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I've been using Android Studio for 3 months now and one of the apps I started on it has become fairly large.
When I start to change the XML files my memory usage quickly reaches that cap and the IDE crashes with an Out Of Memory error like this. I've looked at dozens of articles and other questions on how to increase the heap size but none of their answers are working. This didn't work for me because the _JAVA_OPTIONS variable was being used as the default value. If you purposely enter a syntax error into the vmoptions does it crash the program when you restart it? Xmx specifies the maximum memory allocation pool for a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), while Xms specifies the initial memory allocation pool. This fixed a problem for me on a very large project where Android Studio would run out of memory after 15mn whilst building the symbol map. I looked at my Environment Variables and had a System Variable called _JAVA_OPTIONS with the value -Xms256m -Xmx512m, after changing this to -Xms256m -Xmx1024m the max heap size increased accordingly.
Note: I now this is not the answer for the post, but maybe this will be helpful for some one that is looking.
I tried what google described but for me the only thing that it worked was to use an environment variable.
Odd that there is no such file upon a clean install of Android Studio 1.1 from the developer site. After getting very frustrated and almost deciding to convert all my current projects back over to Eclipse, which I did not want to do, I figured out what was causing it and was able to repeat this failure and prevent it every time. While editing the xml in (Text view), and using the "Preview" render view, this causes the loss of memory, every time. I wish this could be fixed for good, because it would be very nice to use the "Preview" render while editing the XML, however I am glad I can keep using Android Studio. If you are using MAC BOOK, this option is available inside Applications -> Right click Android Studio then choose Show Package contents -> bin. The problem is that when I profile the code in Instruments, the VM Regions keep increase, while Heap and Anonymous VM oscillate (and I would expect it). Secondly, what I shall watch as syntoms of bad allocation: VM Regions, XCode measurements or Head and Anonymous?

Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged ios memory-management memory-leaks core-graphics core-animation or ask your own question. The following short guide how to work with printf() like functions with CCSTUDIO v5.x MSP430 compiler.
The easiest way to reroute the printf() output is by overriding the fputc() and fputs of the default RTS (Run-Time-Support) library functions. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged java heap-memory myeclipse or ask your own question. In this example, we increase the heap size to -Xms512m -Xmx1024m, it should be enough for most of the projects.
This gives you a servlet filter which is compatible with any Java Servlet 2.5+ web container. Those of you who have not heard about VisualVm , we had talked about it in earlier post Performance tuning your java and J2ee applications. Not many people have worked with it but it sure gives you a deeper insight of your application and helps in locating the problematic areas.
In this post we will talk about Visual VM, setting it up with your eclipse and how to monitor your application.
If you had been working with Tomcat in production performance or out of memory issues, take a look at our recnet posts on How to increase heap size on tomcat and Increasing permgen on your tomcat server. The permanent generation should not be ignored, because you need enough memory allocated to it to hold all classes in all of your applications including the JSP’s. Most of us who have worked with Apache-Tomcat in productions systems, would have faced out of memory errors sometimes or other.  It is not that it always happens in tomcat but let us look at why does this occur and how to solve it.
A Java Virtual Machine on 32-bit operating systems typically has a maximum heap size of 64Mb.
64MB  is the heap size in tomcat as well by default and is too less for real world systems. Your JVM will be started with Xms amount of memory and will be able to use a maximum of Xmx amount of memory. I changed Xms to 1024m and Xmx to 4096 and the symbol map was built in under 30 sec - so the garbage collector must have been thrashing for a long time. There's an upper value for -Xmx which may be related to the amount of memory in your system. While all of the above replies were undoubtedly true at one point (and may still be in some environments), I found that this was the only approach that increased the memory used by AS for me.

I also tried increasing this memory, only to find that it just took a little longer for it to happen again.
Therefore before starting debugging the code, it is necessary to make sure the debug console of the project is activated (Select "View" -> "Console").
Please post only comments about the article Printf support for MSP430 CCSTUDIO compiler here.
Solution – Increase Heap Size in TomcatBy default, Tomcat allocated a small amount of heap size. If you try to use VisualVM with myeclipse, you will have to upgrade from basic license of $30 ! The motivation for us was to identify the out of memory exceptions were facing in our application and pinpoint the cause. So if you have an application which uses a good number of third party libraries , has lot of files , you will definitely need a lot of Permgen space. The JVM heap space is where all Java objects are stored, as well as memory used by the garbage collector. One is slow startup, because the initial heap is small and must be resized over many major collections.
I mean, it works and surely in certain cases is the right way, but is it always the right way?
I just bumped my machine's memory from 4gb to 16gb, and assumed I could set -Xmx to 2048m, but I found that if I set it to anything larger than 1500m, Android Studio would silently fail to launch with no indication at all as to why. The following figure shows how the printf() function print the output to the debug console. If you are running two applications on the same server , definitely allocate some good chunk of memory to your Perm gen.
A more pressing problem is that the default maximum heap size is unreasonably small for most server applications.
I have more RAM on the way, so it will be interesting to see if I can increase the value at that point. It is built on WordPress, hosted by Liquid Web, and the caches are served by CloudFlare CDN.

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