launching six years ago, Instagram has fast become one of the most popular social networks, visited by almost 400 million monthly users. The app was developed to give instant access to the lives of users, and offers anyone the chance to capture snapshots on their phone or mobile device and share the moment immediately.
You can now get a window into the lives of your favourite dancers, glimpse company life backstage or view a whole portfolio of the world’s best dance photographers.
Professional ballet photographer, Oliver Endahl calls Ballet Zaida ‘an ongoing fine art project’ to engage audiences that haven’t yet been exposed to ballet. Endahl captures seemingly spontaneous ballet poses from urban locations like pavements and stairwells to more dramatic locations like this shot, taken in a sunlit forest. Run by professional dancer and celebrity fitness guru Mary Helen Bowers, Ballet Beautiful showcases some of Bowers’ favourite moves. Thousands have since followed the workout programme at home by subscribing to Ballet Beautiful online videos.
Royal Ballet dancer and resident sartorialist Olivia Cowley gives followers a glimpse of life behind the red curtain as a Soloist for the Company.
New York-based photographer Luis Pons claims photographing dancers healed him of an endless loop of anxiety and depression.
Follow English National Ballet to get a glimpse at some of their latest productions. This shot captures the making of ENB's ode to the iconic English band Queen, with their take on 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Misty Copeland made history when she became the first African-American woman to be promoted to the rank of Principal in American Ballet Theatre's 75-year history. She has been named as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine. The Ballerina Project is a collection of over 1,000 images that has taken photographer Dane Shitagi more than ten years to build. One of the best ballet webzines, bloggers Emilia and Linda started the Ballet Bag in 2009 to break down the myths of the artform, such as the idea that ballet is only for traditionalists. A curated stream of ballet photos and videos from rehearsals around the world – aspiring dancers can tag #balletpost for a chance to be featured in their feed. REACHING FOR PIZZA: The upside to your partner poisoning himself to death is never having to share your pizza. Need a little pick me up on your lunch break? Dancewear brand Cloud and Victory serves up little slices of dance-related humour on their feed. 24 – On Stage with The Royal Ballet In the lead-up to Christmas, each day during Advent we’ll be sharing a Nutcracker-inspired snap from behind the scenes at the Royal Opera House. We couldn’t help but mention the official Instagram home of the Royal Ballet (and The Royal Opera). Had discussion of Darwin’s experiments given her a glimmer of hope that science could one day discover how to reanimate a dead human? Mary was acutely aware of many of the cutting-edge scientific debates and discoveries of her time. But Mary may also have been exploring another principle of life that the pioneering male scientists of the age had overlooked. When Mary and Percy first eloped to Europe in 1814 they caused scandal at home and embarrassed her father, William Godwin. This is an edited extract from Will Richmond’s article ‘Principles of Life and Death’, available to read in full in The Royal Ballet’s programme for Frankenstein. Written during a famous sojourn by Lake Geneva in the company of Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley, Frankenstein has fascinated people ever since it was first published in 1818. Royal Ballet Artist in Residence Liam Scarlett has created numerous works for the Company, from abstract pieces such as Asphodel Meadows to the narrative Sweet Violets and Hansel and Gretel.
Frankenstein has been adapted countless times, and the Creature has become a familiar presence in horror movies. Designer and artist John Macfarlane has collaborated with Scarlett many times before, and his other designs at the Royal Opera House include Giselle for The Royal Ballet and Die Zauberflote and Gianni Schicchi for The Royal Opera. Scarlett has choreographed a number of works by American composer Lowell Liebermann, including his abstract ballet Viscera. Frankenstein is Liebermann’s first commissioned score for Scarlett. This new production of Frankenstein sees the designer join forces once again with choreographer Liam Scarlett, following previous collaborations on Asphodel Meadows, Sweet Violets and The Age of Anxiety.
As with the choreography and designs, the music for Frankenstein has also been newly commissioned. The final score by composer Lowell Liebermann remains a work in progress until some way into the rehearsal process. Based on the Gothic novel by Mary Shelley, Frankenstein is Liam Scarlett’s first full length work for The Royal Ballet. The production is a co-production with?San Francisco Ballet?and is generously supported by?the Monument Trust, Sarah and Lloyd Dorfman, Simon and Virginia Robertson and the Frankenstein Production Syndicate. Frankenstein will be live in cinemas around the world on 18 May 2016.?Find your nearest cinema and sign up to our mailing list.
