The diagnostic criteria for Aspergers can be intimidating to moms and dads with kids who are newly diagnosed. If an Aspergers child hears grown-ups refer to her only in negative terms, she believes it and, eventually, she becomes it. Positive self-esteem is as important to success in school and on the job as the mastery of individual skills.
Self-esteem can be described as how we think of ourselves and view ourselves in the context of our surroundings. While there is no menu of characteristics that captures the threats to self-esteem in Aspergers children, there are a number of traits frequently observed in Aspies that contribute to feelings of low self-worth. The Aspergers youngster instinctively wants to be good, to fit in, and to be just like other children.
Although Aspergers is at the milder end of the autism spectrum, the challenges parents face when disciplining a teenager with Aspergers are more difficult than they would be with an average teen.
If you’re the parent of a child with Aspergers or High-Functioning Autism, you know it can be a struggle from time to time. Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves, and our behavior clearly reflects those feelings. Allow the child to choose one of the solutions only after fully considering the consequences. Encourage your children to ask for what they want assertively, pointing out that there is no guarantee that they will get it. Encourage your children to develop hobbies and interests which give them pleasure and which they can pursue independently. Help children learn to focus on their strengths by pointing out to them all the things they can do. Encourage your children to behave toward themselves the way they’d like their friends to behave toward them.
Help your children think in terms of alternative options and possibilities rather than depending upon one option for satisfaction.
The Voice Dialogue Online Program enables you to understand the origins of low self-esteem and lack of confidence. The role of your Inner Critic is to act as a kind of internal policeman and have you follow the rules of your family, society and culture so that you will “fit in” and be accepted. The way to overcome this self-sabotaging behaviour is to learn how to separate from your Inner Critic, find the rules that it is trying to enforce, and then consciously decide whether there is any merit in them. I wonder what other people would think of me if they really knew what I was like underneath.
When I think about self-improvement I feel that there is something wrong with me that needs to be fixed.
The Inner Critic is just one of several inner voices that can influence our lives in a negative way. Now to be completely honest, the image that is held up as the norm, especially for women, is increasingly difficult to attain, and for good reason:  Most of those women and more and more of the men are a on a potent cocktail of Tic-Tacs and Photoshop. What I am hoping you take home from this is that none of us are not perfect, there are things that we need to work on, and that we have a good idea of what we need to fix. In Friendship Group, understanding consequences, feelings of ourselves and others and outcomes of our actions and others. We've recently read a book called "Whole Body Listening Larry at School" out of our Social Thinking Curriculum.
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Parents and the Aspie’s siblings may perceive the diagnosis as hopeless or something that induces shame. These and other negative stereotypes should never be projected on the child or communicated directly in front of her. Not all Aspergers children have problems with social competence and self-esteem, but many do, and struggling daily with the challenges posed by having an Autism Spectrum Disorder can erode the enthusiasm and confidence that make learning fun. And there's no question that doing something well helps a child feel better about himself, his accomplishments, and his potential to succeed in the future.
Students in school have self-esteem shaped by how well they get along with peers and teachers. Give him responsibilities in the family and allow his input into decisions that affect him. Provide a broad range of experiences for your youngster so he will have more confidence in facing new experiences.
Provide opportunities for him to feel that he is a functional and important member of his family, school class, group of friends, sports team, church, neighborhood, and community. Teach your youngster good social and conversational skills by modeling, direct teaching, and guided practice. Tell him your family stories and talk about his ancestors, heritage, and nationality in a positive way.
Equipped with healthy self-esteem, she will be better prepared to enter into a life that will likely present many challenges.
She will be best poised to do that if she feels safe and comfortable in knowing there is a place where she is unconditionally loved and understood.
Because the Aspergers child tends to internalize how others treat him, rejection damages self-esteem and often causes anxiety and depression. They are somewhat like overblown temper tantrums, but unlike tantrums, meltdowns can last anywhere from ten minutes to over an hour.
In layman’s terms, Aspergers is a developmental disability that affects the way children develop and understand the world around them, and is directly linked to their senses and sensory processing. The development of a positive self-concept or healthy self-esteem is extremely important to the happiness and success of children and teenagers.
