This post discusses the benefits of Memory training and how it will enhances both brain power as well as intelligence.
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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Those are points that would have taken most people 3-5 minutes to name 4-5 of them, but you have this beautiful little device that allowed you to do it in 10 seconds. Your brain will associate the words WARRANT and PEACHIS, and anytime a warrant exceptions question pops up on the bar essay, the image of the lazy cops eating peaches will pop up in your head. That’s the goal of this article—to assist you in passing the final gauntlet with the least amount of stress possible.
I’ve performed massive amounts of research on food, vitamins, memory techniques, and the best practices in optimizing brain functioning and performance. Using these techniques, I put together a somewhat comprehensive plan for the days of the bar exam. This article will walk you through 6 things you can do to help your overall score on the Bar Exam, and specifically explain how to use 60 mnemonic devices (or bar exam acronyms) to boost your score on the essay portion of the bar exam. In order to take out the potential for arbitrary scoring by the bar examiners, the National Conference of Bar Examiners decided that the most appropriate method for testing the essays would be through creating a scoring criteria.
So, to fairly grade the essays, the bar examiners had to create an objective scoring criteria that allowed the test taker to accumulate points through statements of law and their application to the fact pattern.
The idea was that this objective format would allow the scoring to be free from the caprice of the bar examiner. Some people have termed these fixed points as “the low hanging fruit.” These are the points that you pick up on the essays by merely reciting the basic elements of a claim or by explaining the foundational elements of the law.
The Uniform Bar Exam, also known as the UBE, is a standardized version of the bar exam that has been accepted by 16 U.S. While the Uniform Bar Exam is a barrier to practicing, tests have shown no direct correlation to Uniform Bar Exam performance and the performance of the lawyer.
Note: Because the UBE is more universally applicable and because that’s the test I sat for, the mnemonics discussed in this article are only applicable to the UBE (which may carry over to various other states, but no guarantees). Essentially he suggests that you load up with probiotics and other fermented foods to increase digestive health, which in turn makes your brain sharper. Berries are one of the most powerful foods you can eat for boosting brain power and memory.
Kefir aims at increasing the good flora in your stomach and intestines to allow you to better absorb the nutrients.
Coconut water is loaded with electrolytes which keeps you hydrated and provides sufficient potassium for the sodium-potassium exchange that makes neurons fire. Based on testing in rats, researchers found the human equivalent of about 1 cup of coffee given to rats increased long-term memory performance.
You’re going to want to see how your stomach and the rest of your body responds to the foods. Because canned salmon is typically produced with wild caught fish, it may be your best alternative for the salad.
Click here to see a list of 31 brain foods to choose from when creating your meal for day two of the exam. You want to be able to eat a small bowl of oatmeal and a glass of milk before bed as the combination of the milk (contains tryptophan) and the carbohydrates from the oatmeal can facilitate the tryptophan’s crossing of the blood-brain barrier will allow for better sleep.
Don’t starve yourself, but keep these concepts in mind when you’re planning your bar exam diet. Across numerous sources cited throughout this website, the foregoing pills have shown to be the most effective in consistently aiding cognitive function and memory (both long-term and short-term). Remember nature gives us signs — pay attention to them–See how walnuts benefit your brain!
You remember where the bush or tree is located because your body’s survival mechanism naturally makes the spatial relationships in your brain, which allows you to better remember things. This instinctual memory tool can be transitioned into studies for the bar exam if you use outlines and arrange the legal concepts into a certain spatial format that allows you to relate the terms. Continue making cards for any key terms that you believe will be tested on the essay portion. Bring the notecards when you go on walks, put them in your bathroom, and even put them in the passenger seat of your car for when you get to stoplights and want to be productive. When you read this in an evidence essay, it should trigger the declarant unavailable exceptions.
Now, without looking anything up, what are the exceptions to hearsay when a declarant is unavailable? You can use the mnemonics to maximize your time as well as remember these important concepts. The next step is to associate the acronym with something that relates to the Declarant being unavailable.