This film was created for Design Challenge, our annual competition challenging young people to create their own designs for an opera or ballet production. The production is part of Shakespeare 400 and is generously supported by Anna and Moshe Kantor, Lady Ashcroft, Lindsay and Sarah Tomlinson, The Royal Opera House Endowment Fund and The Friends of Covent Garden. Christopher Wheeldon’s Position as Artistic Associate is generously supported by Kenneth and Susan Green. Laura Morera will be replaced by Itziar Mendizabal as Paulina for the performances of The Winter's Tale on 13, 18 and 28 April, the evening of 30 April and 1 June.
Itziar Mendizabal will be replaced by Christina Arestis as Paulina for the matinees on 30 April and 7 June.
The relay featured a series of backstage films, rehearsal footage and interviews with cast and creative teams, offering insights into the production. In this film, members of the cast and creative team – including choreographer and director Peter Wright and Principal Guest Conductor of the Royal Ballet Barry Wordsworth – describe why this production of Marius Petipa’s classic is so memorable.

Marianela Nunez and Vadim Muntagirov also share why they love performing in Peter Wright’s production, despite its exhausting choreography. Presenter Ore Oduba joins choreographer Peter Wright and the cast in the rehearsal studio to discover how the use of mime is imperative to the ballet's storytelling. Peter explains the dancers have to master the precise movement of the mime, whilst retaining the raw emotion of the characters. The Season includes three other premieres away from the Royal Opera House in collaboration with a range of partners, co-producers and co-commissioners.
12 productions will be relayed live to cinemas around the world as part of the Royal Opera House Live Cinema Season - six from The Royal Opera and six from The Royal Ballet. Anne Juliana Gonzaga became a Servant of Mary following the death of her husband, Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria in 1595, after receiving a vision of the Madonna, to whom her parents had prayed to cure her of a childhood illness?
For those of you using the audio in your own practice there are three phases separated by bells. I lead the Camas Meditation Group (which actually now meets in East Vancouver - long story).
Oli Gardner, Co-founder of Unbounce gave us an extremely informative and engaging talk on Using a Million Little Pieces of Data to Reverse Engineer the Perfect Landing Page.
Scott Johnson from Warner Music Canada sends the message loud and clear that influencers (or brand ambassadors) make a tremendous impact to the success of your brand. These stats provide great insight into the importance of having effective SEO and SEM strategies.
They offer comprehensive tools and support to help clients reach the peak of financial success. If you see that your jacket buckles up or moves towards your neckline this is an indication that your jacket may be too big for you, ask for a smaller size. To ensure the right fit, you should be able to hold your jacket hem in the palm of your hand with fingers curled inward. If one side of your jacket fits better then the other, this can be modified by slipping in a shoulder pad, voila, perfect fit.
You buy two identical tops in medium size, one will fit perfectly and the other is too tight. Physicians are trained in a variety of medical and naturopathic modalities, providing current and comprehensive care to address the complete spectrum of needs and health goals of our patients. Now, in their 10th year of business, they have gained tremendous respect from the allopathic and naturopathic medical communities, and they are one of largest integrative clinics in the province.
With their team-based collaborative approach they aim to help you achieve your best health for now and for the future! The clinic treats cancer patients living locally and abroad, with a range of different types and stages of cancer - offering hope to individuals and their families who are fighting this challenging disease. Their goal is to help people gain confidence, to shine bright like a diamond and to be forever hair free!
When we choose fear as our response, the consequences are typically self- destructive, unless, of course it is a genuine 'fight or flight' situation. As infants, we respond instinctively to our mothers' proximity and her voice - we hear it, are comforted by it, and feel safe. The sheer excitement with which we approach the transition from crawling to walking independently, is a joy to watch! When allowed to flourish, we each have the capacity to live productive, interesting and rewarding lives, respond intuitively to the demands of daily life, and to achieve success. It may present at the 'wrong' time, be on a grander scale than you think you can cope with, may result from a surprise or a shock, or, may be expected but unquestionably unwelcome.
Retreating to a place of fear is not the ideal choice - it merely serves to slow your progress.
So, when change is looming, take the chance - embrace it, and live as the person you were born to be! Whether it's love for the culture and traditions, the various linguistic expressions, the culinary trends, the artistic treasures and references or many other features.