Parents are often quick to express negative feelings to children but somehow don’t get around to describing positive feelings. Use what is called descriptive praise to let your child know when they are doing something well.
Sometimes it is necessary to criticize a child’s actions, and it is appropriate that parents do so.
Ask him questions that pinpoint how he sees, hears, and feels about a situation and what may need to be changed.
Usually there is more than one solution or choice to a given dilemma, and the parent can make an important contribution by pointing out this fact and by suggesting alternatives if the child has none. The best solution will be one that solves the problem and simultaneously makes the child feel good about himself or herself. Point out to children that there is no reason they must get everything they want and that they need not feel angry either. People who take themselves very seriously are undoubtedly decreasing their enjoyment in life. It gives you a simple, clear strategy for increasing self-esteem, building confidence and leading a happier, more fulfilling life.
With so many of them to follow, your Inner Critic is in a constant state of anxiety and always on your case.
This Voice Dialogue Online Program will show you how you can take charge of these voices and lead a less-stressful, more empowered life. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances.
We use these when watching mock scenarios between individuals to address feelings and the behaviors that affected the outcome.
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Knowing one's assets and liabilities, and feeling good about one's self can be an invaluable tool for negotiating the sometimes tumultuous path to achievement in school, success in the workplace, and acceptance at home and in the community at large. Autism Spectrum Disorders, however, often pose formidable hurdles to positive self-esteem, and these in turn contribute to a hard-to-break cycle of self-doubt, frustration and failure. They are constantly making judgments about how "good" they are in comparison to their peers. If you're excessively harsh on yourself, pessimistic, or unrealistic about your abilities and limitations, your Aspergers youngster may eventually mirror you.
Teach him to satisfy curiosity with learning and convey the joy of learning in everything you do. Comments like "You always work yourself up into such a frenzy!" will make children feel like they have no control over their outbursts. Activities that encourage cooperation rather than competition are especially helpful in fostering self-esteem. It's important for moms and dads to identify children' irrational beliefs about themselves, whether they're about perfection, attractiveness, ability, or anything else.
Teach him to cope with failure by analyzing it, setting reasonable standards, and not overreacting. As the parent of a recently diagnosed 10 year old, I was so busy thinking about him that I forgot to analyze and moderate my own perspective about myself. As the child feels worse about himself and becomes more anxious and depressed – he performs worse, socially and intellectually. If fact, most parents do it without even realizing that their words and actions have great impact on how their child or teenager feels about himself. A child doesn’t know when you are feeling good about him or her and he or she needs to hear you tell him or her that you like having him or her in the family.
You must of course become in the habit of looking for situations in which your child is doing a good job or displaying a talent.
When, however the criticism is directed to the child as a person it can easily deteriorate into ridicule or shame.
There are a number of ways parents can help children improve their ability to consciously make wise decisions. Encourage them to work against anger by setting a good example and by reinforcing them when they display appropriate irritation rather than anger. A good sense of humor and the ability to make light of life are important ingredients for increasing one’s overall enjoyment.
Adverts set the standard for how you should look, what you should wear, how you should smell, what you should eat, how you should relax. It is easy to see why “should” and “shouldn’t” are two of your Inner Critic’s favourite words - sometimes whispered sotto voce, sometimes bellowed full force. Instead of your foe, your Inner Critic transforms into a trusted adviser and friend, and the self-sabotaging stops.
You will discover how you can befriend your Inner Critic and deal effectively with the underlying vulnerabilities that fuel its anxiety. I would go so far as to suggest that you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone based on appearance alone.
But at the end of the day, keeping Chad in my sights and Scott in my rearview doesn’t make Scott or Chad better. It is not a substitute for professional veterinary advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your pet’s health. It highlights how we listen with our whole body: ears, eyes, mouth, hands, feet, body, brain and heart.
From the thousands of college applicants aiming for a scholarship, how will you make your essay application stand out? No matter how similar college applications are, you have to read and understand the instructions well. Have a sort of survey from resources that will help you fill in the contents of your essay.
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A youngster who is exposed to moms and dads who fight and argue repeatedly may become depressed and withdrawn.
For example, mentoring programs in which an older youngster helps a younger one learn to read can do wonders for both children. Helping children set more accurate standards and be more realistic in evaluating themselves will help them have a healthy self-concept. When your child completes a task or chore you could say, “I really like the way you straightened your room. Films show you the perfect male and female physiques, the perfect way to kiss and make love, the perfect romantic relationship you should have.