Because the bar examiners often have a tight curve, it is important to rack up any available points possible. So, what’s the best way to memorize the massive amount of study material required for the bar exam?
Mnemonic devices have been used for years and years to allow people to easily memorize voluminous amounts of information.
Let’s face it…most of the people reading this article are probably sitting on more than $50,000 in law school debt.  If you’re not, congratulations! For those of you who have the debt, consider how much you have invested up to this point in time… You’re probably paying around $2000-3000 on the bar exam prep class. Don’t cheat yourself out of valuable study tools…one point may be the difference between passing and failing.
While this is probably not the recipe you want to prepare before a big exam, this is perfect for any picnic or outdoor get together. The specific purpose of this article, however, is to educate you on the best food for an exam.
Plus, good grades meant you’d have a lot more job opportunities, even if the job paid a little less.
So, do you just coast through law school with a questionable job market and risk unemployment upon graduation, or do you rise to the occasion? This story isn’t just about law school or the bar exam though, and while the article is catered toward taking the bar or other exams, these foods and concepts are applicable to every walk of life. I put too much money into law school to risk unemployment, so there was no question for me. If I didn’t do well on the tests, I could expect to be unemployed and forever buried in a mountain of debt. In the previous--and initial--article I demonstrated the ease with which a private citizen can access public record information about the existence of a tax payer funded U.S. As brief background, one needs to remember (or for the younger readers, to understand) what the internet communications and computer market looked like around the turn of the last century. Storage Capacity: The amount of data that can be stored on a hard drive and the speed at which it can stored and retreived has increased by over 10 fold since the late 1990s. So with this background lets look at what information about this tax payer funded system was squeezed out of the FBI by law suits and Freedom of Information requests. A web spying capability, multi-million dollar price tag, and a secret Carnivore ancestor are some of the details to poke through heavy FBI editing. FBI report WASHINGTON--The FBI's Carnivore surveillance tool monitors more than just email. The capability is one of the new details to emerge from some six-hundred pages of heavily redacted documents given to the Washington-based nonprofit group this week, and reviewed by SecurityFocus Wednesday. Development of Omnivore began in February 1997, and the first prototypes were delivered on October 31st of that year. The 'Phiple Troenix' Project In September 1998, the FBI network surveillance lab in Quantico launched a project to move Omnivore from Sun's Solaris operating system to a Windows NT platform.
The FBI can configure the tool to store all traffic to or from a particular Internet IP address, while monitoring DHCP and RADIUS protocols to track a particular user. The documents show that in tests, CoolMiner was able to reconstruct HTTP traffic captured by Carnivore into coherent web pages, a capability that would allow FBI agents to see the pages exactly as the user saw them while surfing the web. Justice Department and FBI officials have testified that Carnivore is used almost exclusively to monitor email, but noted that it was capable of monitoring messages sent over web-based email services like Hotmail. A document subject to particularly heavy editing shows that the FBI was interested in voice over IP technology, and was in particular looking at protocols used by Net2Phone and FreeTel.
The documents, at least those I have found available, provide very little technical information. So to know what the IP address of a "suspect" was at the packet layer, the government would at some point have to process the packets associated with a particular users login to determine the temporary IP address assigned. If you read the court order requiring Earthlink to install a Carnivore system, one of the issues they raised was concern for user privacy.
Had the capability to install a spy system that could record the entire data stream at an ISP (Internet Service Provider). There were development plans for even more applications to extract more information from the stored raw data stream, even though the current capability in the year 2000 provided more capability than the government publically admits today! It could not fully read and analyze some encrypted data, such as, for example, https: websites, as this required either collaboration of the ISP or more computing power than was available in the unit. By around 2000 the government had the capability to record, store and analyze the vast majority of internet connections.