This initiative is accessible anywhere, anytime as there is no end to experiencing the joy of Francophone cultures. The campaign was launched a few months ago to take amazing proportions and Flaunt your Frenchness is now looking forward for the Tri-Cities businesses to come on board and join the fun! She began researching as much as possible and in 2003, she started formal homeopathic training at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy. First introducing the society’s internet newsgroup, she has since become the editor of their e-publication, secretary of the board and has been actively involved in a number of homeopathic studies. Whether hosting events and business awards, supporting young entrepreneurs through mentorship programs, providing community-tailored support such as hospitality training in tourism communities, or organizing unique travel experiences for companies interested in learning more about different international markets, Chambers are sharply focused on empowering each and every member business to succeed. These licenses provide business owners with the geographic flexibility that many need, particularly in areas such as the construction trades.
Their focus on providing professional, reliable and dependable service separates Tri-Cities Cleaning from the rest. Not only does Tri-Cities Cleaning look after your home, they provide commercial cleaning, building maintenance cleaning, power washing, floor maintenance and carpet cleaning. The optometrist team provides professional and thorough eye exams using the latest, state of the art equipment. Clients that follow treatment plans, dietary or lifestyle recommendations see better results. For you - no matter where you are going or what you’re doing we have a bag for every part of your daily life. The American company has recently launched in BC and the Tri-Cities is one of the first Canadian regions to gain access to the abundance of products available.
Volunteering for the Chamber connected Polly to a vast network creating her closest circle of friends and colleagues. Offering a high teacher to child ratio ensures that strong bonds are created within the preschool community. Making these meaningful connections creates a strong bond between the educators and the community. Pegasus Pizza sits next door with a menu of similar Greek dishes, pastas and pizzas ready for you to order and take out. As a designer, I work with you to transform your space to be functional, organized and aesthetically pleasing with style, proportion and color.
Not only do I have the expertise to design your home, adding organization and style, I can design your office or commercial space as well.
The Tri-Cities is a progressive area bustling with energy, growth and a conglomeration of people, cultures, events and nature in its different forms.
Head down to the Shaughnessy Station brand for coffee, giveaways, draws and an opportunity to earn $200!
Vancouver basted Caricaturist, Mark Siermaczeski will be whipping together personalized drawings by donation.
Put on your finest part wear or Mardi Gras costume and get set to let the good times roll at this interactive evening of live entertainment, canapés, silent auctions and fun surprises. The problem, however, is that there are so many options for businesses today that choosing one can be a daunting, time-consuming, and complex task. The seminar will break down what branding really is, how it affects your growth and provide a Brand Success Formula to triple your value. You understand the economy has ups and downs and want to know what that means for your business.
Partnered with BC211, I AM SOMEONE has established an innovative texting tool that links youth with the resources they need, how and when they want them.
Thanks to the funding support of Telus and local Tri-Cities businesses, they were able to host a pilot test late 2014.
The local shop has been supplying homeowners and contractors with quality finishing products at  competitive prices for more than 45 years. They help to facilitate creativity, bonding, and cohesiveness, and, if done right, they have a positive lasting impact on the workplace. It could be a quick round of pictionary or a 5 minute activity to create a comfortable atmosphere.
Men, now is the time to dig out your favourite suit that you’ve been hiding in the back of your closet. Our referrals are travelling from Surrey, Richmond, Harrison, Maple Ridge and within the Tri-Cities.
Her feed also showcases looks from her fashion blog Ballet Style, influenced by the magic of her day job as a dancer.
In an interview with the Huffington Post he said, 'I strive to capture the beauty of dance outdoors and also say something deeply about myself'.
His work features dancers from the world’s biggest ballet companies and now has over 400,000 followers on Facebook. The duo have their fingers truly on the pulse of the dance scene and their Instagram account showcases the latest productions from companies in the UK and Europe. His unique position allows him to capture an intimate look at day-to-day life and special moments for Company. It was 1816; Mary and her lover Percy Bysshe Shelley had followed Lord Byron to spend the summer months in Switzerland.