Never ignore professional veterinary advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site.
Students are using Social Mapping skills and expected behaviors to map out their own social skills videos!
This visual chart is intended to support students in identifying the level of problem they may be experiencing and an appropriate reaction to their problem. Teachers are using this common language in their classroom and a similar image to remind students of whole body listening and expected behaviors in the classroom. There are millions of essay examples over the internet but, you need to come up with an essay that will get you that scholarship.
If you want to land on a good school for college with a scholarship, everything starts with reading and comprehending the instructions.
It is difficult to start writing an essay,  but with organized ideas, you can do it efficiently and effectively. It is precisely in these areas that Aspergers children have the greatest difficulty, thus contributing to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. Pop a note in your youngster's lunchbox that reads, "I think you're terrific!" Give praise frequently and honestly, without overdoing it.
But I appreciate that you didn't yell at him or hit him." This acknowledges a youngster's feelings, rewards the choice made, and encourages the youngster to make the right choice again next time. You will be surprised at the long-lasting impact these moments will have as you mold your child into young adulthood. Whenever you think there is only one thing which can satisfy you, you limit your potential for being satisfied! Personal development programmes exhort you to be more sensitive, more assertive, more sensual, more aware…..
Together students are developing scripts, props and plans for making social skills videos of expected and unexpected videos.Once complete, we taught our younger Friendship Group expected and unexpected behaviors using our own videos.
We then broke into groups and discussed examples of: glitches, small problems, medium and big problems. The more you help your children realize that there are many options in every situation, the more you increase their potential for satisfaction.
Pets Are Natural Mood EnhancersIt only takes a few minutes with a dog or cat or watching fish swim to feel less anxious and less stressed.
For example a glitch might be losing a game, breaking a toy or pencil, forgetting homework or losing something. We use the terms 'expected' and 'unexpected' behaviors in our classroom as well as throughout our school to remind our students of their actions and what is expected in our school. It combines relaxation techniques along with positive self-statements and mental pictures to help kids  develop their self-esteem. Although, remembering my vacation to the water park this past summer, it seems that this issue is becoming more prominent. Your body actually goes through physical changes in that time that make a difference in your mood. Here is a student generated list of those behaviors and how they help to identify their behaviors.
We watched examples of videos designed to teach social interactions, then practiced modeling positive behaviors together.
We derive lessons from Think Social!, Superflex, Social Behavior Mapping, Thinking about You Thinking about Me.

In one study of 240 married couples, pet owners had lower blood pressure and lower heart rates during rest than people who did not own a pet.
A major concept we use in our classroom with regards to behavior is 'expected' and 'unexpected' behaviors. This terminology is used throughout our school: playground, lunch, PE, library, music and general education classes. Another study showed that children with hypertension lowered their blood pressure while petting their dog.
In Friendship Group we teach what expected and unexpected behaviors look like, feel like and how they affect ourselves and others. Help for Lowering CholesterolTo manage cholesterol, doctors still recommend that you follow guidelines regarding diet, exercise, and medication. It is in the general education environment that they are reinforced and used as a teaching tool as well as reminder for students to learn about their own behaviors and expectations. But owning a pet has the potential of making it easier to avoid the dangers of cholesterol. Researchers have noted lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in people who own pets compared to people who don't. Each 2 weeks a summary from the lessons taught will be displayed so the language, lesson and concepts can be shared at home.
Cats and Dogs Good for the HeartResearch has shown the long-term benefits of owning a cat include protection for your heart. Over the 20 years of one study, people who never owned a cat were 40% more likely to die of a heart attack than those who had. Another study showed that dog owners had a significantly better survival rate one year after a heart attack. Overall, pet owners have a lower risk of dying from any cardiac disease, including heart failure. Pet an Animal to Fight DepressionTherapists have been known to prescribe a pet as a way of dealing with and recovering from depression. And taking care of a pet -- walking with it, grooming it, playing with it -- takes you out of yourself and helps you feel better about the way you spend your time. Better Physical FitnessPeople who own dogs tend to be more physically active and less obese than people who don't. Taking your dog for a daily 30-minute walk will keep you moving and ensure that you meet the minimum recommendations for healthy physical activity.
