Men can have pretty sensitive egos sometimes, it goes along with the whole manly man thing.
HOLLYWOOD, CA –  The Lifetime network has released more details on Army Husbands, a spinoff of the hit show Army Wives that will debut this fall. Reggie, a 19-year-old commissary employee, abandoned his dreams of playing college basketball to move across the country with his new wife, a Private First Class.
Kyle, a 22-year-old commissary employee, juggles the demands of marriage and trying to make it big with his shitty garage band. And finally Jared, a 32-year-old commissary employee and stay-at-home dad, feels unappreciated as he raises his preschool-age twins during the day and works stocking shelves at night.
Army Husbands airs Sunday nights in the 9:00 PM time slot, between Midwestern Woman with a Dark Secret and Vagina Central.
GuestKate Queensland2 years 16 days agoIn other words, it’s about pathetic men cheating on their wives. KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — An Army company commander is in hot water after briefing his superior last week. Capt.

When having my coaching calls with passive aggressive husbands who really want to improve their marriages, I find something very interesting. It means that they are always acting in this manner because they perceive it as an effective way to either avoid any responsibility or lash out at others in positions of authority, in this case the wife. Basically, you are pushing him in the path of reviewing what parts of his childhood are now destroying his present marriage. Coach Nora invites you to be part of her YouTube community, so you can share and receive the support and solutions you need for a better life!
They want to feel strong and needed and along with that they want to feel appreciated and loved.
Reggie’s inability to ever remember to log out of his Gmail account puts his marriage at risk. In the pilot episode, Kyle forgets to clear his Internet history, putting his marriage at risk. Jared’s marriage is put to the test when his wife wakes up and catches him on the other side of the bed having sex with another woman.

The first piece of information that changes the pressure they feel from their wives, is to explore the roots of their hidden war against their parent’s control.
Here is the resource with all the information necessary for him to work his hidden, past anger and connect with you in the now.
Through the day to day of life’s ups and downs, their self-esteem, along with ours, may ebb and flow.
Whenever his wife is sent downrange, Tom puts his marriage at risk by going to bars and sleeping with wives of deployed soldiers.
Visit her blog and join the community to discuss issues related to Conflicts, Relationships and receive also Free her book “Breaking Free From The Silent Treatment.” You are warmly welcomed here, because we care for your happiness!

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