She imagined a student, who had pursued forbidden science to discover the ‘cause of generation and life’, finally bestowing animation upon lifeless matter. Early in 1815, Mary had given birth to her first child by Percy – a daughter – but the child was born prematurely and lived for only a few days. Her sensitivities to nuances of character and the valencies of human interaction brought to vivid life the real significance of the thrilling and terrifying knowledge she absorbed, and her novel became a profound reflection on the complexities of human nature. Financial and legal concerns brought them back to England but Godwin would have nothing to do with his daughter, ordering family and friends to shut her out of their lives. The student Victor Frankenstein discovers the secret to creating life – but he is unable to face up to his own abominable creation. With lighting designer David Finn and projection designer Finn Ross, Macfarlane’s designs create a period setting for Frankenstein, complete with a lavish manor for the Frankenstein family and a detailed re-creation of a 19th-century anatomy theatre.
There has been a close collaboration between composer and choreographer, with especially beautiful music reserved for the Creature.
Since his debut in 1985 with Peter Wright's Giselle, he has continued to create set and costume designs for both The Royal Ballet and The Royal Opera.
The production is split into three acts, each representing a different location within the story. Two of these are from directors new to Covent Garden (Jan Philipp Gloger and Barrie Kosky).
Handel’s Oreste will be performed at Wilton’s Music Hall by members of the Jette Parker Young Artist programme.
The Company’s seven-decade association with the theatre will be celebrated with performances of The Sleeping Beauty and Symphonic Variations. He is one of the most outstanding teachers I have ever met, who introduced me to the fabulous world of meditation and a breathtaking discovery of my inner self. There are many 'formal' forms of meditation, including seated and walking, but in truth any activity can become a meditation if we are fully present and aware.
To guide us on our way we use some words and suggestions from the great teacher Thich Nhat Hahn.
I've been meditating for over twenty years, mostly in the Buddhist tradition (although we try and touch many traditions in the group). The speakers covered digital marketing theories, best practices, implementation strategies and everything in between. Corey Videl from ApprenticeA shares his insight from being an influencer for companies such as Telus and Tim Hortons. He has been in the industry for over 7 years and has found his niche in real estate investment firms. People in this profession are usually experienced in men or women clothing and sometimes both.
You can get them tailored for today’s style, an experienced tailor would be able to perform the task. Skin rejuvenation lifts years off of the clients’ skin and leaves them feeling younger, healthier and more confident. We are living in times of profound technological advancement, the capability to connect to people across the globe with only a few clicks, new discoveries in both quantum and neuroscience that have forever changed our perspective towards health and wellbeing, and ongoing political and economic upheaval. We begin our experimentation with the potential benefits of open communication immediately when our needs are not being met! We ache to explore what's beyond - to touch it, feel it, talk to it, and probe - always pushing, testing the boundaries of our ever-expanding capacities.

Before completing her homeopathic training, she received herPhD in Natural Sciences, a Masters in Biological Computation and a BSc in Applied Biology. Keeping that credit union tax rate low is critical to seeing sufficient dollars flow into community businesses, both to launch start-ups and to enable established businesses to secure growth financing.
Check out the upcoming events for February and click on the title’s for more information! Optical consultant works closely with the optometrists to find your ideal pair of glasses, considering look, budget and your eye health needs. Fremont Eye Centre is then able to look after their eyes more effectively and holistically. For your home – address the mess with fun, functional styles in prints and colours to enhance your abode.
After many years of success and numerous awards, the small business moved to a full service preschool facility at the corner of Spring and Grant in Port Moody. Childgarden Discoveries is a summer camp program for children kindergarten to grade 3, beginning July 2016. Families will often be found at events where generations are brought together to share the joys of children, food and music.
This summer, we celebrated our 2nd anniversary, in the midst of biggest wind storm of the year.
A 30 minute free consultation gives you the opportunity to see the possibilities that sit in front of you.
Rooting my business here has allowed me to meet a wonderful group of successful entrepreneurs.
From fundraisers to live music, educational seminars and celebration, there’s something for everyone. Take away implementable skills and tools to attract and retain the best staff for your business.
By sending an anonymous text, youth can access non-judgmental professional support, as well as options, information and referrals to services in their community that can help. His photos capture the dynamic between the control required by dancers to achieve each challenging poses among the moving, unpredictable setting of the world outside the studio. This special snap required our photographer to climb up the sides of the auditorium and into the fly tower.
During the long, often wet and stormy evenings, so the story goes, they recited poetry and read to each other spine-tingling tales. Mary developed the idea, nurturing it over nine months, and finishing it in the spring of 1817.