And after that, just playing fetch in the back yard with your dog will earn you healthful dividends. Your cat will get a healthy workout chasing the light, and you'll be thoroughly entertained. But researchers speculate that cats may have a more calming effect on their owners than other animals do. Cats often become the focus of their owner's interest, which diverts them from other stressful worries. People, especially other people with dogs, will stop and talk with you when they see you walking your pet. Visiting a dog park lets you socialize with other owners while your dog socializes with their dogs. Fewer Allergies, Stronger ImmunityResearchers have found that when children grow up in a home with a dog or cat they are less likely to develop allergies. In addition, children with pets have higher levels of certain immune system chemicals and therefore have a stronger immune system. But researchers have studied the effects of having cats in the homes of infants at risk for asthma.
What they found was that those children were significantly less likely to develop asthma as they got older.
Children whose mothers have a cat allergy are three times more likely to develop asthma after early exposure to cats. Snack AlarmFor people with diabetes, a sudden drop in the level of blood glucose can be very serious. He used that to help the couple see how their fighting affected others, especially their children.
Partners in Better Cancer CareCats and dogs both get cancer, and both benefit from research on human cancer. For example, studies of prostate cancer in dogs have led to a better understanding of how it develops in older men. And preventing cancer in pets may lead to new prevention strategies for their human owners. Overcoming the Limitations of ADHDKids with ADHD can benefit from working with and keeping a pet.
Taking charge of the jobs on a pet care schedule helps a child learn to plan and be responsible.
And because the bond between a pet and a child is unconditional love, pets help children with ADHD learn about self-esteem. Sensory integration activities are designed to help them get used to the way something feels against their skin.
If you can't get on the floor, sit on a chair and follow along by stretching your upper body.
Managing Arthritis TogetherIf your dog has arthritis, you can use the effort to manage his to help manage yours. And if you can, coordinate taking your medicines at the same time you give him his medicine. Getting Back in the SaddleSome rehab programs for stroke patients use horses to help with recovery.
Often, people who have had strokes start riding with someone walking alongside them as someone else leads the horse. Horseback riding gives stretching exercise, which is especially good if one side has been made weaker. Relief From RAPeople with rheumatoid arthritis benefit from movements like walking and throwing a Frisbee with their pet. And pets give you a distraction that can help take your thoughts off of your own condition. But perhaps the best help comes from those dogs or cats that seem to be super sensitive to people who aren’t feeling well.
Soothing Heat for Chronic PainA Mexican hairless dog called a Xolo is known for generating intense body heat.
An organization called Paws for Comfort trains Xolos to be service dogs for people with fibromyalgia and other forms of chronic pain that respond to heat.
People get relief just by placing their hurting limbs against the dog's body or lying up next to it. Some dogs have even been trained to ride around wrapped around the neck of a person with chronic neck pain. Seizure DogsA "seizure dog" is one that has been specially trained to live and work with people who have epilepsy. Some are trained to bark and alert the parents when a child is having a seizure outside or in another room. Some lie next to a person having a seizure to prevent injury (as seen in this demonstration). This gives the person time to lie down or move away from a dangerous place such as a hot stove.
Staying IndependentSpecially trained dogs can perform tasks that let people with Parkinson's disease maintain their independence. They can provide balance support, open and close doors, and turn lights on with their paws.
They can also sense when someone with Parkinson's is "freezing" and touch the foot to let the person keep walking. A Better Quality of LifeVisits from therapy dogs help patients recovering from devastating illness or an event such as a stroke.
Some dogs are trained to understand a range of commands which lets them help people with aphasia (a language disorder common in older adults, particularly those who’ve had a stroke) feel good when they see the dog understands them. And, petting or scratching a dog can help a patient rebuild strength while recovering from a stroke or other illness. A Calming PresencePeople with AIDS are less likely to be depressed if they own a pet, especially if they're strongly attached. Animal Assisted TherapiesSome studies are being done on bringing specially trained animals into clinical settings, which is happening in more and more hospitals and nursing homes. One of the biggest advantages of letting patients interact with animals in such places appears to be improved mood and reduced anxiety.

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