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Mind mapping software is one of those software tools that can be used to create clear, concise visual maps that communicate information and knowledge with great clarity.
Collapse your map until only the first-level topics are visible, and then look critically at your map’s central theme and first-level topics.
One powerful, ready-made set of dashboard maps is Kyle McFarlin’s Visual Strategist Solution, a set of free templates that is designed to be a complete personal and professional framework for your visual mapping activities. In closing, remember that mind maps are much more than a tool for creatively and visually capturing your ideas.
For more productivity-enhancing tips like these, consider investing in my e-book, Power Tips & Strategies for Mind Mapping Software - Second Edition.
Thank you for the incredible source of mind mapping resources and information you've become for me, Chuck.
Clear, concise and straightforward way to explain the main points to get a perfect mindmapping structure. By Neal Martin 5 Comments Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Digg Tumblr Print Email Pocket If you have ever been in a fight then you will know what a panic move is. Another example of a panic move would be if you where taking a lot of hits from your opponent and you blindly rushed forward in a panic to close distance and grab a hold of your attacker, half hoping that this will end the punishment they are dealing out to you.
I remember going to the ground with a guy one time and in a panic, I gripped his throat and held it.
As an example, I might ask a trainee to perform a highline strike on the pad and then follow that strike up with three more.
If this habit of falling into panic mode is not soon corrected it will become instilled in the student and they will find it hard to break the habit. Assured movements are controlled, focused and powerful, the opposite of what a panic move is. To make your moves more assured, and to avoid falling into a panic every time you have to hit the accelerator, so to speak, you will have to learn to take your time with things. Keeping yourself in check in this way, keeping the panic moves to a minimum and the assured moves to a maximum, will greatly improve the results you get from your training.
One of the goals of hard skills training is to effectively make someone into a machine who does precise machine-like movements. Parker explains how to use mind mapping software to efficiently handle 10 common marketing tasks. Don't forget to click on the rating to let me know what you think of this resource collection! Together they offer business management consulting services to Academic and Business organizations. It not only incorporates best practices for visual mapping, it also includes a framework to house your maps and any supporting files and folders on your PC. They're business tools that can be used to drive strategy, manage projects and produce superior results. Sign up today for this free e-newsletter and receive a report, 10 Mistakes to Avoid with Mind Mapping Software. I didn’t do anything else, I just held it, even though there were plenty of other targets open to me for striking. None of us are that experienced where nothing phases us or we never get surprised by things that happen in the fight.

Invariably the first strike will be fine but the three follow up strikes will be rushed, performed in a panic and consequently far from adequate in terms of power and effectiveness. As time goes on and the student is put under increasing pressure through various drills the panic moves will become more and more of a hindrance to their overall performance and they will not achieve the results they desire from their training.
Acquiring this kind of assuredness in your movements requires that you learn to take your time when doing techniques, as much as possible anyway under whatever circumstances you are in. Purposely relax and tell yourself that you will not rush and that you have plenty of time to complete the given task. It should become instilled after a time and eventually carry over into the more pressurised drills where you won’t have as much time (or any time) to consciously focus. You are controlling that instinctive need to panic and cultivating a sense of assuredness in everything that you do. It ought to read antidote (a substance which can counteract a form of poisoning) not anecdote (a short and amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person).
The points mentioned in this page shows the importance and the benefit of the martial arts. Andrew Weil reveals new research from a study conducted at the University of Texas at Dallas.
Please consult your doctor or health care practitioner before using any natural or commercial remedies.
A mind map should be focused on a single topic or purpose – which should be clearly defined before you begin mapping. If you’re planning to utilize your mind maps to communicate information to others, you must review them with a critical eye. Don’t be afraid to move topics around to see if they would make better sense in a different area of your map – sort a visual “what if” process that enables you to reassess that information in a different context. If not, rearrange them until they are in a more explicit sequence that will make sense to others who may be seeing your map for the first time.
Be consistent in your use of color, shapes, line styles and other visual elements of your map. A personal dashboard is a mind map whose function is to consolidate information from multiple places.
I stayed that way for what seemed like a long time before waking up and getting back to my feet.
I have observed in many of the students I have worked with, especially in the beginning of their training, the tendency to default to panic moves when they are under even the smallest amount of pressure. The trainee sometimes nearly trips over themselves in an effort to quickly do those three strikes.
By doing this you are taking control of your mind first of all and telling it that you are in control. This is why the habit of getting centred and focusing needs to become subconscious and automatic. Remember though that we are also human and as such can be infallible at times, prone to failure and mistakes. I think slowing down, being mindful in practice and training to really focus are excellent objectives! In other words, it’s a single mind map that enables you to organize and quickly access all of the visual diagrams you have created with your mind mapping software.
This process of “refactoring” is explained in greater detail in my e-book, and is an excellent way to increase the value and completeness of your maps.
Each of these can help to convey additional meaning or context, if used consistently and systematically. This technique will enhance their creative impact by appealing to both sides of your brain. Its purpose is to show you a streamlined view of information from many places in a single map. An example of a common panic move is to lash out unthinkingly in the general direction of your opponent as you try to land a strike on them.

The dead give-away is when the student slaps at the pad instead of striking it if they are doing a palm strike. The terminology might not have the best ring to it, but it nonetheless sums up what I’m trying to get at when I say that your moves should be assured.
If your mind thinks there is a panic to get something done then your body will soon concur which results in the panic moves we talked about.
It’s just a matter of checking yourself to make sure you are centred before you do what you have to do. The only way to insure this is to practice, and to cultivate the habit of making your movements as assured as possible. Investing too heavily in outcomes will lead to needless pressure and disappo*intment when you don’t perform the way you would like. Each group was assigned a particular type of activity for 15 hours a week over the course of three months.
It enables you to organize your knowledge and projects in a way that makes the most sense to you – in other words, a visual representation of your work. If I was someone seeing your map for the first time, would I be able to make sense of the hierarchy of topics and sub-topics? If you want to add details, they should be placed in topic notes – so you can easily “drill down” to view them if you need to, but most of the time they are “hidden” to minimize visual clutter. If they are used haphazardly, on the other hand, they may confuse you and other people with whom you share your maps.
Ideally, it should help you to connect the dots between previously disparate pieces of information, leading to better decision making. To what degree this occurs will depend on your training and level of experience in such situations. This is nearly always an indication that the student is in panic mode, which comes from not being centered enough as they strike.
This personalized, organic repository of links to your mind maps (and other files) can provide you with a quantum leap in productivity. If the information in your map becomes too complex or starts to “branch out” into several widely divergent areas, consider breaking that map into several sub-maps. In fact you’ll probably miss your target completely due to the fact that you didn’t really focus on a target—you merely blindly lashed out hoping to hit something. Nothing that happens in training—good or bad—should illicit in you any kind of high emotion.
If you allow your mind to focus too much on the outcome your mind will think there is a lot at stake and panic won’t be too far away. Keep yourself in check always, whether you make a big mistake or whether you do something great. Like it or not, people make judgments based on the visual appeal of what you’re trying to communicate to them. Just be confident and assured and know that you have the ability to do what you have to do.
They add visual context to your map topics, and actually give your maps database-like qualities. In other words, you can utilize them to filter your map's content - to zero in on the tasks it contains, or only the follow-ups assigned to a particular person on your staff, for example. You should find yourself taking your time more, which will result in more effective striking.

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