Notions of ‘vitalism’ became newly controversial and, in the 1790s, respected scientists publicly challenged each other on the subject of the nature of life, of what lay at the heart of the vitality of all animals. Reflecting, in part, her own world, her characters combine features of the real people she met, knew and loved. Such glimpses of Mary’s private anguish resonate powerfully in the exchanges between Victor and his creature in the novel: ‘Begone! His fiancee Elizabeth, his friends and his family are all caught up in the tragedy that unfolds as Victor battles with his Creature and his conscience. Mary Shelley’s classic Gothic novel forms the basis of a three-act ballet for the full Company that will interpret this famous story afresh. There is a tender love story at the story’s heart featuring Victor and Elizabeth, and the Creature is no straightforward villain but rather someone deprived of a family who is never taught how to behave. He taught me the importance of making time to know my finer qualities,as this is an essential pre-requisite to awakening.What is really uplifting about his courses is that they are full of FUN! One of the great learnings from this meditation can be how a simple activity - such as walking - can become a powerful opportunity to be present.
If you have your own cushion to sit on please bring it, otherwise we will have spare cushions, mats or chairs for you to use. If you see something here which you think should not be here please contact me and I will put it right. There is far too much to recap in one blog but here are my top 5 highlights from #CIMC2016. A tailor or seamstress can look at a suit or dress and know exactly where it needs to be taken or let out to fit your body. Electrolysis is a tried-and-trued method of permanent hair removal developed in the late 1800s. In that state of mind, and emotion, we can become susceptible to the control and manipulation of others.
Everyday life becomes a new adventure, curiosities are satisfied, and momentous milestones are met and overcome - with increasing self-confidence!
For your family – smart designs to make busy mornings and full days easier for everyone, so you can focus on what matters most! Waitlist is now available for January classes, the summer camps, and September 2016 through 2017. Rodos fills with live music and dancing on weekends, make sure to call ahead to reserve your table. On more than one occasion, first time visitors have become loyal candy consumers because of our commitment and vast selection. In spite of the treacherous winds, our loyal customers still came out to support Sticky’s Candy.
The next goal is to offer this service throughout all of British Columbia and across Canada. It was taken just after the Company had finished a two hour matinee performance of The Nutcracker and they’re still smiling! Eventually bored of the stories, Byron proposed that they should each write a supernatural story of their own.
McGregor will also create a new work in celebration of Chance to Dance’s 25th anniversary as well as mentor young choreographers Charlotte Edmonds and Robert Binet, who will present new commissions in the Clore Studio. Behram has an infectious laugh and with his hilarious jokes and stories, has his students rolling on the floor with laughter. Stacks of material are piled, a pattern template is laid down and a huge electric scissors cut around the template.
Fear causes stagnation, disappointment, confusion and helplessness - and begets even more fear. Even better would be a sense of excitement about the potential of forward momentum, accompanied by the kind of creative thinking that will produce only the best potential outcomes. Maui Jim styles are the most popular because of their reputable optics and clarity, not to mention, the sleek style. Sticky’s Candy can provide wedding and birthday candy buffets, including glassware and utensils! This rounds up our Instagram calendar this year, thanks for following along and Merry Christmas! Like little children, we demand and listen to his bedtime stories with rapt attention, which illustrate the teachings for the day.Behram has a very positive and empowering outlook on life, which rubs off on his students, lighting the spark of commitment in their hearts to live more enriching and inspiring lives.
My personal practices are based around Green Tara, and I focus on waking from this dream, general dreamwork and studying the I Ching.For a living, I am a data scientist and technologist.
By the time the bottom material is cut, the scissors have cut into a slant leaving the bottom material smaller than the top layer. Customers enjoy the blue-light blocking lenses that protect their eyes from harmful blue light; especially if they spend a lot of time in front of a computer, tablet or smartphone. The Royal Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker was broadcast live in cinemas on 16 Dec 2015. He encourages all his students to view all life-situations as a blessing because only then can we see the extraordinary in the ordinary.