If this is disturbing, if this seems to be completely alien to your concept of government, consider coming to the 20th Annual League of the South Conference. Jasveen demonstrated in the video the power of the mind and how he is able to read the mind of the interviewer.
By constantly practicing the word exercise, one will be able improve the brain power and hence the memory.

Essentially Fish, Fruits, Vegetable, Meat, Dairy and Honey are recommended for brain development.
In that case, you would brown the meat first and cook the vegetables in the meat drippings then add the cubed chuck roast when you add the carrots and beets.
Immediately you should think: what are the exceptions to the warrant requirement for police officers? As we know each professor weighs factors differently, each bar examiner would weigh the writing styles and other attributes of the writing according to their own personal preference. The mnemonic devices, however, are specifically aimed at helping you remember important concepts on the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)—that’s not to say that the mnemonics are not applicable to all bar exams, but they were not specifically created for such use. Perlmutter is a well-known neurologist who has his own opinions on how food affects brain functioning. Most of the research I found lacked credibility or was not comprehensive enough for my liking. If you use these foods and suggestions, you’ll have a very clear, sharp mind, and you’ll remember things much easier when it comes time to fill in the blank or write the essay.
Generally, law school grades are based solely on one exam (sometimes there is a mid-term that could affect your grade but not usually in my experience). The chart at the right (click on image for full size chart) shows the growth in just one factor of processing power - CPU rates. Tetrabye (1,000 Gigabytes) are even available now for the home PC market at very reasonable prices. Newly declassified documents obtained by Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that Carnivore can monitor all of a target user's Internet traffic, and, in conjunction with other FBI tools, can reconstruct web pages exactly as a surveillance target saw them while surfing the web. The documents confirm that Carnivore grew from an earlier FBI project called Omnivore, but reveal for the first time that Omnivore itself replaced a still older tool.
Meanwhile, the Omnivore project was formally closed down in June 1999, with a final cost of $900,000. EPIC attorney David Sobel said the organization intends to challenge the FBI's editing of the released documents.
But even with this minimal information available it is easy to detect some "smokescreens" at best or outright skullduggery, especially in the government statements on filtering. Earthlink offered to provide the government all the data to which they were legally entitled and the government went to court to force Earthlink to give them access to much more. Just as Earthlink cited in their effort to resist this government capability to spy on all users, the operation of Carnivore, Packeteer and CoolMiner required the storage of the raw data stream as would be expected. As we saw in the case of Earthlink lawsuit and recent media revelations, it appears that virtually all ISPs now collaborate with the government spy program(s). You’ll see why you want to save oatmeal and a banana for bedtime rather than eating it before the exam. It’s also lean but loaded with good omega-3 fatty acids, which form a flexible, receptive casing around neurons to promote better neural communication. Use a paring knife or other easy-to-handle knife to cut the lines you just drew with the marker.3.
This article presents some of the documented and known capabilities of this now-obsolete Carnivore system which was developed during the Clinton Administration (1993-2001).
The author of this article was one of the first round of customers to have DSL installed in this rural mountainous area of north Georgia in the year 2000.
Other factors such as memory cost, memory speed, support chips, etc all have shown this same amazing growth in capability. At that time it underwent an exhaustive series of carefully prescribed tests under a variety of conditions. Web Surveillance Version 2.0 will include the ability to display captured Internet traffic directly from Carnivore.
To be able to log all internet traffic and to be able to filter on a specific court-approved suspect the government would have to be able to capture login information. This would have to include analyzing login information to determine the dynamic IP assigned to the "suspect" authorized by the court. Perlmutter describes a gut microbiome which is something that refers to the bacteria and microorganisms that live in your stomach. The food can affect the flora living in your stomach and allow you to better absorb nutrients as well as heal numerous ailments.
Scoop the scored watermelon into a medium sized bowl, leaving a watermelon wall in the middle of the picnic basket (acts as a divider for two different fruit salads)6. At this level it is not known at time of receipt of a packet what type packet it is (email, login, browser, download, image, etc).

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