Pazdziernik 18, 2013 przez Shravan Zostaw komentarz Zmien rozmiar pamieci wirtualnej, aby zwiekszyc szybkosc komputera. Czy otrzymujesz zadnych ostrzezen, ze jest malo pamieci wirtualnej, Nastepnie nalezy postepowac zgodnie fajny poradnik, aby zwiekszyc pamiec wirtualna.
Teraz nalezy usunac zaznaczenie pola automatycznie zarzadzac rozmiar pliku stronicowania dla wszystkich dyskow. Przenies do kierowania Etykieta woluminu, dla ktorego chcesz zmienic lub pliku stronicowania pamieci wirtualnej pamieci. Kliknij opcje Rozmiar niestandardowy, wpisz nowy rozmiar w megabajtach w polu Rozmiar poczatkowy (MB) lub Maksymalny rozmiar (MB) pudelko, kliknij przycisk Ustaw, a nastepnie kliknij przycisk OK. Wzrost wielkosci zwykle nie wymaga ponownego uruchomienia komputera, aby zmiany odniosly skutek, ale jesli zmniejszyc rozmiar, musisz ponownie uruchomic komputer. Hemant Aggarwal writes this blog to help computer users with problems related to web services and getting the most out of their own websites. If you run large programs or open many programs simultaneously in your computer, you may find that the virtual memory in your computer is insufficient. Step 2: As System Properties window shows up, in Advanced settings, click Settings in Performance. Sep 3: When the Performance Options window appears, select Advanced on the top and choose Change in Virtual memory.
Step 4: In Virtual Memory interface, increase the initial size and maximum size by changing their numerical values into larger one, click Set button to complete the changes and tap OK to continue. Step 5: In the prompt box which informs you that the changes you have made require you to start your computer before they can take effect, click OK to restart the computer.
Now, why don't you increase the virtual memory in your Windows 8 PC according to the above steps?

If your computer or laptop is very slow, maybe the problem is about your virtual memory or the paging file , just what i experienced a while ago in my laptop running on windows XP. In order to avoid this error “Your system is low on virtual memory” and also for windows to run properly my first suggestion is to upgrade your RAM, Why upgrade RAM ?
How to Speed up Computer Start up – One Way to Improve Start up Speed You might notice that suddenly your PC appears slower than it used to be. For me, there’s no better way to increase virtual memory than to buy extra memory chips. Windows 10 crashes can be frustrating because, more often than not, the reason is unclear and it can lead to frequent interruptions.
Windows 10 crashes repeatedly when it fails to retrieve system information from a damaged hard disk. Frequent crashes, Blue Screen of Death, random reboots and other odd problems are caused by a faulty memory. Virtual Memory also called as Swap File, is an alternative way of expanding your computer memory with the help of unused memory space of your hard disk. Get Google Plus Followers Count Using API 3 months ago Discount Coupon On Couponmama To Shop Online 6 months ago Save Your Time And Money By Using 6 months agoView all Why you should say "No" to facebook free basic internet offer ? Nie sadze, ze to bardzo trudne do zrobienia tutaj, aby pamietac, iam Ci pomoc z kazdym problemem widoes. On the Advanced tab, then click Performance Options, then go to Virtual memory and click Change. Under Drive or Volume Label -> click the drive that contains the paging file you want to change. Although Windows 10 is known as a stable, well optimized release, it may crash occasionally when something goes wrong with computer hardware or other major areas of your system including Registry.

Uncheck the box labelled ‘Automatically manage paging file size for all drives’, and select your system partition (usually, drive C:\)7.
So your system requires a minimum amount of virtual memory that takes space in your Windows drive. Based on how terms were introduced, I would just like to clarify something about virtual memory and paging file. It is recommended that you scan your registry with Reginout System Utilities and fix all issues detected in your system. Windows 10 crashes while using ‘File Explorer’ (previously known as ‘Windows Explorer’) when one or more shell extensions are not working properly. Ten rodzaj stronicowania pamieci wirtualnej lub plik moze byc trzech czasie RAM zainstalowanej. So, if you have free space in your Windows drive then give the Recommended amount of space for virtual memory and decrease load on RAM and hence speed up your system. But even with computers with large amounts of physical RAM, increasing the virtual memory is still inevitable, so I think this guide to increase the page file is extremely helpful.
When your computer starts to use the virtual memory, this is the time that you may experience a slow in your PC’s performance because you cannot effectively use the hardisk as your RAM because obviously retrieving data from the moving head of your hardisk is much slower than retrieving data in electronic memory (Physical RAM). However, if we’ll look closely into a more technical perspective, these 2 terms are actually two distinct things. That’s why i suggest to upgrade your RAM instead of tweaking the virtual memory setting.

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