The manufacturers still classify the bottom shirt as a medium, even though it is drastically smaller. Come in costume if you like, and enjoy games, activities, prizes and giveaways, and even join our Rescue The Princess game to enter to win a family getaway for 4 with 2 nights at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort! Petit High School for GirlsMumbai, India Behram came into my life in early 1995, as a spiritual guide and mentor. Although I was an Architecture student at the time I met Behram, I felt that life was pointing me elsewhere and, therefore, through the classes, I acquired enough clarity and courage to let go of this vocation, and follow my true calling, instead.This led me to explore various courses on mind-body enhancement, such as NLP, Kinesiology and Yoga, as a way of living more authentically. I am now a Yoga teacher and am able to express myself in ways that bring tremendous satisfaction and joy in my life, as I see my students benefit from what I offer.Looking back upon the time before these changes occurred in my life, I see how beautifully and gently, Behram led me out of the dark prison of a suffocating lifestyle, into the brilliance of living life to the fullest, in dedicated service to others.
However, life had other plans for me as I ended up at the Nembutsu Centre, instead, situated in a lovely apple orchard on the outskirts of town. Until that fateful day when I met Behram, I thought I knew all about life and how it is to be lived.
As my practice unfolded, I found out that I was way off the track in my understanding of life and realized that things were totally contrary to what I had so far envisioned them to be.I also discovered that spirituality was no longer beyond my reach and that it lies within the simplest aspects of living. I listened to one introductory talk and was instantly intrigued and before long deeply inspired.
I found out later that the other students too experience the same relevance and intimacy with the way he presents the teachings.I stayed on at the Centre for three months because I knew there was much more to be discovered about myself and the world I lived in. I would definitely have stayed on much longer, but the centre was closing for winter and I had to move on, to practice what I had joyfully learned in those magical three months at NC, which was situated in the midst of the beautiful and fascinating Himalayan ranges.It is clear to me that Behram understands the subtle intricacies of life as I observe his behavior through his speech and his actions, which is a rare thing indeed.
And even more stirring than this, for me, is that Behram is able to express the teachings of the Buddha in such a profoundly simple manner, that I not only grasp the message intellectually, but also feel deeply motivated to apply what I learn in practical terms, in my everyday actions.I have had teachers and coaches at school and in sport, but I did not have one to guide me through the snakes and ladders of life. From the time we first met, I have attended several retreats under his loving and skilled guidance, the longest being for three months in the lap of the Himalayas, in North India. So far, every experience I have had of Behram's teachings has been imbued with a beautiful simplicity and a profound depth.
Behram's remarkable clarity and presence brings a fresh and exhilarating perspective to the issues in my life - a perspective that is so pure and integrated, that its truth is self evident. Just coming into contact with this has brought me an enormous sense of relief, hope and enthusiasm for life.The energy in his classes, while on retreats, is very inspiring and greater than in any other learning environment I have ever been in.
The classes are enormous fun, and somehow within the lightness and laughter there is a gentle power, which nurtures me as a student to be intimately involved in the process of true learning, which is not just a matter of simply acquiring information. It is only through Behram's classes and the creative exercises he introduced me to, that I was able to view life from a whole-brain perspective.
As such, I chose to listen to my heart and resigned from my career after many years of service, in order to pursue what gave me far more satisfaction. Therefore, my present career ~ which I love immensely ~ is as a school teacher on the beautiful island of Samsoe, in Denmark.Dear Behram, I thank you and myself for the great effort we both made, to lift me out of my mediocre frequencies into inspirational ones. And inevitably, the void inside me grew larger each day, because the end of craving is not achieved by feeding the illness.Meeting Behram in 2002 was the turning point in my life.
Thanks to Behram's retreats and interactive style of teaching, I was led ever so skilfully to discover some surprisingly extraordinary answers within myself. I have studied Buddhism at Kopan Monastery in Nepal, I have left my corporate employer of 19 years and I am now discovering what really makes my heart sing. Trust in yourself, open this door to a spectacular discovery of what is finest in you by attending Master B's classes. Having graduated from university with two degrees and established a successful career, I still felt that something was missing. I had no knowledge whatsoever of the Buddha's teachings and my many attempts to meditate up to that point had been frustrating. Coming to a retreat with a beginner's mind was the best thing I did, as I arrived fresh and with no expectations and WOW! He communicates complex ideas in simple and easy to understand terminology without any jargon.
In this gifted manner in which he presents the teachings, there is not a single minute where his students feel bored or restless.
I am now much happier, I love what I do, and I feel empowered to be true to myself and others more and more every day.
I had not laughed or had that much fun in years and through this process,I gained a sense of peace, love and understanding that - even today - keeps me balanced and happy a lot more often than ever before.
My relationships and my career fell into place, and today I feel fulfilled in a multitude of ways.So, my message to anyone considering going on a retreat?

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